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Thursday, July 18, 2024

More Public Records Came In.....


I will upload both batches of the public records shortly. I need to blot out my phone number, gotta love when they redact everything except your shit lol. 

I do need to make some clarifications because it is clear they have some typos and one incorrect issue. In the report it states that I called - I did NOT and would gladly prove this with my call log or whatever. I reached out to someone that I knew did horses and knew Stacy because I had no idea what else to do. 

They also seriously have Kim's name screwed up in multiple places on the report. It is also not fully complete when it pertains what we were to do about the cats. 

I will upload those shortly and link them here. I also did a records request for the malicious call Brian made to AC on me the other day..... WOW - the fact that he said he was there with Stacy and the officer clearly states they know it is being done because he two of them are mad the horses got moved..... WOW I am blown away that 4 officers clearly  state they know Brian is doing this out of spite. 

NOW I have everything I need to get a protective order against them both. These reports and all the insane text messages will easily get me an ex parte order. Oh, yeah and since we know where Brian is shacked up serving him will be easy!!!!

Not to mention that Stacy thinks I need a job - her own words, has Brian on that train too and I have been getting spammed with tons of work from home bullshit texts. 

This just goes to show how deranged these two really are when Stacy could easily just go pick up Loki and be done with the whole situation. But instead she chooses to be childish, spiteful and include Brian in her choice to abandon her so-called beloved Loki so that she can blame everyone else for her choices. 

I am not crying that I am a victim. I allowed these two into my life, that was a poor choice. I wanted to believe the best of them, again a poor choice. I allowed Stacy to manipulate me, not knowing just how damn good at it she is. What I do not deserve is the barrage of hateful text messages and the online assaults in groups and private messages. Yes, people have been sending me the screenshots of the private messages. Do you really think they believe the nonsense you spew?

It's like on the AC call Brian made against me claiming dead cats.... 1 cat - Rose. She had been sick off and on for a long time. I have vet documents where she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and all we could do for her was palliative care. She was  not in pain and not suffering, vet assured me of that and we did have a tentative date for euthanasia. Rose chose her time before the appointment, she chose her spot and joined JellyBean, her bestie, in a manner of her choosing. I did not have enough to cremate her so she is properly buried and I am working on a memorial stone for her. 

What no one really understands is that Rose mourned herself to death after JellyBean passed. They were so close and when he died she had no more will to go on. For Brian to claim otherwise just shows how uninformed both he and Stacy really are. 

When I got the call from Officer Horton about the report he made I had to walk around and take a ton of pictures to text her. It wasn't a problem because I have nothing to hide here. It also easily proved the call was malicious since the pix clearly showed he lied on the call. 

Brian will be surprised when he is served with the tro.... His calls to Kim & Kathy will stop as well because his attempts to upset them are not working. His texts show that he thinks he is now the "owner" of the property on the hill and how he thinks he is now besties with them. Kim has made it clear to him that he has been trespassed from that property and he wishes Brian would stop calling them.

The only reason Kathy was calling him was to glean information from him, to which he outright lied to her. Brian told her he was in Hinkley..... I have photo evidence proving he is not...... 

At least AC understands that Brian and Stacy are only making calls out of spite. I just wish on Stacy's report they would have written up who called - because I did NOT contact them and my call history will prove that. Before someone jumps in and says "oh I could have deleted it" - I would gladly allow cops to get those records directly from my carrier - who does not delete any logs. 

So, malicious calls went in on both me and Amanda B.... the 2 people who busted ass t make sure the horses were properly cared for, properly sheltered and TRIED to get Stacy and her horses back together......

Both Brian and Stacy are in such denial it is ridiculous. Yes, the report states my name would have been on the citation that would have been issued if the horses were not moved. Which is totally unfair because I bought tools to build a shelter, provided materials, even moved a water tank to the property and paid to take water up there via Stacy pumping it here or having it delivered..... Yeah, I had to pay for the gas for the generator to pump the water as well as cover the water delivery costs that Stacy refused to. Sure she sent me a grand total of 200 (I will put those screenshots in her album) and then she gave me some cash, but that cash ended up paying for the gas to pump the water for her horses. 

It is sickening to think that my name would have been tied to how she treated her horses when it was me that reached out for help when it became apparent that Stacy was not going to do right by them. It's all good though because we complied with moving them and now are the targets of her malicious behavior.

I can also prove that Stacy knew in April that she needed to get me some help or make other accommodations for the horses due to me needing a 2nd wrist surgery that I have put off because I was the only person who could go on a daily basis to do the daily care for the horses. I finally told the doc I will wait for cooler weather because I do not want to be stuck in a cast in this heat. 

Ok, I need more coffee and to get those files uploaded for y'all and I still need to get all the texts screenshotted and posted......... But wow, AC amazes me sometimes!

** update ** all public records files have been uploaded here:


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Mean Girl Squad at it Again - Truth will Prevail


Gotta love when people think they know everything but cannot shut up and actually hear. There is a reason God gave us 2 eyes, 2 ears and one mouth.

Jer admitted she has no bothered to read previous comments, posts etc. I have already apologized - even to Sal on a previous post here on this blog. If she will not read it I have no desire to keep repeating it and after her conduct today, I also have no desire to keep talking to her.

I am done playing Jer's games and putting up with her verbal abuse. I am also done trying to explain things to her when she refuses to listen and decides to make up stories as to how something happened in her own head. 

Remember, this is a bunch of people who have never met me, never been to my place, never seen how the animals are handled here - whereas Animal Control HAS been out here, has seen how the animals are cared for and according to Officer Galvan, Captain Campos speaks very highly of me.

The mean girl squad threatened to pull public records on me, go ahead as far as AC is concerned there are zero to pull. And as for Jer thinking I should be available at her beck and call, sorry my world does not revolve around her. I have animals I am working hard to make sure are comfortable through this horrendous heat wave, my bio dad is getting ready for open heart surgery, a friend just lost her 35 year old daughter to MRSA and I really do not need to justify why I am not sitting holding the phone waiting for a blip from her. The chat came up because she tagged me in it, so FB finally notified me. 

The fact that I keep being pulled into chats with people in it who have no part of what is going on is childish. I do NOT know Jenny or Sharon nor have I spoke about them. If Jer wants to speak to me then she can make the specific chat requested and have a little respect when addressing me. I do not have to tolerate the verbal abuse she spews. It is sad she has so much hate within her and cannot see past her own hatred. But if she wants me to participate in a chat then she can respect that MY boundaries dictate that I will not tolerate any more verbal abuse. 

The bullshit that happened today was nothing more than junior high drama. Grow the hell up. Jer began that conversation going after Stacy, how I got pulled into that chat who the hell knows, FB dinged me. I opened it to see her doing her usual thing, ranting and bullying, when I spoke she started in on me. I left, someone pulled me back in and I left again. Then I am pulled into another chat, which I left and got pulled back into.

That being said who precisely is the one keeping the shit going? Certainly not me. I tried to walk away and kept getting pulled back into chats I have no desire to participate in.

Done is done. Jer cannot behave like a grown ass woman, nor does she have the time or desire to understand the truth of certain matters. Let her tell her tales because truth will prevail and it always does. Jer will look like the fool that she is because she is such a narcissist she cannot hear anything that goes against the ideas in her head. 

I pity those who buy into the garbage she spews.... I get many are afraid of her they have seen her anger and hatred and how she exercises it. I don't give a fuck. Let her trash me, let her slander me if that is all she has to do in life that gives her some pleasure then she has a very sad life.

Jer really has nothing nice to say about anyone because no one measures up to her high standards..... She thinks she is Little Miss Perfect...... Nit picking because my talk to text loves to screw up anything I say due to still having a little southern accent and talk to text does not compute it sometimes. Most people understand this and have some fun with it, not her.... She wants to nitpick..... So it is sad that these little things are all she can find pleasure in..... 

Jer also failed to mention that all those things she was screenshotting to Stacy - she only had because I obtained them, not her...... Again, she really cannot be bothered to pursue the truth unless someone hands her something that fits her idea she has in her head. 

Due to her disrespect, failure to accept reality and her constant verbal abuse I am done. Jer does owe me an apology, one I know I will never receive and she would die before admitting that she owes me one. 

Jer's behavior today sealed it for me that I am truly done with her. I tried to keep the line of communication open, she is the one who has zero respect for others.  Her bringing people in to back her up - people I do not know and are not part of the issue only goes to show she cannot handle addressing an issue on a personal basis. 

Get some therapy - seriously! The fact that Jer thinks other people's world revolves around her only shows just how much therapy she truly needs. 

I am off to enjoy the evening and cuddle with the kitties who are letting me know it's popcorn and movie time. Maybe Jer needs to try that.....

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Public Records Came in - one round of them


So, y'all know if public records reveal things I share them...... MIND BLOWN!!!!!

Now I see all the lies she told me about previous locations....... I see just how far she manipulated me.....

The link at the bottom of this post has the pdf files of the public records request in the comment section......

I also added to the album Amanda made - tons of pix I took and will be adding more..... 

Both cases are still open - not fully resolved.... The records I received so far are only for 2 locations last year....

Those poor, poor horses.... and cats..... The cats she never talks about.....

Both locations mentioned in these records have similar issues:

1. No shelter

2. No food or water

3. Feces (poop) everywhere

The cats had no food, water and poo everywhere too......Not only that... Remember none of her cats are spayed / neutered - that's how Salem came to be....

How long has it been since  these four horses have had proper shelter? These reports are only for a few months last year... I have more public records requests pending.....

She claims to be such a professional with horses, yet her own horses have suffered.....

I urge everyone who sees this to go read those pdf files.... Do a public records request yourself to see I have not tampered with the file. 

The report mentions 5 cats, she only brought 4 here....... 

The guy who brought the Spruce Dr location mentioned how nasty the floors were and how he had to replace some of them. He also confirmed there are horse panels there, his contract to buy the property included the horse panels.  Yes, I have spoken with him at length.

I am speechless.... I will let the reports speak for themselves on this matter. 

I posted pix I took in hopes of someone locating Thor & Sterling so animal control can get eyes on them as they said they wanted....... Those are the two horses Stacy took out of here the night before AC showed up.  Now we know why......Pix & Files Here


** Update 7/10/2024 -- another batch came in but it was a duplicate of the Spruce Dr report I have already linked you to. I am waiting on others, will update as they come in. 

Saturday, July 6, 2024

Vexatious Litigants..... Fun :)


Funny how people love to make threats when they get caught in their own shit. 

Anonymous I have been digging as you suggested, for sure!!!!

So, Stacy still thinks there is "criminal" charges on me over her horses? Apparently she is in severe denial over what the watch commander told her. Just because she chants it online does not make it true. Law enforcement / AC was involved every step of the way with what happened with Diva & Loki (After she took Thor & Sterling out the night before AC showed up)....

Reality - nothing criminal occurred in moving the horses. Stacy just does not like where the horses went so she is crying foul. She hasn't even had the decency to provide for Loki, contact the new caretaker, arrange to go see him - nothing. The only one keeping Stacy from her horse is herself and her choice not to contact the caretaker.

As for her threats to sue me and everyone else, gee that involves a little thing called discovery...... So, at anonymous request, I have been making some contacts :)  The story behind Spruce Dr is interesting to say the least..... I have reached out to Melody.... I have already spoken with the guy who owns that location now. He has a box of horse show prizes he isn't sure if it belongs to Stacy or Melody.....

Anonymous was right..... Multiple court judgement against Stacy with tens of thousands in unpaid settlements she owes people...... If she tries to sue me each and every one of those people will be called upon in the case :)

The rabbit hole goes deep that's for sure.... anonymous warned me, but it is a necessary deep dive considering her online threats to sue, accusations and wrongfully claiming there are criminal charges on me over her horses......

I had a delightful discussion with Kyle last night about Spruce Dr..... Seems when he bought the house he had to do some clean up / repair because the previous tenant's cats were NOT litter trained...... Something Stacy never bothered to address before she brought the 4 kitties to my place..... But then wants to trash talk me because her cat shits next to the litter box instead of in it...... Catching them in the act is near impossible, always just as they finish so me addressing the issue has been a task... Thankfully the girls are getting better now the new caretaker is working on the male. Let me also mention she did not like changing litter boxes and not once did she help clean up after her male - she left that task to me. 

I did learn there are horse panels there, although they are pretty destroyed and not usable. Typical Loki, that boy wreaks havoc on fencing for sure!!! Her idea of repairs leaves a lot to be desired..... Kyle also informed me that his contract to purchase included the horse panels, so I am gonna make an assumption here that the panels belonged to Melody when she sold the house. If they had been Stacy's they could not have been included in the sale of the house since she had been living there for free after Melody left "to get away from Stacy" is the going tale that I am presently trying to reach Melody in order to get her side.

I also have some messages at a few other previous addresses of hers..... One in Hesperia that has not yet returned my call...... 

I also found previous AC citations / charges over her horses for NO SHELTER, animal waste etc.... The no shelter was the main issue here. I am not able to build one but I bought the cordless saw, have the materials - Stacy was not interested in assembling it. She always brought up previous locations or how last summer.... Sorry but an animal does NOT need to be out in 110 + heat with zero shade or zero shelter from rain and the elements! The fact she has previous citations for this same issue definitely demonstrated to me the welfare of the animals is not really a concern of hers. She also demonstrated this is text when I begged her to help find me a helper.

Yes I have done the public record request on those citations and am presently waiting for them to send it to me. When I have it I will let you know!! It will also become a source to prove a pattern should she choose to try to sue me or anyone else involved in helping her horses. 

I do need to reach out to Jan again for sure. Sky's the Limit was the recipient of 8 horses from Stacy and Jan won a $10,000 court settlement against her. Now that the horses have been moved so many have contacted me about her previous experiences here in the high desert. Reaching out to all the places / people I have been given will take time so please be patient.

Stacy commenting online trying to convince people she is the victim is a crock really. I am not a victim either, I allowed her to bring the animals here so that is on me. She manipulated me with lies and false emergencies to pull me into her web. But, in the end I did allow her to bring the animals and she proved the longer time went on the more financial responsibility she expected me to assume for them. This is exactly what I am learning she has done at every single place before she brought them here. 

Hopefully, I can be the last. At some point she has to stop doing what she is doing with these animals. MAYBE I can be the last place she ever done it at. MAYBE! we can hope - we do know Thor and Sterling are out there somewhere and we do not know if they have better accommodations than they had here or would have had with the new caretaker.

Gina pointed something out to me a few weeks ago and when I brought it up to Stacy something didn't ring true. Stacy goes to a lot of concerts, claiming it's one of her jobs..... She has a lot of jobs but where is all this job $$ going???? She could not pay $25 a week to board the horses here..... Could not pay for the additional water the horses began using as the temps warmed up........ Could not afford cat food, cat litter or to pay a helper when I got injured....... 

It is also sad to see her trying to convince people I am jealous... Of what precisely? Stacy is homeless, living out of her truck, freeloading her animal care on other people. Precisely what is there to be jealous of? 

I am out here building a life on property I own, making a home for the furballs who call me mom. I bought this for them, not me. Is it perfect? Nope, but it is home! 

I have stood back and watched Stacy become exactly what she accused Jer of..... I have watched as her ongoing online assault of Jer and Sal continues..... Proving it was her driving that all along yet blaming it on me.....

I have stood back while she and her few friends have fun making threads trying to trash me, the only ones buying into it are those like her...... Some I have called out before, some I do not know nor do they know me. 

I have stood back and not bothered to read much of what is going on, nor will I, but every post / thread will be evidence should she decide to try to sue. 

Now I do wish to clarify something. Stacy knew when she brought the horses here MY only responsibility was to feed and water on days she was at work. Since she paid nothing there was no funds to do hooves, hire helpers, pay for the extra water usage etc....... Stacy was aware of my medical issues that limit my mobility and she agreed to these things. For her to say now that I couldn't be bothered with this or that, just know it was never my responsibility in the first place. Our agreement was feed & water due to my medical, he would handle everything else. 

I went above and beyond purchasing tools to build the shade shelter, finding the materials, paying out of my own pocket when I had bronchitis to have helpers come handle the horses, paying out of my pocket for water - until she began sending $40 per week to cover 1 load per month. I still paid out of pocket as the heat began and the horses began using more than one load per month. I purchased rolls of fence repair wire - but she still insisted on using hay twine....... 

After all of that, she now calls me the bad guy, threatens to sue me and is posting outright fabrications online that law enforcement has asked me not to participate in...... Nor can I comment here on which is the fabrications due to the open investigation. :( 

Stacy knows AC is coming for her this is why she is working so  hard online to shine the spotlight away from herself. I challenge anyone who is partaking in those threads to do as anonymous challenged me to do - just research her real name - Stacy Suzanne Nichols. 

Hasn't anyone wondered why she goes by Kendall instead of her legal name??? There is a reason folks.... 

I need to take care of things here before it gets too hot outside..... Gotta love off grid life something always braking or not working right!!!! Today it's low batteries on the motorhome so I gotta set up the battery charger and hopefully figure out where the wire came loose. Fun fun.....

Have a blessed day and do enjoy the rabbit hole this leads to..... 

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Being Manipulated


Jer this one is for you.  But I think in order to address it I need to start at the beginning.

A few months ago I did not know Jer or her crew at all, not even online really.... Nor did I know Sal or his rescue. I was given a screenshot - a single screenshot mind you, and a verbal story from Stacy Kendall, then I was tagged in threads in which it appeared Jer was verbally harassing HMG. Now, both of these situations tie together, even if they do not appear to. 

I will not rehash the HMG issue beyond saying that is was, in my opinion, a complete set up. So, during the drama over that is when this single screenshot was provided to me...... Just as the HMG drama had begun to quiet down...... If people truly noticed, it was Stacy always bringing in the drama when things would quiet down - not me. Just like when this issue began to die she blew up because I demanded a helper for her horses and she had tons to say none of which addressed the issue at all, only created more drama instead of resolving the issue.

Keep in mind nearly everything that had been given to me on the single screenshot issue came from Stacy. She drove this idea that the amount they were requesting was odd.... I thought so too until I did some research..... However, due to her monopolizing my time I was NOT able to get online much to finish the research and make any corrections so the post I made sat unattended and idle.

Stacy has something against Sal and his rescue, to date I have not figured out what though. She used me, manipulated me for her own cause against him and those who called out HMG since they were connected. I apologize for being so easily taken by her bullshit and for running with it before I had all the facts. I was not able to gather those facts while she was present. She made sure I saw only what she wanted me to see...... What she wanted me to see were cleverly edited screenshots that made it appear that HMG and herself were victims of online bullying...... Once I was able to find and review the full posts, comments,, etc I learned this was not the case......

You must also keep in mind that while I was being pulled into all of this I was also caring for Stacy's 4 horses on a daily basis and had zero rest even when Stacy was here to handle them herself. I was functioning on exhaustion, extreme pain and serious lack of sleep. I was also trying to locate a reliable helper for those horses, which Stacy hated having other people around them...... Every day she also texted / called a lot thus monopolizing my time on days she was not here. She is very good at that.

Once I had some time to truly do a deep dive things were definitely not as Stacy had presented them. Sal and his rescue were doing an amazing job with the dog in the screenshot and what did it matter where they choose to send the dog for training? That was her issue. I questioned it because I am 54 and had never heard of such high prices for training before...... I never once called it a scam, nor did I call anyone involved a scammer - they are not. I was simply floored by the amount is all. But Stacy kept pushing the issue, especially when she was here and sitting at my table. She would pull up the video and say look, does that dog look like it needs trained? 

I am glad the pup is being well cared for and commend the crew who came together to help it. 

For Sal I apologize for allowing myself to be used as a tool by Stacy to further her agenda of hate against him and what he does. On this issue he did not deserve the bullshit she brought on, nor did those who came together for this one dog deserve it either. I do hope  one day in the future we can work together in this rescue world, for now just know I apologize for being drawn into her bullshit and running with it. 

Terri is another one I still do not really know, but got pulled into a group chat created by Stacy, not me. I saw what she was doing and eventually left that chat because I was not going to participate in the childish games. I had hoped that me leaving the chat would have demonstrated I had enough of Stacy's games at that point. Stacy made sure I was kept informed on that chat though sending me screenshots and reading it to me when she was here, even though I told her I was not interested. Stacy kept pushing the issue, making more chats, cleverly editing screenshots of posts, comments etc...... But the blame for the drama got laid at my feet..... Even though by this point I had stopped participating in it altogether.

I sat back and watched..... I researched and Stacy kept tagging me trying to get me back actively involved. Fake accounts popped up supposedly harassing her, HMG but surprisingly, not me. It was during this time random, creepy text messages began coming. It seemed the more I tried to pull out the more bullshit came in trying to keep me engaged.......

To those who got pulled into that group chat I do apologize. In the chat you saw how she orchestrated it so that only her view was the one being pushed. This is why I left that chat and refused to participate, by this time I saw how she was using me and was trying to stop it.

Jer and I have been chatting although she is definitely bullheaded! I have apologized to her and do so here now. It is up to her to accept it so we can move forward. Had Stacy not played puppet master in all of this crap we never would have been at each other's throats. I apologize for allowing her to use me as a weapon against Jer and do hope she can acknowledge the apology.  As I told her before, a radio show on the matter will not occur until she can acknowledge it. 

Jer and some others came together to assist in getting Stacy's horses to a better place with a capable caretaker after my injury made it impossible for me to continue caring for them. Regardless of what Stacy does, the horses are innocent and should never suffer because of ill feelings between those who try to help them, same for the 4 cats. The kitties are at a different location now too on a waiting list to be spayed / neutered. It is amazing how we all worked together, even though we had not yet worked much of this out. For that, and for those amazing horses, I do thank those who made it happen.

Jer should know that I do not usually run with shit like that. It was due to me being exhausted, lack of proper rest and sleep and my pain level I was not functioning / thinking clearly. Hell I could barely function in the board meetings if that gives you any idea of how bad my health situation was. I functioned daily on autopilot, literally..... wake up, have coffee, go do animal care, lay down try to rest, get up do evening rounds....... I had barely even dj'd for months because the horses care took too much out of me. Stacy used this to her advantage and I still do not know why she dislikes your crew so much. I never did figure that out. I suppose it will come out one day.

I said some hurtful things, but so did Jer. The main fuss came down to me and Jer. I do apologize for the hurtful things and one day I hope Jer can see she needs to do the same for the hurtful things she said. I am willing to forego that though so we can simply move past this. I will not itemize everything, nor do I expect her to. One apology for it should be enough to cover it. Now I simply wait for her response. Jer said that she owes me nothing.... I could call it even because of her assistance with the horses, for that I am forever grateful. 

For those now trapped in Stacy's web of lies and deceit be careful because she does not care what damage her drive will do to you. You are simply a tool to further her agenda, when you are no longer useful to her she will drop you like a hot rock and not even look back.

Now that my body is finally beginning to heal some I am getting some things done for sure! I am still exhausted but working on it!!!!

Now I am off to rest and relax a while, this heat wave is nuts!

Monday, July 1, 2024

This Week's Drama........


June, 29, 2024

So, crazy ass people gonna stalk my page, using fake accounts because they are cowards, make false comments and try to harass me. Gee Stacy you and your boyfriend are doing exactly what you went off on Jer, Gina and others about or have you forgotten? How upset you were about poor HMG being bullied online....... Those creepy texts that you were behind sending..... Proved that when you did it again this past week over a different issue...... Well, both you and Brian....

I recall how upset Stacy was about what Jer, Gina and others were doing to her bestie HMG...... The fake account Shannon Lagrange.... Pretty sure we know who that is now don't we????? How would HMG react if she knew it was your new BF? That you asked him to...... Your own bf was part of the ones harassing HMG at your request to keep the drama going..... You even had him post shit on your timeline to make it appear that you were being attacked...... All so you had a reason to get ME to call out the ones harassing HMG........

Stacy is exactly what she accused Jer and the others of being, only worse. Stacy cannot do it to your face, cannot use truth..... Hope she is getting the attention fix she needs. Maybe once I post all of my screenshots proving she chose not to answer / address the issue then people will see she is nothing more than a trouble making liar seeking self gratification, attention for herself and has no problem getting it any way she can.

Tried to convince people it was me causing drama, when all along it was you behind the scenes lying, doing the creepy anonymous texts and stirring shit up......

To those currently believing her now.... y'all deserve each other tbh...... I told Gina to be patient while I did the research.... It takes times..... I have the proof now and will be posting it all soon..... My body is still in recovery mode and I have had to push it with this excessive heat coming to make sure my animals are prepped for it and will be all comfy cozy during it. Jer has zero patience, she does not trust the process that's for sure! But girl, I told you to be patient. I pissed you off when I wouldn't just jump the gun and do it right when you wanted it done..... I also told you there was a reason I wouldn't.....  Now I can :)

Stacy had such a fit about the "mean girls" online bullying HMG until she supposedly wanted to commit suicide -- all a ploy I think....... Someone said to me HMG (Their words not mine) was an "alcoholic, dog hoarder with daddy issues". Stacy is just as bad really, two of her men kill themselves and rumors are one of the suicides was staged....... Any man getting close to her should at least be informed on that....... We now how rumors are for sure but gotta ask - one husband dead, one fiance dead...... Definite pattern there....

Then her (Stacy's) new boyfriend sets up shop on private property, trying to squat - got told by the cops today to leave...... I know he has been creeping around..... Lil things missing like the thief he is! Brian Corntassel is his name and he has a LONG rap sheet in 2 states that I know of for shit like DV, intimidation, stalking and one court ordered him for a mental evaluation (doesn't say if that was ever completed though)...... Has she told him how men just seem to off themselves around her????

I recently learned that when Stacy was with her ex she had a meth problem...... Had I known that I never would have asked Kim & Kathy for permission for Stacy to put animals up there temporarily....... 

July 1, 2024......

So, Brian has been calling people all pissed off because no one will bring him food or water, yet blowing up my text claiming he is doing all this running around. All lies because all he does is lie. Like when he told the cop last night - after he stole a Renogy 100 watt solar panel from me and a porta phone charger..... He said he was waiting on APS to come help him. He never called them, so I made sure they were aware he was waiting for their help.

Basically all he has done for the days he has sat there is blow up text messages. I do have him blocked, but it goes into a spam folder, thankfully documenting everything. Funny how Stacy was all buddy buddy with him when she knew the horses had to be moved and she put him up to making death threats to anyone who tried to move them. Where is she now in his time of need???? Has she even given him a reason why she cannot bring him food or water? I mean he is sitting out there because of her after all.....

The idea that one property owner asked for Brian's number and informed him he is formally trespassed from that property and Brian is now texting claiming to be besties with that property owner only shows how delusional he is. I am in contact with that property owner daily and they want nothing to do with him. Brian even called them yesterday, keep in mind they are out of state, but Brian called them demanding food and water from them - this was after I removed my water tanks from that property since they were finally empty and not needed up there anymore.

Brian chose to go park where he did, likely with Stacy's encouragement..... Now he is stuck with no one to help him because of the way he treats everyone. even Stacy has abandoned him, he is no longer of use to her....... 

Both of them have been on an online tirade about how victimized they are....... I think Amanda B said it perfectly in her post so no need to rehash that here...... 

The idea they both are in utter denial over the horse issue is disturbing. Had Stacy listened and done what was explained to her she could have picked the 2 up and been on her merry way, but no...... I have been trashed online and in text about the horses, threatened with nonexistent charges (sheriff already said the watch commander has spoken with Stacy on the matter). All because Stacy refused to accept that my medical made it so her animals needed a caretaker who could perform. 

Stacy has tried this at every location prior to bringing them here, according to both of the AC officers..... I am not the first she has done this to and likely will not be the last before it is said and done. She took Thor and Loki out the Friday evening before AC showed up and has told conflicting stories as to where those 2 horses are......

The idea Stacy wants to continue to lie online about Loki is only showing how delusional she is. She could go right now and pick him up, nothing is preventing her from it except her own stubbornness. No one is trying to keep her from him. She knows where he is, has all the information she needs in order to arrange transport if she wants to relocate him, yet she would rather cry online about how he was stolen..... It is truly sad because she claims to love him so much, yet will not go visit him on her days off or relocate him if she does not like his current location..... Poor Loki has not seen her in a couple of weeks now...... All because she chooses to tell lies and get people to feed into them rather than simply going to him.....

Think about this though..... If Stacy will lie about her horses being stolen, how much of everything else she is ranting about online is a lie, things twisted out of context to gain sympathy for herself and try to show how victimized she is???? How many people are being manipulated into buying into her stories? 

The real question is when will people wake up to being manipulated by her into believing her lies? Poor Brian hasn't.... He still somehow thinks she is gonna be his savior while he sits broke down on a dirt road with no food or water.......

Thankfully she is showing her true character and all I had to do was sit back and be quiet. 

Now, I have to do the evening animal care, finish up a few easy things before settling in with some food and a movie. It is well earned that's for sure and I can breathe easier since I can monitor the cameras from inside without needing to go outside to do so. They have tons of space for the recordings so now if Brian decides to creep around both cameras have night vision, infrared, motion detection, one has motion tracking, both have motion activated spotlights - as I said tons of amazing features :)

So smile Brian if you come around now you will be on camera!!!!

To Brian - it is no one's responsibility to provide you with anything. You are a grown man with your own income, a running vehicle and the ability to do for yourself. You chose to put yourself where you are now. You chose to make death threats. You chose to continue to text creepy ass shit harassing people. You chose to act like you are acting making people feel unsafe around you. YOU did that. No one made you do it. You chose to park where you did, all the while complaining about how you hate California and the heat - yet knowing if you parked there you would be stuck in the heat in a vehicle in the middle of nowhere. YOU chose to do that. YOU chose to turn down the 5 gallons of gas I offered you last night so you could get into town to a better place. YOU chose that, no one made you do it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Demands and Respect..... ATTN: Jer


I am a patient person who tries to live by the four agreements.... (see the link below)......

I was drawn into so bullshit drama by Stacy and Heather, who live for drama.......

I could use excuses for everything that went down such as how exhausted I was, lack of proper sleep, extreme pain, no appetite, inability to function properly, inability to focus and more..... They knew this and used it to create extreme drama that did not need to even happen, all due to their dislike of someone I didn't even know.

Sal I do not know why the two of them hate you so much and I apologize for being drawn into their web of hatred on the matter. You did not deserve what Stacy was saying and the agenda she was pushing. 

Keep in mind that being overly exhausted is similar to be very drunk. Living daily like that for months takes a toll on a person, but it really is no excuse to be drawn into someone else's agenda to attack other people. 

This brings me to the other person Stacy used me to push her agenda.... Jer..... Now Jer is pushy, obnoxious and very disrespectful for sure. She has spread lies that I called her and Sal scammers simply because the group where I made the post has that word in the title. Not once in the post did I ever call them scammers or say that what they were doing was a scam, not once - I have the screenshots to prove it and I am quite sure Jer does as well. She is just ticked because of the group NAME. The group does far more than just question certain posts.... But Jer cannot be bothered to check things out in the group, nor can she be bothered to read texts I have sent her - Yes I also have screenshots to prove her own words that she has NOT read the many texts I have sent her......

Why ask me for something, when I send it you cannot be bothered to read it....... But then you wanna blow up my phone demanding it when it has already been given...... Acting like you are the one waiting when you have it in your hands and are too self absorbed to accept it.......

Last week we opened a dialogue where I apologized to her several times in text. Jer keeps demanding an apology, saying that not once have I apologized. She admits that she has NOT read all the messages, therefore she has not seen the apology..... I flat refuse to mention a word on the radio show UNTIL Jer can take the time to read the thoughtful messages I sent and the heartfelt messages I put time and effort into. If she cannot take the time to read them, acknowledge them and accept the apology then why should I take the time talking about it on my radio show????? So, sick of her blowing up my phone asking for something I have literally already given her many times over. So, Jer if you want more than this blog post take the time to read what has already been sent to you, acknowledge it and accept it. Until you can this post will be all you ever get.

Jer also acts like she is the only one busting ass in the rescue biz..... Only she can do things right and everyone else (those she dislikes) are all fake rescuers..... Jer acts like she is the only one who can be so utterly exhausted after taking care of the animals that she is the only one permitted to be upset, testy and grumpy. Jer acts like she is the only one who knows how to do things right and she seems to dislike cat rescuers with a passion, no clue why though. These are just my personal observations after dealing with her for a few months now.

Jer, I am told, did step up to  help the horses. I am not sure what part she played in that since I did not deal with her personally on it. For that, whatever her part was, I do thank her and the 2 horses thank her.  However, to claim the situation the horses were in was due to MY bad decisions is not fair or correct. Jer really thinks she knows everything about everyone without actually talking to the person she thinks she knows everything about.

So, here is the lowdown on how the horses and 4 cats came to be here....

Stacy and I had been friends for months and one day I get a panicked call that the place where her animal were had locked her out and dumped her cats at the Apple Valley shelter..... Up to this point all I had been told is that soon she would need to move her animals. She never told me why. She pretended to be super stressed, acting like she was gonna have a stroke because of the cost to retrieve the cats and no place to put them. She kept saying how she needed to go to the hospital because her chest felt like it was gonna explode..... She manipulated me for sure and pulled my heart strings.

Since I have the space, I offered her to bring the cats here...... She had 3 females and one male. None of which have been spayed / neutered, even though 2 are well over 3 years old..... All were dirty, dusty and traumatized when they arrived. Stacy barely spoke to them when she dropped them off with a black trash bag of about 25 lbs of food. It was late, she had to work the next day...... So, it was up to me to get them all settled and calmed down.

I got the girls settled in the habitat and the boy stayed inside my place because he was still very young, but also very feral. None one had taken time to socialize him, nor were any of them litter trained...... Stacy works all the time and cannot be bothered..... The girls adjusted to using the box quickly in the habitat but the boy has destroyed the carpet next to my bed. Not once did Stacy ever clean up his messes where he insisted on using the carpet right next to a perfectly clean litter box. Not once! Nor would she ever take the time to simply help me pull that small piece of carpet out. Yet, her and Heather both want to talk about how ruined that section was when Heather stayed the night that time.....

About a week later, maybe not that long, Stacy calls all panicked again. She is locked out of where her horses are and is waiting on the sheriff to come make the people allow her in to get her horses and their supplies..... This was semi true...... She was waiting on the sheriff because the property owner would not grant her access since they had filed an eviction on her to get her animals off their property - it did not get to the final point, she moved everything to keep it off her record. 

Again Stacy used her heart condition to pull my heart strings. Since I did not have any fenced areas I have a friend who does and their property is sitting empty. I called, knowing they would say yes, but wanted to ask first. Of course, it's an emergency, the poor horses need a space...... Stacy was NOT forthcoming about how destructive one of her males is........ She got the horses settled and she knew my medical condition limited what I could do. All I was to do was feed and water, she would handle everything else on her days off. I can do that..... Until I saw how doing it her way was absolutely not enough....

For months she was told to use the tons of materials laying around to make a shade shelter for the horses before it got hot. I even put myself out to purchase a cordless sawzall to use to build the shelters. Stacy always had excuses as to why she couldn't I am not able to and tried to find volunteers to help but no one wanted to donate time or labor to help. I could not afford to pay anyone since I was paying for all the extra water the horses were using until I demanded Stacy purchase 1 load of water a month, which was what the horses were using until it began to get hot.

I had Stacy help move an elevated water tote up to the property so we wouldn't have to use 5 gallon jugs anymore. She had been giving them 15 gallons each per day, sometimes more.... As it got hotter they drank twice that much easily and her destructive male would dump his water barrel over all the time. By this time the toll of the 5 gallon jugs and lifting the hay flakes had already set in on me and Stacy kept promising to find me a helper. I tried to find someone reliable, had lots of promises but not one came through....... 

We had some teenage girls volunteering for a while on the promise that if they helped with the horses Stacy would teach them to ride..... Stacy promised them this and she never delivered...... These girls worked their asses off and Stacy always had excuses as to why they could not ride on any particular day she was there...... Due to this we lost the girls as volunteers. They may come back but I am not sure yet. They are very hurt that Stacy lied to them and used them.

The girls were a great help to me when I was sick with bronchitis and could not do my duties to the animals because I couldn't breathe. I asked Stacy to help find me a temp helper, of course she couldn't be bothered, she was working..... I paid out of my pocket to cover gas to have the teenage girls come up and help. Not once did Stacy even say thank you for that..... 

After recovering from that, I began to see how Stacy seemed to fell it is my responsibility to do for her animals. They had been here for months and her lies about getting her panels to set up on my property never came through. The horses were only supposed to be on the hill temporarily until we set up a space on my property. Stacy made zero effort to make this happen. Nor would she bother to change her own cats litter boxes in the house on the hill on her days off. Not once did she purchase a nag of litter for her own cats in the several months they were here. 

This brings me to how many times her male destroyed parts of the pen he was in.... She refused to use proper fence wire to repair it, insisting her hay twine was far better..... I was too exhausted and in too much pain to really argue about it, even though I have at least 6 rolls of the wire on hand, the proper tool for it and one roll is in my car always for such purposes...... He got out once and the teenage girls were the ones who caught him and did the majority of the repair that night.......

Not once did Stacy ever offer me gas money for running daily up on the hill to care for her animals. Not once did she offer the gas money for the generator to pump the water for her horses. When it began getting hotter and the horses began using more than one load of water a month she stopped paying for the water altogether - it was used to purchase the gas to run the generator to pump the water for her horses.... Yes she gave me $40 per week via cash app for a while - totaling $200. A load of water is $160 and her horses were using a load and a half at this point. She gave me cash twice, after she used the water money to purchase the gas for pumping for her horses....... Then it stopped altogether when I told her she needed to pay more since the horses were using more......

It had been over a month since the girls stopped coming to help at this point. I was worn down, exhausted and barely functioning. This is when the generator finally decided to die. It was running funny so I had gone outside to check. Stacy was in her truck while she was pumping the water for the horses. The pump was super hot and run dry. I thought the pump had burnt up, I was upset since I had just purchased it about 2 months ago. At this point the generator was still running, but running rough...... Stacy had about a half a tank that she took up to water the horses but there was none to put in the tank up there. 

That evening the generator finally died and the next day I had to go exchange it. I had a Predator 6500 and I was blessed to be able to upgrade back to the Predator 9000 for less than $100 and get the upgraded membership as well. But that 9000 is a beast with no wheels...... By the time we got it home and set up I had injured myself badly. Doc has ordered an mri, I am waiting on the letter from the insurance for that now. 

I informed Stacy that night of my injury and this was an emergency request for her to help find a helper to assist with her horses. My pleas went unanswered until late Friday night. My first notification to her was on Tuesday. Stacy had all sorts of excuses but no real solutions. She kept saying it is my responsibility...... So, I gave up trying to have her actually take some responsibility for her own animals and I reached out to someone I knew handled horses and also knew Stacy. This person is not liked by Stacy but is amazing with horses. Since Stacy kept insisting it was my responsibility, the responsible thing to do was to find a caretaker able to do what I no longer could. Since Stacy refused to even acknowledge my inability to care for the horses, due to the heavy lifting, I had no choice but to find someone who could.

This person reached out to animal control and the sheriff because the situation required law enforcement advice. We did not want to separate Stacy from her horses or have her try to claim they were stolen. When she was informed that AC had been consulted, Stacy came on Friday night and removed 2 of the horses. She has told 2 different stories about where those 2 went. She has claimed to some the 2 went to where she works. To a few others, she has told them the 2 are with a foster. All she ever does is lie so there is no telling where the two actually are.

The next morning I had barely finished animal care at my place when AC rolls up on the hill. We are outside the gate talking when this officer realized what horses we were talking about and actually knew one of the horses Stacy left behind. I let her in, she visited with the horses, took tons of pictures and checked the cats too. Remember at this point Stacy had 3 female cats up in the old house which were less than an afterthought for her. The AC officer consulted with the Captain and it was ordered that we had 24 hours to move the horses. This was already lined up we were just waiting for AC / law enforcement approval. This AC officer had zero issues with the cats care, but due to the horses not having shade or shelter Also, because the AC officer recognized my physically issues and agreed I could no longer provide proper care for the horses. She said I did the right thing.

At this point Stacy had involved a friend of mine who had been crashing in one of my campers before he headed to Montana. She manipulated him badly to the point he made threats of death to anyone who tried to move the horses. He even did so via text message. 

Due to this the next day we had AC and the sheriff assist us in loading the horses and getting them to the other boarding place. The sheriff then escorted this man off my property and gave him and Stacy formal trespass notice. Later that day, Sunday, the transport arrived for her cats and took them out of here as well. 

The person now boarding her 2 horses and myself have attempted to have adult conversations with Stacy on the matter. This has been impossible though. While attempting to detail the plans I lived in fear of this guy because he said he would kill anyone who tried to move the horses. He went so far as to try to block the road before we were actually there to do it. Then when the sheriff's were talking to him he straight up lied to them claiming he never threatened anyone and I gave him til sundown to leave..... I just pulled up the thread and handed my phone to the officer. The 3 deputies escorted him off the property thankfully!!!!

Stacy could not have an adult conversation though. It was all threats, deranged comments and how she was gonna sue and we should start packing......She refused to believe animal control gave the order or that they were even involved, not even when we gave her the AC officers contact info and told her to contact them. Both officers knew her well. Both officers had handled prior calls on her animals..... Both officers made it clear they needed to see the 2 she took from the property because there is still an open case on them. I could not help them because I do not know where she took them.

So, the first morning I have to breathe after dealing with all  of this, Jer starts blowing up my phone demanding her apology, that she has already received but admitted she has not bothered to read yet. Somehow she expect me to repeatedly state this apology - which she has not read prior texts which state it repeatedly. She expects me to grovel on my knees begging her forgiveness. The only one I am on my knees for is my Lord and Savior, sorry Jer you do not fit that bill.

When I told her to pause, scroll back and read she got angry and refused to. I told her to stop bugging me until she did then she got pissed telling me no one tells her what to do etc.... well, if you are to self righteous to simply scroll back and read what has already been given to you why the hell should you be blowing up my phone expecting me to grovel to you???

It was rude and self absorbed for you to admit you have not read what has been sent to you and disrespect me when I requested you stop blowing up my phone and scroll back in our conversation. THAT is why I blocked your number. THAT is why I restricted you on Facebook. I have zero time or patience for someone who refuses to read what they have been given, accept it and move on. 

When you read it you can leave a comment HERE and maybe I will remove the block and the restriction. Until you do though I simply and not gonna deal with you blowing my shit up over your inability to read what has already been sent to you. 

And if you keep shit talking me over it I will post ever one of those messages I sent you very publicly to prove that YOU are the one lying about the matter and YOU are the aggressor in this situation. Right now I am still decompressing from the fact Stacy actually had a nutjob threaten to kill us if we tried to move the horses..... It did not stop the horses from being moved, but none the less the threat was made....... I expect I will be served with a restraining order based on false information that I will have to deal with as well because Stacy cannot accept reality and lives in her own little fantasy world.....

Thankfully I have a down day today... Much needed and well deserved!!!!!

Thankfully I was able to get one of my security cameras installed. That thing is kick ass!!!! Full color day video, night vision motion detection and two way audio just for a start!!! I had so much fun with it the first night it went up omfg everyone should have a few of these!!! I will definitely be ordering more of them!!!!

So Jer, if you  cannot respect that you already have in your hand everything you asked for, or respect the fact that I am trying to decompress from Stacy having some twit threaten death then I have no time for you. The public discussion on my radio will NOT occur until you confirm what I have sent you. Once you confirm what I have sent you then I will do an entire radio show on the matter, this is not too much to ask since it was stated multiple times and you self admitted have not taken the time to read it. 

If reading an apology and accepting it is not worth your time to read it then why should I waste my time listening to your demands for the apology you already have????

Let me know below once you have taken the time to read everything I sent you. I will be waiting....

The Four Agreements


Monday, June 24, 2024

Mind Blown.....


So, this past weekend I learned so much about someone who pretends to be Little Miss perfect. No Jer I am not talking about you so please walk away before your fingers speak before your brain does.

For this article she shall remain nameless, since I am simply going to give the nutshell version..... Full story by the end of the week.

Many of you know I was caretaking for someone's horses which my neighbor had granted permission to use their fenced areas for the horses. There were 4 horses. There were also 4 cats.....

Two weeks ago I injured myself and informed the person I am not able to carry water or hay and needed help. This person never even acknowledged my messages (sent on Tuesday evening, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) until late Friday evening, even then they refused to accept the severity of the injury I have. 

After this person blew me off I reached out to someone I knew did horses and also knows this person. She was amazing and helped moved some mountains!!! The horses had no shade on the hill, even though I bought the tools, have the materials - the horse owner had all sorts of reasons she could not simple toss it together.....

The lady I contacted is someone Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect hates, but she came in and helped after long discussions with animal control (No I did NOT contact them! - she did and we both talked with the sheriff)..... So, Friday horse owner comes and removes 2 of the horses, refuses to discuss plans for the other two.......

Saturday morning animal control shows up for the horses...... The officer knew one of them since it was a colt..... It seems, according to this officer, there IS an active case on the two horses she had removed Friday night....... Now there is a case on the other two....... The officer took pictures, consulted with her supervisor and a plan was made to get them moved on Sunday.....

So, Little miss pretend to be perfect is not around she enlists a man who threatens to kill anyone who tries to move the horses. Both of them refuse to accept this was an animal control order - not a request. She denies that animal control is even involved..... Sadly, she is the delusional one. 

Sunday comes animal control and the sheriff show to assist us in safe moving of the horses. The animal control officer also knew Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect, knew her very well. I got the real story of how the 4 cats ended up at the Apple Valley Shelter....

Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect had told me the evil place she was before they came to me simply locked her out then dumped her cats...... This is NOT the case and I am quite sure the officer, who has been involved in complaints on her horses for YEARS would know, she responded to the call about the cats!!!!

Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect had locked the 4 cats up in a trailer on their property with no food or water, nor could the property owner gain access to provide food and water to them. After many days the property owner notified animal control who allowed the owner to break the lock on their own trailer (a lock put on by Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect) so the 4 cats could be taken to the shelter. It was at this point she retrieved them from the shelter, brought them to my house with her sad sob story of lies.

In the near 6 months they were here she purchased exactly 3 bags of food, no litter, no treats, nothing else. I provided the rest happily. 

She locked them in a trailer to die, according to the AC officer who was quoting the property owner......

She is also in denial about her female horses conjunctivitis.... major eye infection...... It is NOT a "fly allergy" and poor thing is in some major pain!!!! Thankfully, she is being properly treated and quarantined while it clears up!!!!

All of this was documented by 2 AC officers, both who have dealt with the horses on previous calls..... But people like me always step in so the animals do not suffer, which seems to get Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect off the hook...... Not this time..... 

Little Miss Pretend to be Perfect is now trying to say it was my responsibility to trim hooves, keep fly masks on, do eye treatments (with no medication) and more....... She knew my medical and knew feeding and watering was my limit. I did spend time with them petting, hugging etc.... But she refused to pay $100 a month to board them which the property owner felt is more than fair for 4 horses...... His entire family wanted her gone since she could not even be bothered to make a phone call to discuss the boarding cost.

He isn't gonna be happy when he sees what the male did to the fence....... And her straight up tweaker style fixing.... He would have been out yesterday had we not pulled in when we did!!! Sorry, but hay baling twine is NOT stronger than actual fence repair wire!!!!!  No excuse there because I even have an entire roll of the wire in the car, but she said oh no the twine is better........ Ok, whatever. I told you so....

I am still processing all the information the AC officers shared with me...... Oh yes there is more, much much more.....

Just know this - do not board her horses because AC is involved and looking for the 2 she moved. She does not like to pay for boarding..... Ask Jan at Sky's the Limit....... Jan has a $10,000 court settlement little miss pretend to be perfect owes to her, an actual court judgement. She does not clean the stall / yard, of course I will have to go up and clean all the horse poop....... She does not properly fix the fence...... Something else I will attempt to get done as soon as it cools off a bit, hard to handle metal in these temperatures!!!

And the 4 cats.... Cats she barely changed the litter boxes for, barely bought food for, barely gave a second thought to........ Thankfully they are also moved and I can wash my hands of this fiasco.

But, she doesn't care who goes down in her wake..... This time she took a 64 year old man, used him and he is now homeless because of her. Maybe they are squatting somewhere together, who knows? I don't care really, it is just sad to see the carnage in her wake to people who did not deserve it. 

The really sad part, we all tried to have adult conversations with her about the horses situation. Instead of addressing the issue she resorted to insults, threats and other childish behavior. She went so far as to threaten to put a lien on our properties...... She cannot accept AC is 100% behind us, gave us the order to move the horses in 24 hours and she needs to contact them if she has questions...... and because of the previous, still open case on the 2 horses she took Friday night..... Does she realize if she does file anything then her entire history with animal control is on the table? Does she realize that AC has already said they will go to court on our behalf if she tries?

She did not want pix of her horses posted online. I honored that but always wondered why...... Who was she hiding them from? Now we know. She is hiding 2 of them from AC who need to put eyes on them.....

I will be pulling public records on all of this. That takes time. I am mentally and physically exhausted, still in a good deal of pain from injuring myself when I had to swap the generator......

In this heat all I want to do is the same thing as the animals.... lay down and sleep the heat off in the AC with the asthma kitties!!!! 

Wow, mind blown for sure because this was one person I really did NOT expect to have any real history with animal control....... What a history it is too. Poor horses.... Poor kitties...... 

There is also something darker I heard a rumor about but that must wait until I can do some verification...... In a future post I will state what the rumor is, and it is just a rumor at this point....... But yes, I will be doing a deep dive into that!!!!

Enjoy your day, fuck this heat I mean what the hell happened to Spring? Just gonna throw us right into late July temps no adjustment phase lol!!!!!