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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Things to Pay Attention to....What have we done????

 Have you ever wondered why people 200 years ago - lived longer and healthier? Why foods back then were better for us? Why most of the KNOWN diseases only began after 1900? Well, some quick reference answers....

1. We had nothing disposable back then, everything was reused or repurposed

2. We had real materials to build homes, not all this treated & painted stuff

3. Food was grown at home or locally, some brought in by vendors - but NO chemicals were ever used to produce them

4. Water came from deep wells, hand dug wells and was not contaminated

5. There was no such thing as sewage treatment plants - waste was composted and used to fertilize the fields

6. No such thing as landfills that give off high amounts of methane gas and contaminate the land

7. No huge manufacturing plants that contaminated the air & the water around it - people made what they needed or bought it from someone who could make it

8. Cookware was not treated with poisons like teflon - it was cast iron and healthy to use

9. We did not use chemicals to clean our homes - borax and lye soap was the standard even to wash clothes and body parts

10. Make up was rarely used, hair care products had not been widely used, lotions and creams were not as they are today - only the rich women used them and many died young due to high mercury content in them

11. Propane, gasoline, Natural gas had not been widely used - less people breathing the toxic fumes from those meant less lung diseases

12. COPD, asthma etc did NOT exist until factories polluted the air, chem trails, heavy fragrances and other chemicals became widely used

13. Cancer was also man made with the development of processed foods and the toxic materials we use to build our homes - even today the materials are toxic - don't believe me? Look up the contents of a standard homes construction AND what toxic gases they emit while living in it AND if it burns down (especially if it burns down) - those toxic smoke clouds permanently contaminate the air we breathe

14. ALL major diseases did NOT exist until we began adding heavy metals to everything! It is in our foods, our personal care products, everything we touch eat and breathe. Don't believe start reading labels!!! Suave antiperspirant contains ALUMINUM!!!!

15. Many long term disabilities did not exist until we created vaccines that contain heavy metals! Years ago the standard vax schedule was MAYBE 8 vaccines by adulthood! Now it is over 200!!! Each vax injects trace amounts of heavy metals into your system that will NEVER be excreted! These heavy metals typically end up in your brain where they wreak havoc. Don't believe me look it up!!!

17. Allergies did not exist until we began processing foods and stopping kids from being kids. The combination created a deadly path for today's kids who now have allergies to things WE created!!! The more we mess with food the worse new allergies get!!!

18. We stopped the availability of medicines that actually work only to replace them with synthetic chemicals produced by big pharma who do not care if the product works they only wish to make a profit selling it to you

19. We have stripped our farm lands of every vital nutrient to the point we must now use chemical fertilizers to make our food grow - thus beginning the poisoning process right from the start! Once it sprouts they use chemical sprays to keep bugs off the crop, they process it in unclean plants using chemicals to preserve it and put it in metal cans that leech toxic metal into the food itself! Then you prepare it in pans that are flaking toxic metals or in microwaves that emit dangerous radiation and all in the name of progress....

20. We have appliances that give off deadly radiation such as those microwaves we all love. Small amounts are not dangerous they say - look up the long term effects of using a microwave daily!!! Toasters can be deadly - the heating element gives off small amounts of toxic gas that seeps into the bread it is heating. Electric or gas ranges both give off toxic fumes every time they are used and the older they are the more toxic they are! The Fridge that you cannot live without - gives off toxic fumes as well and Freon is an extremely poisonous gas! Don't believe me? Look it up - go to youtube and watch videos of twits who inhale freon......

21. The very dust that settles in your home is matter from toxic gases in the air. Those handy antibacterial wipes you use to clean that dust are also made with toxic chemicals known to cause cancer. Ever see the labels and signs here in California about things containing ingredients known to cause cancer? Yup! 

22. The air filters people use are also made from toxic chemicals and are not as good as advertised - they emit toxic levels of other chemicals as they claim to purify the air. Look at the method and you will see in the scientific research that the methods are more dangerous than the current air you breathe.

23. Plastics are one of the single deadliest items we have ever invented! Made from petroleum products and most take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose when discarded, some have even damaged our ozone layer!!! 

24. Cleaning chemicals are also the cause of many diseases. Due to the fact they kill NECESSARY bacteria - it harms our immune system and makes us more prone to illness. Even so-called all natural products are NOT produced with all natural ingredients nor are they good for you

I could keep going on with this list but I wanted to give you some food for thought to research on yourself...

I am not here to think for you or spoon feed you all the gory details. If you are able to read this article you are also perfectly able to look all of this up and take steps to cleanse your system from the heavy metals and cleanse your home from the toxic chemicals and get on a path to safer living!!!

Good luck on your awakening journey!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Cortney Lewis & her Dogs

 A few years ago I responded to a social media post from Cortney asking to rehome a "2 year old male pekingese" because her dogs were hurting it. 

She claimed to have 2 mastiff's at the time that had injured the pekingese's hip and terrorized it so badly that he would not come out from under the bed.

I rescued the dog - Furbee - and he has a safe, loving home now AND I had him neutered - which is something she could not be bothered to do!!!

Now, she KNOWS her dogs are aggressive to smaller animals yet she took in yet another small dog - this time a chihuahua!!! She is once again on social media begging urgently for someone to come save this little dog from her larger - more aggressive dogs!!! WTH is she doing taking in smaller dogs when she KNOWS her dogs are going to harm it????

AND considering the larger dogs are so aggressive wth are they doing around a toddler????

She has also told many stories about the bigger dogs. She told me they were mastiff's, told someone else they are pit bull's...... She needs to get her lies in check seriously!!!

Cortney needs to STOP taking in smaller dogs because not long after she does, she is then all over social media begging for someone to "rescue the small dog from being hurt by her larger dogs". One of these days someone is gonna show those posts to animal control and she could get in a world of trouble over permitting the smaller dog to be used as a rag doll for her larger dogs!!!

Furbee came to me with a SERIOUS hip injury (no broken skin) but definite muscle tear & major bruising!!! Furbee is also much older than she claimed he was! Told me he was 2 and a half. Furbee is estimated by the vet who neutered him to be at least 8 years old!!!

Either Cortney doesn't know shit about these little dogs she is taking in or she knows and she is LYING about them. She also claimed to me to be a professional dog groomer..... The pix I took of Furbee the day I brought him home prove she doesn't know shit about that either! Poor guy had such matter hair on his injured hip that it was over 7 inches long and matted so thick it broke 1 pair of snips before I got it all trimmed!!! The proof in pix is on my Facebook profile!!!!

I pray someone will notify animal control on her ass IF she brings a 3rd small dog into her home with her aggressive larger dogs. 

I will also pray for the smaller dogs because it is only a matter of time before those aggressive larger dogs KILL one of the smaller dogs or even Cortney's kids!!!

I was asked to go easy on her because she is pregnant and now has no man to help her. Well, I wasn't the one who told her to bring a useless sack of flesh home to produce offspring that will increase her income....... Sorry, but that was HER choice. Just like it was her choice to bring a small dog into her home KNOWING her larger dogs were likely to harm it!!! Did she go easy on the little dog she sentenced to torment and injury??? NO!!!! 

Maybe if she focused on her son as much as she focused on her larger dogs then he wouldn't be out of control huh???

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Weather Manipulation and Multiple 1,000 Year Events



 When it is mathematically no longer a coincidence?

Every progressive country on this planet has participated in some form of weather manipulation for over 80 years. Is it possible to think that messing with natural occurrences will not have consequences?

At the end of this article are multiple links for you to read all about the various types of weather manipulation we have done and are still doing to this day.

At what point do we realize there is no such thing as "climate change" - this is a situation that we have brought on ourselves and it has NOTHING to do with carbon emissions. It has everything to do with the weather manipulation we have been playing with for far too long.

Now, add on top of all the weather manipulation with nuclear disasters that spread toxic radiation into the atmosphere. No one knows precisely how much toxic radiation has been spewed from nuclear bomb tests, actual nuclear bombs, nuclear power development, nuclear power plant "accidents" and so forth. Below is a list of SOME of the nuclear disasters that have contaminated the atmosphere.


Here are some links that detail what the two combined can and have done to our atmosphere and weather:





















Nuclear Disaster Links












 Weather Modification Links




























Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Sad Truth About the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022


Most people pay little attention to bills being passed in DC. Some people will listen to the summaries on TV and are satisfied that they have been told the truth. Others will go so far as reading the full summary and initially agree with the bill in question.

Those in DC rely on the fact that MOST people will NEVER read the fine print though!


This is how they manage to hide spending in seemingly good bills and get them approved!!!


Most people Hate Trump but he did teach us one thing – Follow the Money – which does require extensive reading and research!!!

Many people reading this wrongfully assume I am a Trump supporter. I support neither side since both sides are corrupt. (But that is a debate for a different article)


This Inflation Reduction Act is nothing more than a new spending bill for pet projects AND hidden in the fine print they KILL programs that have actually been helping Americans and reroute those funds to pay for their pet projects!!!


The Inflation Reduction Act claims it will only tax those with incomes over $400,000 – however, it is the poorest who will ultimately pay the price with increased prices at the register when the richest pass those expenses down the chain!!!


How does that work you ask? I have a perfect example for you!




That is a link to a documentary called Fire, Power, Money – it was compiled over the California wildfires and PG&E’s involvement. PG&E are convicted killers! They have been sued and LOST and must pay victims BILLIONS of dollars that their insurance will not cover. They lobbied the state to allow them to increase power / gas bill rates to the general customer to help them raise the money to pay the lawsuits. The state agreed and permitted PH&E to raise residential power rates with no real cap or end date on this request.

The problem came when PG&E has NOT used the new money to pay off the lawsuits. Instead, they have donated it to politicians campaigns, lobby firms and pretty much everything EXCEPT what they claimed it was for.

But this is HOW the tax over incomes of $400,000 will be passed on to the general citizen. Upper income people have NEVER actually paid the taxes imposed on them without passing the cost down the ladder to those who can least afford it!!!

Now that you understand how that works, we can move on. By the way, that link above is an amazing expose you should watch it ALL.


Now, some people think THIS link is the link to the actual bill text – it is NOT – this is the link to what the Democrats WANT you to see and contains nothing that they do not want you to see. The actual bill text link will be below.




An interesting line item in this bill worries me.


IRS funding. Appropriates approximately $80 billion over the next decade for IRS enforcement activities including the hiring and training of new auditors, IT systems modernization, and taxpayer services.


In 2021, the legislature in DC passed a bill that gave the IRS trillions of dollars to do this SAME thing to monitor bank transactions over $600!!! So tell me why they need even more money to audit and track citizens?!?!?!


Also, a simple search on the Congress website is NOT easily displaying this particular bill!! But it has revealed some interesting other bills you might now like!!!




A second search using the actual HR 5376 displays ONLY proposed amendments to HR 5376 but NOT the actual text of 5376!!!




So, I must ask – what are they hiding that they do NOT want the general public reading???



I was able to find a copy on the Democrats link – however it is less than 800 pages and listening to Republicans discuss this bill they claim it is well over 2,000 pages – so where are the rest of the pages???


Here is a summary of the goal of THIS bill – read it CAREFULLY!


A decrease in spending on prescription drugs combined with increases in revenues from personal income taxes and business taxes lead to a decrease in government debt, which declines by 8.4 percent by 2050. This decrease in government debt crowds-in investment in productive private capital. Nonetheless, this effect is offset by the effects of higher personal and business taxes, which discourage saving and investment.


Note increased personal income tax and business tax along with discouraging savings and investments!!! It is NOT the wealthy this bill is going after – it is going after those who can least afford another crippling tax!!!


Another provision is continued support to discourage people to work. Democrats do NOT want people out in the work force – but their logic on raising personal income tax yet  discouraging workers makes zero sense!!


Each of the spending provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act has different economic effects. For example, the additional ACA subsidy benefits are transfers or payments to households, which reduces the incentive to work. This effect contributes to the 0.1 percent decline in hours worked in 2031, 2040, and 2050.


Another summary of this bill will CUT certain direct payments to citizens, specifically those complying with the clean energy requirements that are supposed to be receiving direct payments!!!! What they want to do instead will make you sick – especially after you have put out so much of your own hard earned money to comply with their bullshit!!!




This summary also details how ONLY large corporations will be getting any benefit from this bill. The general public will be taxed to pay for this bill though AND be inflicted with higher prices at the register and on power bills!!!


Direct Pay. While the Build Back Better Act included a direct-pay election that would have allowed taxpayers to receive a cash refund, the new bill generally would limit direct pay to certain tax-exempt and governmental entities. The direct-pay election would be available to taxpaying entities in restricted situations, including with respect to the clean hydrogen production credit, the carbon sequestration credit and the advanced manufacturing production credit. The ability to elect direct pay for certain credits would be tied to the satisfaction of domestic content requirements. The direct-pay election would be made on a facility-by-facility basis and generally would have to be made in the year the facility is placed in service.


Corporations will also receive credits for inserting “green” energy into low income areas – places where people cannot afford rent or power bills NOW and certainly are not able to afford the “clean” energy being forced upon them and already have too many factories and corporations making their neighborhood unsafe for the children!!! Power companies placed HUGE power lines near schools and playgrounds years ago, now they are being sued successfully over cancer clusters – look it up!!!


This bill also encroaches more into Native American Land with policies the Native Americans do NOT want and have openly said they do not want!! This bill would permit corporation to take MOORE land away from the Native Americans in order to build this “clean” energy production on Native American soil! It also gives tax credits to corporations who make this stuff happen!!!!



Increased ITC for Investments in Low-Income Communities. Projects receiving an allocation of environmental justice solar and wind capacity limitation could receive an additional 10% credit if located in a low-income community or on Indian land, or an additional 20% credit if such project is part of a qualified low-income residential building project or qualified low-income economic benefit project.



How can it be “social justice” to strip Native American’s of even MORE of their land? We should be giving them land back – not taking more of it under false pretenses!!!!


Even the Wall Street Journal, who typically support everything the Democrats do, HATE this bill!!!



‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Is an Insult to Used-Car Salesmen

Democrats hide a power grab behind a purported solution to rising prices—a problem they themselves caused.


The real question here is how much longer are we going to permit Congress raping the American people for their own benefit????


Even social justice warriors are speaking out against the Inflation Reduction Act!!!




This article is from a social justice law firm that analyzed the bill and has found it will impose new taxes and fees on American Oil Production – which ALWAYS leads to higher prices at the pump for American consumers!!!




Renowned Economists are speaking out against the Inflation Reduction Act. I do find it interesting that NO actual economist can be found speaking on legacy media such as MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN etc. I was able to find one on Fox though.



Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin's reconciliation bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, is deceptively named since it will actually exacerbate Americans' pain from inflation while simultaneously raising taxes, an economist told Fox News. 

"It does nothing to address the problem of inflation and instead only exacerbates the existing high prices and will drive prices even higher," Antoni told Fox News. "It's just adding insult to injury."

"Inflation is fundamentally too much money relative to the amount of goods and services in the economy," Antoni told Fox News. "So, if you're just going to raise taxes, all you've done at that point is transfer money from one person to another, the taxpayer to the government."


Another social justice warrior that hates the Inflation Reduction act https://earthworks.org/releases/statement-on-inflation-reduction-act/


The simple fact that even social justice warriors HATE this bill should be truth enough that it should NOT pass EVER!!! But, Congress is owned by corporations, not the people who elected them….. Congress will do what best benefits corrupt corporations and puts cash in their pockets!!!










Thursday, July 28, 2022

What if......Someone Convicted of Murder was Actually Innocent?

 What if a convicted killer was actually innocent?

What if a love triangle is what got him sent away? What if the law never even knew that love triangle existed? Would it have made a difference in his case?

Let me explain......

My mother and the man who raised me were swingers back in the late 1960's. Back then your swinging life and your every day life did NOT intersect. My mother LOVED a man named John, but was dating Clyde. Mom's best friend from back then confirmed much of this, as did one of my Aunt's. None of what mom said to me made any sense until the other day when I was looking at her wedding rings again.....

I have known pretty much all my life that Clyde is NOT my biological father. A man name John is.... The ONLY man my mother truly loved. She was beyond obsessed with him...... But she could not be with him..... And back then, she could not allow anyone to know I was John's biological child.

In 1967 Clyde purchased the wedding set I now have. In 1967 he proposed to her and she turned him down. I know she turned him down because she told me she turned him down many times before finally giving in and marrying him. Getting married on Halloween was Mom's idea, she said it made her marriage more tolerable. But, her first rejection was in 1967 and that's when the murders began in Ypsilanti...... Clyde was a Free Mason and had a military background. Clyde had been a part of the original MK Ultra program in the 1950's while he was in the army. He had a friend, a black man who wore a big gold ring.....I cannot recall his name but he hung out a lot when I was little...... Mom swore to her dying day that John was innocent, that Clyde and the black man with the big gold ring committed the murders.....

What if she was telling the truth? It now makes sense. Clyde having been rejected because Mom was in love with John -- went about ridding himself of his rival by setting him up for a series of murders.... Clyde had the know how to do it.... He was angry enough..... As a child I recall arguments they had where Clyde would say "John's not here I am".  Another phrase Clyde used during these arguments was "After everything I've done for you Mary Jo." 

Once she left Clyde for a few months and rented the very apartment on Emmet St that John had lived in. I was about 4 years old and playing on the floor with the toys while Mom sat on the side of the bed. She had a far away look on her face when she said, "If only John could see you now." 

Mom knew way too much about John's family, his character and him. My mother lived on her love for John. I wrote to him two years ago. I mentioned only one place Mom had worked to see if he remembered. In his reply he said he "enjoyed the company of two waitresses", sealing her story that she and Linda had both slept around with John. I never told him that Mom and Linda had been practically inseparable back then. I never mentioned Linda in my letter to him at all. He also confirmed he had done this around the time she would have conceived me.

At first they laid 7 murders at John's feet, but decades later 1 was finally attributed to the real killer since it had not fit the "pattern" of the other 6. The brutality of each murder was an obvious exhibit of extreme anger. The fact that many of the victims bore a resemblance to Mom now makes perfect sense. Mom and Clyde had been inn that same wig shop on the same day as the last victim. Mom wore wigs a lot when I was a child. Even though the wig looked just like her real hair I never understood it. Neither Mom nor Clyde were EVER interviewed by the police during the investigation. 

Because Clyde never made his hatred of John known, Mom claimed they did all hang out a lot. It would not be beyond the scope of reason to think John might have asked Clyde to run over and feed his uncle's dogs that day.....

John was arrested in July of 1969 without ever knowing that Mom was pregnant. Clyde does the honorable thing and marries Mom. I was born January 1970, they married in October 1970. My entire childhood until Mom had Clyde institutionalized was listening to their fights that ALWAYS had the phrase - "John's not here Mary Jo, but I am." Clyde never had a real chance with her. She married him out of duty and honor, to give ME a father figure. In the late 60's and early 70's it was still looked down on to have a child out of wedlock.

Clyde's family never wanted anything to do with me. Not once do I recall ever getting a birthday card, Christmas card, present or even a phone call from ANYONE on Clyde's side of the family. It was always Mom who reached out to them until Clyde was institutionalized, then all communication with them stopped completely.  Clyde never gave me his last name, but  do recall them discussing it. Mom's family always treated me oddly, or I FELT it was different that the other cousin's were treated. Anytime I bring up my biological father it's like a forbidden topic. They all KNOW but no one will speak of it even though Mom is long dead, passed in 1999.

Mom was alienated from her own family and that is also a topic no one will speak of. I get a few little tidbits here and there but I think I understand why now. She was alienated because of ME, the child she conceived out of wedlock. After she institutionalize Clyde she also cut off nearly all communication with her own family. She never wanted ME reaching out to them either. It was like all of my life she tried to hide me.  When a girl was killed by a fellow student when I was in high school, Mom did not want my name in the paper or anything associated with the student strike. It was like she wanted me to be a ghost.

Growing up I always thought her obsession with John was a bit strange and her making me read everything about him, watch every time they spoke of him on TV...... It was obvious she was heartbroken when she saw his face on TV, she cried hard. She told me all sorts of stories about how things were back then..... Even as a 4 year old I KNEW they had dated..... But some of the first things I remember reading are True Detective and Homicide magazines - articles about John. She bought the book by Edward Keyes and made me read it. Every time he was on TV she would make me come in and watch it. 

A good friend once told me this was Mom's way of making me know my biological father the only way she could. 


But what if Clyde did set him up? There is one incident that I am sure John did not have the know how to do but Clyde did. It was when the police had the abandoned house staked out, it was raining, hard. The killer managed to sneak past the police, leave flowers on the path and get out without being seen AND without leaving any other evidence behind, not even shoe prints! Clyde had the military background to know how to do that. John was a college student studying Education. 

Mom also accused Clyde of something else. She claimed he molested me more than once. I have zero memory of that happening, but several therapists over the years said I had suffered a childhood trauma that I was actively blocking out. All of that would have occurred before I turned 8. I am 52 now and still in therapy. I was 8  when my sister was born, Clyde's biological daughter, his ONLY daughter. Clyde has several children, all boys until my sister was born. 

(More coming soon)

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

For Cortney Lewis # 2


More of your self righteous bullshit.......


You are blocking friends who you THINK ratted you out, all the while spilling your guts to the very one who ASKED me to go check on the animals......


You are moving into your Grandma's home after being EVICTED from your current place for non-payment of ANYTHING. This is only possible because your shit uncle forced your grandma into a nursing home against her will!!!! They keep her super sedated because she is demanding to know when she gets to go home.....


You got yourself a piece of shit man who knocked you up then wasn't good enough for you so you kicked him to the curb (or so the rumor goes). 


You are the one who decided to bring some of your animals to your grandma's house BEFORE you fully moved in...... You are the one who was griping on Facebook about how no one would give you a ride and the animals were probably dead.


Who sent that to me? The very one who asked me to go up and check on the animals...... Then you texted me stating you had left the animals for 3 DAYS in 100 degree + temperatures with no food or water....... It was your own text to me that sunk you.....

But somehow I am the bad guy for calling animal control to make sure those animals have welfare checks - because YOU cannot be responsible enough to ask for help from the closest people to the animals!!!!

YOU are the one at fault here. This is a situation YOU created by neglecting the animals.

YOU are the one who refused to pay rent where you currently are. YOU are the one who refused to pay other bills where you currently are. YOU being evicted has nothing to do with ME. YOU choosing to leave the "foster" mastiff on that hill with no food or water for 3 days is on you not ME.

Someone who used to live up on that hill showed me the post of you crying how the animals are most likely dead by now..... YOUR words not mine...... That someone asked me if I would go check on the animals...... So, when my work was done I did go check on them......

I took my dog food, Pedigree btw..... Took my chicken food...... and had to play treasure hunt to find something to carry water with AND put water for the dog...... You didn't thank me - not that I expected it..... Instead YOU play all high and mighty, never do wrong angel and the evil bitch called animal control on you.

WHAT did you expect? For me to use MY feed and make multiple trips up on the hill daily to care for animals that YOU could not find a ride to? Your sure got there when the animal control officer called and asked you to meet her!!! So, why was getting THAT ride any different than being able to go care for the animals????


Oh yeah..... Yer stressed can't get outta bed, your son is tearing up the house and you DGAF right? YOUR words in a post NOT MINE......


I do not know who you are "fostering" that mastiff for - but I would seriously LOVE to tell them how you left him with no food or water for 3 damn days!!!! I highly doubt you would ever foster again..... Is that the same mastiff that hurt Furbee? 


If you are so overwhelmed and cannot handle your own child WTH are you doing trying to foster a dog with special needs????? If no one will babysit for you NOW who the hell is gonna watch your son when you go into labor????


But somehow I am the evil bitch LMAO..... I will own that YES I called animal control. YES I showed them the post about dead animals AND your text that clearly stated you left the animals for 3 days in this heat with no food or water. YOUR OWN WORDS are what got your sorry ass in trouble.


Why the hell do people think that the CALLER is at fault? YOU created the situation I had no choice but to call about!!! You had already left the animals for 3 days - someone needed to do welfare checks on them because you certainly aren't responsible enough to handle those animals!!!


So, grow the fuck up and stop acting like the father you claim to hate so much!!! You ARE your father's daughter that's for damn sure!!!!


It's called having responsibilities. It's called being a parent. If you cannot not handle it then give the kid and the animal to someone who fucking can and will!!!


(more later)












Saturday, July 23, 2022

Frustrating Bullshit......

Before anyone takes this post literally I am NOT naming names!!! This post is deliberately meant to be in general - naming no one - so do not get your panties in a bunch over it because I am not going to deal with your guilty, offended ass over a post that was not directed at you!!! As you know from previous posts, if I mean a post about you I will name you. So, if your name does not appear then stop feeling self important and all offended because, like I said - this post is IN GENERAL and names no one!!!! AND if you choose to be all offended then don't mention it to me or bring that drama in my home.

I am by far not perfect but I work hard to do what the good Lord wants me to. I do my best to pay things forward and share when I have the means to. But, there comes a point when it is no longer sharing, it is enabling.....

I am going to share a few examples of this "sharing" that frustrate the hell out of me. 

1. When a person visits my home and helps themselves to MY things and then claims it belongs to them. There are some people who pull this shit every chance they get and it's usually over low dollar items. The latest example of this occurring was  over a dollar store bottle of peroxide - to which I had proof of purchase, but this person threw a hissy fit that it belonged to them. I had one bottle and only one bottle in my bathroom cabinet and this person laid claim to it. Because it turned into a shit show over a 99 cent item I gave it to them. This person also helps themselves to my semi expensive chapsticks too. I can purchase a 3 pack, put it on my desk, this person will visit and after they leave I no longer have chapstick - but amazingly  they have the exact chapsticks that had been laying on my desk and are now gone. This is somewhat petty, but it costs me to replace these items that I have already paid for once because someone else felt they needed them more than I did. 

When a person like this does something for you - even if it is only once - they will throw it in your face constantly trying to guilt you into helping them. They cannot / will not remember the fifty thousand things you have done for them. In their eyes the one time they helped you is a debt that cannot never be repaid. You will owe them the rest of your life. 

A person like this also loves to volunteer you for things and then gets upset when you will not do them. They will swear you gave YOUR word when it was them who gave their word that you would do it and most of the time you have no idea they have even volunteered you for whatever it was until they get pissed that you haven't been doing it!!! I have zero obligation to fulfill any obligation that I personally did NOT give my word on and that person has zero right to be upset that I am not doing shit they volunteered me for!!!!

A person like this has the mindset that what's theirs is theirs and what's YOURS is theirs. They will point at something and try  to lay claim to it even thought the item belongs to you and you can prove it, or they gave it to you for helping them out. They conveniently forget what you did and that they gave the item to you because they have decided they want it back, or they want to throw it in your face that they gave it to you. AA person like this will gripe and bitch over this until you get so frustrated you give in and give the item back. However, it is never enough to return the item they ALWAYS want more. 

A person like this blames their circumstances on everyone except themselves. A person like this believes everyone owes them but fails to see how much others have done for them. This type of person is also incapable of EVER apologizing, even when they know they are wrong. 

This type of person "borrows" things and never returns them. When you ask for the item back they swear it belongs to them and that they purchased it or that someone else gave it to them.

This type of person also thinks they are the smartest person in the room and that you are not capable of thinking / doing things for yourself. This type of person does NOT have their own home in order but wants to control your home and how you do things! This type of person cannot accept that their way of doing something is not always the best way and gets pissed when you do things your way.

(There is more to this type of person and I will make another post later to go into more detail)

2. Person type #2 - This type of person cannot budget their own money and expects others to bail them out EVERY month. This type of person may / may not have pets they do not bother to properly budget for and expect others to support those pets due to their own bad budgeting decisions. This type of person refuses to understand that others are not responsible to support the pets they have chosen to have and will not budget for. This type of person even gets upset at you for telling them no when they ask you to help support their pets.

This type of person also cannot / will not purchase their own essential items - personals, first aid needs, dishes, etc.... They ask - Do you have?....... When you tell them, yes I have it and I will help THIS time but you must purchase your own when you get paid they get upset. This type of person will borrow dishes and after a few days - bring SOME back, not all and then claim they have none of your dishes that they brought them all back. 

This type of person spends all of their income and then expects you to help carry them without ever offering to repay, or if they do offer when it comes time to they have overspent and cannot repay - leaving you in a hard spot. 

This is the type of person a story called "The Ant and The Grasshopper" was written about. 

(More on this type later too.....)

Friday, July 22, 2022

The Weird Spread of Monkeypox....

 So this is how monkeypox spreads.....

Monkeypox spreads in different ways. The virus can spread from person-to-person through:

  • direct contact with the infectious rash, scabs, or body fluids
  • respiratory secretions during prolonged, face-to-face contact, or during intimate physical contact, such as kissing, cuddling, or sex
  • touching items (such as clothing or linens) that previously touched the infectious rash or body fluids
  • pregnant people can spread the virus to their fetus through the placenta

It’s also possible for people to get monkeypox from infected animals, either by being scratched or bitten by the animal or by preparing or eating meat or using products from an infected animal.


That is according to the cdc website



 Obviously all of the cases in the U.S. do NOT have direct connections to each other, and it is highly unlikely they have ingested meat from an infected animal..... So, please tell me precisely HOW monkeypox is in nearly EVERY single state????


When a disease has such limited means of spreading - yet ends up in so many places - the ONLY logical conclusion is they have spread it on purpose!!!!







Saturday, July 16, 2022

A Rant About Friends Who Try to Micromanage Everyone


Just some random shit that has been on my mind……



I have a friend that thinks she has to micromanage everything – even things that are not hers to micromanage. It is beyond annoying and uncalled for. She stayed with me for a few weeks and took my pup’s pee pads to carpet the floors from one end of the camper to the other. I told her not to that there is no money to buy more. She went through a pack of 100 pee pads in about 10 days. Then she bitched because we had to dip into the ones she had packed away. I told her we wouldn’t have had to use the ones she had packed away if she wasn’t so lazy that she carpeted the floor instead of sweeping. A pack of 100 pee pads normally lasts me 6 weeks. I can stretch it out to 2 full months. This friend used an entire pack of 100 pee pads in 10 days because where she lived before she did the same thing. Too lazy to sweep or mop she used pee pads instead. But she never had to BUY any. Hospice was providing them….. At my house I have to buy them and I live on a strict budget. Now she has 3 or 4 packs left in what she had packed away because she used all of mine even though she was told not to.

This friend also uses speed occasionally – to the point though that it has affected her ability to actually listen.


Nearly 3 years ago I ended up with a dog from the property she lived on. It was NOT her dog, although she did care for him for a long time. Under her care this dog was chained on a SHORT chain with very little freedom. His shelter was a 3-sided pig shelter that was NOT weatherized. She blamed others on the property for this yet claimed she was the only one who took care of him. His name is Spike and he is a pit bull.


She sent me pictures of his “shelter” and filthy water. He never had toys. He loves empty coffee cans though. Spike is roughly 11 years old, maybe a little older. He spent around 8 years on that short ass chain in that sorry so-called pig shelter. She did have kennels. She had plenty of options to house him better. But she never did because he was NOT her dog and the owner forced her to keep him that way, so she says.


It took me a bit to build him a good kennel. Doing so I suffered a semi major injury too. I made the kennel large enough for him to jog around, have plenty of shade and heat / cool areas and even have his swimming pool. Spike had never had a spot this large before. I have even gathered MORE supplies to enlarge his spot. I have him with Rosa (both have been spayed / neutered). She never got Spike neutered nor had he EVER seen a vet!!! I did that for him.


I walk him nightly in the summer and during the day in the cold weather. When I injured my foot in November I wasn’t able to do our nightly walks, and now that I am healed from the surgery I have resumed them. She never sees me doing this because she doesn’t care to pay attention. But she wants to gripe that he never gets to go out on a “run”. According to her I should have a dog run set up.


This friend has ZERO idea of the plans I have been working on. She has ZERO idea of the people I have consulted with about fencing in ½ acre for the dogs or building a catio large enough to suit me. This friend thinks she is the only one who has any idea how to care for an animal, yet so many have DIED on her watch and she rarely bothered to take them to a vet when they got sick!

Today I was asking this friend for some advice, support and ideas. She heard none of what I was asking and began trying to micromanage my animals. In her view I should NOT have cats because I am not equipped for them. I should not have dogs for the same reason – and she thinks the chickens need to go. She is one to talk since she has ZERO cash income and does have a dog – had several dogs up until last year. Her camper was far smaller than mine and ALL of her kennels were far smaller than the one I built.


This friend has done nothing but shit talk about the way I care for Spike. I believe it’s because she NEVER cared for him as well as I do. She never took him on walks while he spent YEARS on a 9-foot chain. She never gave him a swimming pool to cool off with in the summer. Oddly he hates fresh water and won’t jump in until it has a little green in it. I discovered this in 2020 when I got busy with another project and forgot to dump the pool for a few days. I watched Spike having a blast in it – because it smelled like a lake!!!!This friend demands that I keep BLEACH in water Spike is gonna drink and immerse himself in!!! I will not do that it is not safe for an animal to drink water with clorax in it! Yes I wash the bowls with bleach water – but the chemicals are thoroughly rinsed before the animals use the items!!!!


This friend has this issue that nothing you do will be good enough to suit her and she makes damn sure you understand that. She has a reputation in the dog world around here. How I care for Spike can damage her rep!!! How precisely because he is NOT her dog and never was?!?! Maybe the pix of how SHE cared for him??? Even though Spike belonged to Andy, this friend makes it clear SHE was the one caring for Spike all those years. So, Spike being in the summer heat on a 9-foot chain without adequate shelter is on HER then. Spike always having nasty water (as depicted in the pix she sent) and never having enough food is on HER – since she insists she was the one caring for Spike all those years.


I am not perfect. But I busted my ass to build him a large kennel he could get enough exercise in and have the freedom he never had before. I literally ripped my right nipple in half building that kennel. It tore out one of my nipple rings. I did build that kennel all by myself – without help or input from this friend. The first part of the kennel that I built was a wind break. We have crazy wind here in the high desert and I wanted the kennel to be protected from the hard winds. Once the kennel was assembled I also insulted it with old tires on 2 and a half sides! Oddly in the corner where the dog houses are it is cooler in the summer than inside my camper with the air conditioner going!!!! It isn’t pretty that’s for sure, but it IS better than any kennel she has ever set up!


She doesn’t like the wind break or the temporary roof. She cannot grasp that once I get the rest of it finished Spike will have a bare minimum of half an acre to enjoy safely. I am driven to do this for him because of what he suffered under HER care!!!! Yet she loves to try to micromanage and tell me (and others) how we should care for our animals. I do not see her out here helping with the projects for the animals!!! All she does is run her mouth about it.


I hung up on her this morning because of this. She is driving away everyone who actually cares about her with her micromanaging shit she has no part of. Although she supposedly cared for Spike all those years – she has no idea what his likes and dislikes are. She has no idea what his favorite food or snack is. She has no idea where his favorite spot to be scratched is. I know all these things. She has no idea where his favorite spot to sleep is or how he likes to sleep. I know all these things. Yet she wants to tell me what I should or should not do. I do what Spike likes me to do, not what SHE thinks I should do.


I do what makes Spike happy and that is what’s important. Whether or not it meets her standards is not important and I am really getting sick of hearing it. If anything I was doing was wrong the numerous cops who have been out here would have had animal control all over me. Yes, MANY cops have seen Spike’s living situation due to the bad renter I had and the numerous times the cops were called out here over his bullshit. The cops have seen Spike’s kennel, seen his food and water, seen his swimming pool – even though that is not what they had been called out on. Because we had to walk right past the kennel to deal with the bad renter is why so many cops saw it. They also saw the supplies I have been gathering to enlarge the kennel. Most of them commented how lucky Spike was because many dogs do not have that much care or dedication from their owners.


I am just not sure how to get this friend to shut the hell up with the micromanaging shit and shut the hell up about Spike’s care. He is better cared for now than he has ever been in his entire life – especially when she was caring for him. Her jealousy on that is quite obvious.


The other thing she wants to micromanage is my cats. My spoiled rotten furballs that are ALL spayed / neutered finally! Every dog / cat here has seen the vet and has a clean bill of health – with 2 exceptions. JellyBean and Sister. Both are vet cared for but both have dental issues that I am fundraising for since there is no financial assistance for dental care. JellyBean has dental disease and needs more extractions. Sister has an auto immune disorder that attacks the plaque build up on her teeth. Both are under vet care for their issues!!!! I have the paperwork to prove that!!!


This friend helped out my animals when I was in jail. She acts like she was so perfect for doing that. What she will not say is that she never bothered to clean up the kitten poo when she came over to feed and water them. I was in for about 6 weeks. I came home to kitten poo from one end of my camper to the other. This is NOT healthy for any animal and it took me a WEEK to clean everything up!!! This friend also helped herself to my pet first aid kit and foster supply kit. She depleted the entire kits. It took me over a year to restock them and I still haven’t replaced some of what I had!!


That is how SHE cares for animals, yet she thinks her way is the best and nothing I do will suit her.


I have spent the last 2 and a half years gathering materials. My yard looks like something exploded in it lol. But I now have materials to begin projects for the ANIMALS – not for myself. I even have an automatic water bowl to set up for the dogs on their own water tank!!! Because of my foot injury and then foot surgery, projects got put on hold. Now it’s way too hot to do them so as soon as the weather cools off the projects will get started.


I have even found a way to put a USB fan in for the dogs, and in the catio! So, while she sits fretting about things that do not concern her I have been researching and planning, gathering materials and prepping projects. I have consulted friends who are willing to help me with things I am not physically able to do.


Why is this bugging me? Because every time she and I talk this is what comes up. Literally every single time….. Yet she does not want to help with any of the projects….. Hell when she was moving she didn’t want to help load or unload but she constantly bitched about how shit was done!!! I arranged the help and when it came time to load, she disappeared. We yelled for her, we called her and got no reply. When the helper moved the RV she was not out there helping us. But all she does is gripe about how things were done.


I am just sick of listening to it. Sick of her thinking she is the only one who knows how to do shit. Look where her way has gotten her!!!


Anyways, I need to get kittens prepped to return to Dawn so they can be spayed / neutered and adopted out. I also have some housework to attend to….. It is almost 4 a.m. and I have gotten nothing done except a bit a research! Maybe I need the slow time to get my head on straight!