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Friday, January 27, 2023

Tyre Nichols police video: Memphis Police body cam footage - All 4 videos

Ok phew! Watching this I have more questions than answers.....

First - where is the footage that led up to the need for 3 cop cars to surround Tyre's car before they pulled him out? Obviously there was contact prior to the part where they pulled him out of the car - so where is that footage??? I want to know what led up to the police needing 3 cop cars to box him in BEFORE pulling him out of the car.

Second - where is Tyre tox screen? More than one officer recognizes the kid is "high as a kite" - it is obvious he is on something. I suspect meth or PCP - not a fatal level though. I want to see the tox screen (it does not excuse what happened, but it contributed to it)

Third - Every incident I see like this has common factors. Due to the drugs it makes the person fight the cops EVERY time. It does not excuse excessive force - but keep in mind that people KNOW our society right now and what the drugs do and they choose to use them anyways. I literally lost count of how many times I heard "get on the ground", "give me your hands" and other very simple commands. The drug use is why people cannot comply with such simple commands.

Fourth - there is NEVER an excuse for an officer to ball up his fist and strike a suspect - EVER! Nor is there an excuse for officers to kick suspects with their steel toed boots EVER! I will be following the trial for this and blogging about it.

Fifth - When will people realize the suspect DOES have some responsibility in situations like this, when drug use is a factor? Tyre had a drug problem this is evident in his photos. Tyre chose to use the substance that made him confused and made him resist. The drugs made Tyre NOT comply with simple commands from the officers. Tyre chose the drugs that ultimately caused his death. But his drug intoxication did NOT give the officers the right to beat him to a pulp.

Sadly, this is the same thing I see over and over in such videos. Failure to comply with the simple commands leads to a suspects death. It is NOT hard to follow the commands. I get ripped for being a white woman describing my own traffic stops (the few I have had). I watch the raw videos on many Youtube channels that audit the police. I have seen well over 1,000 hours of raw body cam.

Tyre, like many other suspects would still be alive today IF he had initially complied with the officers when they first stopped him. This is the sad truth. Drugs made him do what he did, but there is no excuse for what the officers did in this particular situation!

I hear how cops need more training to avoid stuff like this..... MAYBE we should train people to do what the officer says. When an officer says put your hands behind you back (which ever command they give) - MAYBE people should do it instead of taking off, driving off, resisting, arguing etc. How many would still be alive IF they had followed simple commands? We will never know because every day there are situations like this where the drugs make a person noncompliant.

How did I deduce that Tyre was high? No, I did not take the officers word for it. I saw it. How many times was he pepper sprayed and it did not phase him? How many times was he tazed and he didn't even flinch? These things should have incapacitated him and they didn't even slow him down! I would guess meth or PCP but I will wait for the tox screen to be released.

I am disappointed that the full video was not released though. What happened before they made the stop where they pulled him out of the car??? That part is important too!!!!