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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Blaze Thall- Always Someone Else's Fault

But it's always somebody else's fault right?

Blaze no longer lives at any of the places in this article and the people who do are innocent in this situation

I get so sick and tired of people who try to say it's always somebody else's fault in this case the only common denominator in every single one of these complaints is blaze himself

He even went so far as to try and accuse and upstanding member of the community in desert Hot springs of committing arson when the fire was obviously not arson

Blaze lashes out anybody who calls him out over his bullshit and you can bet not a single one of these fines has been paid

There is apparently over a decade of history between him and animal control for the same types of complaints dogs kept in cages dogs malnourished but somehow he always tries to blame the woman in his life it's all their fault how could so many different women be responsible for the exact same types of complaints with animal control

His friend Jennifer said she has never seen him with as many animals as he had jadeite well it's definitely documented here that he obviously had quite a few more in the past than he had on October 10th of 2023

So either she's lying or he lied to her

In one article it said they were over 40 calls to the desert hot springs location why look at the complaints that the article listed they are the exact same complaints that were listed for the jadeite address

At what point is the law going to step in and protect animals in the future from the hands of a person who puts the animals in such danger and neglectful conditions

But here's the thing in each of these incidents there was a woman involved be it a girlfriend or a friend and he goes on a campaign against the woman trying to make everybody think it was her fault and sadly people actually believe him without doing any research

Presently he is trying to accuse me and the new board of directors of stealing his rescue from him when he clearly begged us to save his rescue and its reputation after the incident at jadeite Street where 18 dogs were taken into custody by animal control

At the time which was October 10th 2023 we thought we were supposed to salvage the rescue from the damage animal control had done to it went in reality it became apparent we needed to protect the rescue from him

Things were so bad prior to October that one of the customers of the rescue actually filed a restraining order against blaze and it was granted

Blaze wanted the dog back he also accused another of stealing a dog that he was going to drive by her house and grab the dog and then there was another dog out that he was demanding the return of he obviously cannot let go of the animals he takes under his roof

Just do a Google search on his name it's that simple

Instead of blindly listening to what he's telling people do a Google search on his name



Seven puppies, three cats die in fire at DHS house

Anna Rumer
The Desert Sun

Seven puppies died Saturday afternoon in a Desert Hot Springs house fire that started at a home well-known to Riverside County Animal Services, according to spokesman John Welsh.


CalFire responded to the 65-000 block of Hacienda Avenue at 2:22 p.m., after a fire sparked in the home's attic. Firefighters were able to contain the fire quickly and had completely extinguished it within the hour, according to CalFire.

Riverside County Animal Control was originally called in to help treat eight dogs that were believed to have suffered smoke inhalation.

Although CalFire originally reported that none of the animals had died in the fire, Welsh confirmed that seven puppies that had been in a back room of the house died as did three cats. One cat has yet to be located.

Animal Services had been out to that house more than 40 times in the last couple of years, Welsh said, fining the owner thousands of dollars during that period of time because the man continually failed to get a license to have that many animals living in his house.

Officers took at least 11 more dogs into their custody Saturday afternoon after the fire, Welsh said.


DESERT HOT SPRINGS: Seven puppies, three cats die in fire (UPDATE)

Press-Enterprise breaking news reporter Ali Tadayon in Riverside on Monday, March 23, 2015. ORG XMIT: RIV1503231213141239

A house fire Saturday, Feb. 6, in Desert Hot Springs killed seven puppies and three cats, authorities said.

Eleven dogs survived the fire, which occurred about 2:20 p.m. in the 65000 block of Hacienda Avenue, according to a Riverside County Animal Services news release. Authorities said they were “familiar” with the property where the fire occurred, since the owner has been “cited repeatedly for failing to have a proper kennel” for the dogs.

Animal Services officers never knew just how many dogs were in the single family, single story home, since the owner would not let them in, the news release said. The puppies that died were being kept in a back room.

Over time, the property owner racked up thousands of dollars in penalties for not securing a proper kennel for the dogs, the news release said.

“The owner has consistently failed to provide the animals with what we would describe as proper housing,” Animal Services authorities said.

The surviving animals were transported to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms where they will be treated and cared for until “a disposition is reached with the owner.”

The fire was quickly put out by firefighters and no people were injured, Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department authorities said.


Animals Perish in Fire at Desert Hot Springs Property

February 6, 2016

Riverside County Animal Services responded to a Desert Hot Springs property Saturday afternoon (Feb. 6) after receiving a call from the Riverside County Fire Department/CAL Fire.
Several animals perished as a result of the fire at a house located in the 65000 block of Hacienda Avenue. It is believed the animals died due to smoke inhalation.
Seven dogs, all described as puppies that were being kept in a back room, died. Three cats also died.
One cat was unaccounted for, according to the owner.
Eleven dogs survived, thanks to the fast-acting efforts of Riverside County firefighters. The dogs were released to a front, enclosed yard where they were a safe distance from the fire.
Thirteen firefighters battled the fire, which was contained to the attic of the house. Firefighters were notified shortly after 2:20 p.m. and responded within minutes. It took them roughly 15 minutes to contain the fire.
The property is a familiar location for Riverside County Animal Services officers. The property owner has been cited repeatedly for failing to have a proper kennel. Riverside County officers have not been allowed inside the house where most of the dogs have been kept. It was never known exactly how many dogs the man owned. Despite thousands of dollars in penalties, the owner has consistently failed to secure a kennel permit or a provide the animals with what we would describe as proper housing.
The surviving dogs were loaded up by Riverside County Animal Services officers and transported to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms. The animals will be examined by veterinary staff members and cared for until a disposition is reached with the owner.
We may send, in a follow-up e-mail, some photos of the dogs we impounded. Those photos are pending.
A link with further information is available at Riverside County Fire Department's incidents page.


Seven Dogs, Three Cats Killed In Desert Hot Springs House Fire

The property owner was previously fined for running an unlicensed and unsafe kennel, officials said.

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA - Seven dogs and three cats were killed in a fire at a house where the county said owner had been repeatedly fined for running an unlicensed and unsafe kennel.

The fire began at 2:22 p.m. Saturday in the 65000 block of Hacienda Avenue in Desert Hot Springs, and was put out at 2:45 p.m. It was contained to the home’s attic.

During that time, eleven dogs were released to the front, enclosed yard at a safe distance from the fire.

However, seven puppies that were being kept in a back room died, said spokesman John Welsh of the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. Three cats also died and one cat remained unaccounted for.

The homeowner was not injured and he declined assistance from the American Red Cross.

The surviving dogs were taken to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms, where they will be treated by veterinary staff until a disposition is reached with the owner, Welsh said. The house was “a familiar location for Riverside County Animal Services officers,’’ Welsh said, as the owner had been cited repeatedly, accruing “thousands of dollars in penalties’’ for not having a kennel permit or proper housing for the animals.

Welsh said that Animal Services had not been allowed into the house in the past, where most of the dogs were kept and it was never known until Saturday exactly how many dogs the man owned.

The Riverside County Fire Department originally reported that eight dogs had suffered smoke inhalation and that seventeen dogs and two cats were displaced by the fire.


These are pictures of the bedroom just one bedroom after the crates and cages were removed at the jadeite location

Yes that is dog shit on the wall and we measured it it literally goes 6 ft up the wall

And keep in mind blaze brought the rescue into this house blaze was the primary caretaker of the dogs

Blaze kept taking dogs in without adopting dogs out

And I can bet at other locations that he was at he left it looking similar to this

So if he's trying to shack up with you you might want to do your research before you open your door to him

Thursday, October 12, 2023

hhbr research


Blaze Thall, owner of Hooks Home Bound Rescue, said it wasn’t just his home that burned in a fire in Desert Hot Springs Saturday, but it also belonged to dozens of rescue animals he housed there.

Seven puppies and four cats died, but firefighters saved 11 other dogs. They’re now at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms and Thall wants them back.

John Welsh, spokesperson for the Riverside Count Dept. of Animal Services said animal control officers are very familiar with Thall. They’ve responded to dozens of complaints that he had too many dogs without a proper kennel permit.

“For many years this particular person has been in violation with the law. He has faced thousands of dollars in citation penalties,” said Welsh.

However, the county couldn’t just take the animals away.

“These dogs were fairly healthy dogs so this doesn’t give us the ability to swoop in and take someone’s dogs,” said Welsh.

Thall said Monday he planned to relocate the animals, but then the fire happened and he believed it didn’t start by accident.

“Somebody got wind I am moving and did this to this house with the puppies in it,” said Thall.

Thall is now trying to raise money to pay the impound fees for the surviving dogs.

Animal services said he can sign the animals over to the county, to another rescue group or prove the dogs will get a safe and legal place to live.

“They’re his property. It’s just a matter of working the process to get them back to him,” said Welsh.

We asked where Thall plans to move the dogs if or when he gets the back.

“They’re going to a safe place. I can’t say because of the haters, because of the stalkers, because of everything else,” said Thall.

CAL Fire said the flames sparked in the attic and the fire is still under investigation.

Stay with CBS Local 2 and News Channel 3 for updates on this developing story.


This rescue exists online only, as they are not a real 501 c 3 charity, yet they continue to solicit donations for animals and even people's personal issues while saying they have a real 501 c 3 backing them.  They refuse to reveal who this 501 c 3 is.  They are not reporting any of the monies they collect as income to the State of California or to the I.R.S.  They are not using all of the funds collected for their intended purpose either.  This rescue is ran by Roberta Lynne Dickens and Blaze Mitchell Thall with help of Suzette Cumberland, Bridget Sherman, Toni Reynolds, and some others.  

Blaze and Lynne take in dogs without the proper funds, then beg for funds while the dogs suffer and even die because they are having to go without the needed medical care. Instead of working, they choose to use animals to support themselves. In addition, they continue to harass and threaten anyone who asks questions of them.....questions that any legit rescue would answer.  

Since they are acting as a rescue, they should be able to provide all financials yet they are not doing this either.  They just collected over $500 for one of their friends and are still asking for money on it and it has all been paid via their "rescue's" pay pal account.  Blaze and Lynne have also used rescue funds and admitted to it, to get their personal animals spayed/neutered and shots (I'm guessing because animal control told them too, but that still leaves many of their "rescue" animals without vetting).  Animal control has also been out and cited them for being over their pet limit.  Last time I checked they had 16 dogs in their care!  

Please help us by shutting down this fake rescue and getting all the animals in their care away from them before anymore get sick and die.  Please hold them accountable legally and criminally.

Here is a link to some more info on this rescue.http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Hooks-Home-Bound-Rescue/Desert-Hot-Springs-California/Hooks-Home-Bound-Rescue-Blaze-Mitchell-Thall-Roberta-Lynne-Dickens-Blaze-Thall-Lynne-D-1171812

For more information and witnesses, authorities can email petadvocacyproject@yahoo.com 


Their "Contract to Foster to Adopt" is absolutely ABSURD! 

They claim the pet is their property for 30 days, then after that, it's yours.  BULLSHIT.

Their second contract after 30 days said the dog was STILL theirs... AND that I had to report back to them every 30, 60, 90, 180, and 360 days to prove that I was a good parent to my dog.  F-THEM!

Does any reputable animal rescue have a 20 page contract that gives them permission to do background checks, talk to your employers and coworkers, your neighbors, and accuse you of all kinds of crap?  HECK NO!

I'm filing suit in Riverside County Superior Court tonight.  Not small claims.  Full on Superior Court where Blaze will have to hire an attorney to represent the 501(c)(3) charitable organization, a California corporation.

Watch out, Blaze.  Here I come.  You'll regret threatening to take my dog away from me!  I'm looking forward to standing before the judge and accusing you of all the s**t you've pulled.

Oh, wait, you might not get to stay standing in front of the judge once the Baliff realizes you're WANTED for FOUR outstanding WARRANTS for your ARREST in San Bernardino County.

And how would it be plausible for the head of a legitimate animal rescue to have been subject to a court order restraining him from a woman, her three kids, and his SIX DOGS, including removing all guns from his possession?  OUTRAGEOUS!

(FAMMS1700747, San Bernardino County Superior Court, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE protective order, 12/20/2017.)

And if that wasn't enough, Blaze filed FIVE domestic violence protective orders AGAINST his various girlfriends over the years and claimed HE was the injured party!  Against FIVE WOMEN?!?

Or, how about the claim you made against Anthony McClellan to take his dogs and guns away from him?

You are a perfect example of a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT...  one who files multiple pieces of litigation without legal merit or with intent to harass.  I suspect you'd make the perfect poster child. 

I hope it's your MUG SHOT someday.  I'll do everything in my power to make that happen.

Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on Hooks Home Bound Rescue, Inc.



Hooks Home Bound Rescue Blaze Mitchell Thall, Roberta Lynne Dickens, Blaze Thall, Lynne Dickens, Forever homeward bound rescue. Hooks Hounds and Hisses, Hooks Home Bound Rescue fraud, animal abuse, animal cruelty, dogs dying, dogs not vetted, dogs dying, fake animal rescue, rescue scam Desert Hot Springs California

*General Comment: Hooks Home Bound Rescue, Inc. *IS* a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation registered in California

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: False Ripoff report

*REBUTTAL Individual responds: Defaming my name and reputation in unacceptable

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: rebuttal to katie lies

*Consumer Comment: Rebuttal to Katie Brynelsen's Falsities

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Don't give advice if you don't know what you are talking about!

*Author of original report: Please sign and share this petition to get them investigated and charged

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: More Lies on this report

*Author of original report: let me address the lies and help by reporting them to the IRS

*Author of original report: Lynne and Blaze are liars, scammers, and abusers

*REBUTTAL Owner of company: Hooks Home Bound Rescue


Saturday, September 9, 2023

Sad Truths About Our World - Babylon is Falling

 I am 53 years old and school still taught the ugly truth about history when I was a kid, even when I attended college.

I keep hearing about how "white washed" history is, well it wouldn't be that way except a recent movement calling pretty much anything taught in public schools racist. So, editors began editing text books to appease the woke offended generation.

After watching what happened in Maui, I am disgusted by our government's handling of many things. I have been disgusted for a while. I have made posts here on this blog, but today I am sitting here wondering where all the children are that are missing from Maui. 

How our government does things is NOT how things should be!!! On that I agree. They have done things the average citizen would never have approved of IF they had known it was to happen.

Let me give you an example. Africa and their natural resources to start with. Who the hell gave our government the authority to go over there and STEAL those resources without proper compensation to the people who owned the land and the resources?!?!? We have been doing it for decades now and I am so proud of the African people standing up and taking those resources back! What does that mean for us? It means certain resources such as gold, cobalt, lithium and other materials will be hard to get for a while. ALL are needed to make electric car batteries, cell phone batteries etc.....

Our government isn't the only one who has gone into other countries and stolen resources. China has too, as has Russia and other powerful nations. But, the United States has been the worst of the bunch in compensating the rightful owners of those resources! 

I love that Africa is standing up and saying NO MORE! I also think since the country I love so much exploited Africa we should train the people to refine those resources and help them build facilities to do so. But of course, our government doesn't want them in control of such things. 

Therein lies the issue - CONTROL. 

With our government it has never been about the people, not for over 100 years. It has been about control and power. 

When this country was founded it was done on the premise to take the power away from politicians and give it to the people. Now, politicians have found ways to take the power away from the people and enrich themselves while the people suffer, as well as other countries such as Africa whom our government exploited for the natural resources. 

The people who traveled to America did so wanting a better life.. A life free of oppression, discrimination and control. Unfortunately, we have gotten away from what our fore fathers had hoped to establish, the grand experiment is in danger of failing miserably and only we the people can stop it.

Our government KNOWS that we can stop it and this is why they seek to revoke the 2nd amendment and create division among the people. If we are divided against each other we cannot stand against them. 

Right now people are literally fighting over what race existed first. WHO CARES? We are all one race - the human race and we should not be fighting among ourselves!

Those in power have been corrupted by their position. And we have allowed it to happen.  :(

As I said before it is not just America, but the EU that has exploited the less fortunate for tax money in order to exploit other countries for their riches to their own financial benefit. 

We speak of equity, inclusion and fairness, but what would be fair is to confiscate the wealth of those who financially benefited from the exploitation and distribute it to the land owners and workers that were exploited, and reimburse the tax payers for the tax money they stole to exploit other countries and workers. THAT would be fair and equitable!

Although many people hate Trump, he said one thing important..... FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! Money leaves a paper trail that leads right back to our corrupt government and "elected" officials. I say "elected" because ever since we have been forced to use mail in ballots and absentee ballots there has NOT been a free and fair election. 

Politicians now purchase their "elected"position by paying off political action committees and non profits to stuff ballot boxes for them. We the people have little say in who is actually elected. Sadly, the higher the position the farther back the bloodlines can be traced to the very monarchy we tried to avoid when we penned the Declaration of Independence. Our constitution matters little now because there are so many amendments that cancel each other out, no "law" can be interpreted in a logical manner anymore.

Putin has one thing right though. We need to get back into some moral living. Honor the family unit, stop pushing wicked agendas on children and stop exploiting other countries! I do agree with him on those points. There are American's who are fed up with what is going on, like Putin and we want it to stop. We see the destruction of this wonderful country coming from within. 

What is it that House of the Dragon said? The only ones who could destroy the Targaryn's are the Targaryn's themselves? Dance of the Dragons is quite enlightening..... America was once a powerful and feared nation...... Now we are nothing more than Sodom itself..... Our fate will be of the same if we do not fix things soon!

The entire EU has gotten on the "woke" agenda and each passing day loses more of what matters. America is falling. Mighty Babylon is falling and her cries are that of tormented souls trapped within the walls and no way out. 

People wonder what Babylon in the book of Revelation refers to. It is NOT a specific nation or country. Babylon in the book of Revelation refers to the false religion. Babylon - root word - Babble - means jibberish. The false religion has turned the true word of God into jibberish. Look at churches today..... They no longer speak the true word of God, they preach acceptance of the woke agenda within the walls of the tabernacle! 

This is why I do not participate in commercial religion. Jesus went inside the temple ONE time. He went with a whip and chased the money changers because they were perverting the holiness of the temple. Why did he do this only  once? He set an example. THINK.... Where did Jesus speak and teach in His ministry? On the roadside, the river banks and sitting under trees. Not once did Jesus, or any other true prophet teach in a formal church or temple. WHY NOT? Because they have become the home of the false prophet, the seat of Babylon itself.

If you want to know what true jibberish is simply watch committee hearings where those in the woke agenda are being asked very simple questions. Either they do not know how to answer or they refuse to answer, but they offer meaningless word salads that sound good to the ears, except for those who are awake..... We see what they are doing and it disgusts us.

Revelations Chapter 17 - 18 have something VERY important that is happening right now. He is crying out - "Come out of her My people,be not partakers of her iniquities"...... This does not mean a specific country or city..... He means the commercial church!!! We are watching the fall of commercial religion NOW. This is Babylon the Great of the Book of Revelation. 

The Lord wants His people far from the commercial church when it falls or else they will go down with it. It really is that simple.

Ever hear the saying to see evil and do nothing enables it? We have laws that state if a person is with friends and those friends kill someone, the one who was outside and did nothing can still be charged with murder and spend the rest of their life in prison. It is the same when He says get out of her My people. Stop enabling the evil and deception! 

Eating the fruit of the corrupt tree shall corrupt the entire soul. Each time you participate in commercial religion a little more of your soul is given to Babylon of Revelation......

We do not enable bad behavior of our children and we should not enable bad behavior of what is supposed to be His church!!!

But, we also know Babylon will fall and we will see it with our own eyes.We know it will take great nations down with it. This has been foretold and shall come to pass. It must happen in order to set things right in this world. We have exploited and destroyed the very planet we were put here to take care of.

I ask on my radio show if anyone knows what the first true profession in the Bible is. EVERYONE answers prostitution. Everyone is 100% wrong. Adam and Eve were set as CARETAKERS of everything. So being a caretaker was the first official profession in the Bible. We have fallen far short of that profession!

We have polluted the airs and waters, destroyed forests and soils, made this planet BARELY inhabitable and now no one cares enough to work to properly fix it. Politicians will ride whichever wave pays them the most,even if it further destroys this planet under a guise of their Green agenda...... Smart cities are not a fix for the damage we have done. They will only further the damage and destroy the people.

Each of us needs to be an example. Research why things were done certain ways 1,000 years ago. Educate ourselves away from the public education system - they seek to indoctrinate NOT educate!!! The public education system functions to make servants out of each child who participates in it. This is why the Ten Commandments were removed, it is why prayer was forbidden...... Indoctrinating servants to work for a pittance to enrich corrupt politicians is all public education is designed to do.


It is time we stop enabling the bad behavior of our corrupt officials.It is time the people stand together and stop allowing them to divide us. We all want the same things! Why do we let their word salads put hate and anger in our hearts????

Thursday, September 7, 2023

My Thoughts on History, Reparations, Inclusion, Equity and More.....


Having been born generations after the settling of this country it amazes me that some people cannot seem to realize that this generation is NOT responsible for the actions of distant ancestors. This country literally has laws on the books (I can look up specifics later) that clearly state we are NOT responsible for anyone else's debt but our own. This means I am not responsible for my parents debt or any family members debt or any debt incurred by anyone except myself.


With that in mind how can I be responsible to pay a debt that was incurred 200 years ago, give or take, by someone else and maybe not even a single person who was related to me?  

We are being force fed this inclusion agenda and reparations, equity and other "woke" ideology. How does that apply across the board? Unfortunately it doesn't. It only applies to the races, genders and persons the "woke" political activists decide that it applies to. Their mouths say one thing and the political agenda they push in DC says something else. You can see this for yourself simply by watching them speak on the House floor, reading the bills they put before Congress and the Senate and in doing this you will see that what they say to you is not what they are pushing for legislation for!

So, world history is NOT pretty, neat and attractive. This entire planet has done horrible things to each other since the damn of man. We are still doing horrible things to each other. The only difference is that now we are better educated and have more resources at our fingertips. 

But is this generations responsible for the sins of those who came before us? NO. We are only responsible for our own misdeeds, not those of long dead asshats who acted long before we came along.We had no part in influencing their choices or behavior, we only influence our own and those presently in our generation. We cannot go back and change things, we can only learn and move forward from here. 

The "woke" culture wants this generations to pay reparations to races, genders etc of those they have deemed worthy of those reparations. But how it that determined> Will there be DNA tests to prove the applicant is truly of a linage that was wronged, or will they do what they always do and funnel the cash to billionaires behind the scenes and it never reaches the people who have applied for it?

Historically this is what has happened to any type of aid promised to minority groups. Politicians and lobbyists make grand promises, aid is approved and then it NEVER reaches those it was intended for. Don't believe me? Go to Congress.gov and look up ANY bill for aid that has passed and been approved!!! 

The push for reparations is nothing more than greedy politicians looking for more  ways to steal from the common people.They have approved portions of the reparation bill already. They will create NEW taxes to pay for it. You do need to know how this reparation bill will be paid for and you need to understand new taxes (extortion) will be forced upon the common people to cover it. These taxes will NOT come out of any fund or from billionaires who can afford high priced accountants to find loops so they do not have to pay. No, the cost of this will fall upon the poorest communities many of whom are they very communities that have been approved to receive the aid. What does that mean? In a nutshell, those who got approved to receive these reparations will be taxed out it it!

Historically, when our government wants something it finds ways to take it, whether or not it harms the people. We are expendable to them. Please understand that! But also understand that it did NOT beginning with the USA, this has been going on since the dawn of man. When this country was created the idea was to create a system of government that was different that the monarchy. Meaning that no one person, or one branch of government could hold all power. The problem we have today is we are right back to a position where one branch of government does have a great deal of power. It is power that we "gave" them and we can take that power back!

It has always been in our blood to venture out and "conquer" new lands. This is recorded as  far back as written history goes. The human race has done horrible things to one another in the name of exploring new lands. We cannot go back and change history though. We can learn from it and do better in the present and future though. Unfortunately, some in this "woke" culture cannot move beyond the horrible past we all share. 

So where does "equity" fall in this mess our ancestors created? What is equity and who does it apply to? The black community preaches that it only applies to them due to slavery when this country was first founded. They reject that good people wanted this to be a truly free nation where no slavery existed. They want to hold us accountable for what our ancestors did, that we had no part of. Is that fair and equitable? No, because no person today had any part of the decisions made by people 200 years ago. So, how then are we responsible for what they did and why should we be a part of repaying perceived debts they owed? 

Our world history is a bloody, horrific nightmare story that seems to only get worse as time goes on. We have not learned how to live without bloodshed and hate. We have to discriminate against one to make another feel better. This is not equity or fair by any means. 

Now, take our government and it's current position as an example. They preach that they exist to help us. That is NOT the purpose on which it was created! Our government was created to work for us, NOT help us. This is "woke" culture changing the meaning of things ever so slightly so the ordinary person doesn't catch on until it's too late to stop them! 

We put terms limits on the office of President to keep one man from having too much power but we have no terms limits in Congress or the Senate and thus we have lifetime politicians who have sold this country out in order to line their own pockets. We have some in DC that have been there over 50 years, are out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent and do not even bother visiting the very districts that elected them!

There is an element of the people who support these corrupt politicians no matter what they do because those politicians will push the agenda of these self serving, disgusting people not matter who it harms. But those looking in from the outside need to understand that the regular people have had no part in what our corrupt government does! We did not ask for it. We did not approve of it and we were likely not even aware it was happening until it had already occurred. Then we spoke out against it in disgust, not that our opinion mattered because  our government treats the average people as nothing more than a cash cow they can tax without fear.

The common people would not support much of what our government does without our knowledge. If we were kept in the loop we would stop much of what is going on! Unfortunately we have allowed this corrupt system of government to operate this way for so long that our opinions no longer matter. All that does matter is that they keep increasing the power they have no matter the cost to the people.

Our world is rich with all the different cultures. We can all coexist and learn from one another. We can all work equitable trades, enriching each other. Unfortunately our corrupt governments only seek to enrich themselves and those who financially back them. It is time we remind our governments that they work for us, not the other way around. 

I want other countries to know that the people of the United States have NOT supported the horrible things our government has done. Most of us were not aware of such things until AFTER they were done and we have spoken out publicly against it once we were made aware it had happened. 

When other countries finally take action for the horrific things our government has done or ordered done, remember that WE were not aware of those things and WE will stand with you to rectify the problem and hold those accountable who are responsible. WE simply want to live in peace and love without anger and violence. We want to share all the rich histories and culture and learn from one another. We do not seek to create violence or hatred. Nor do we support a government that commits these atrocities!!!

So, what is inclusion? For the "woke" culture what they say in public is not actually accurate. Their meaning of inclusion is those rich enough to survive the coming purge. Our government and those in control of it plan to "purge" a good deal of the world population, leaving only those who will bow down to the whims of the corrupt idiots who think they know what's best. Sadly, they do not have the best interest of the people or the planet at heart. They seek only to empower themselves no matter what price is paid by those they consider expendable.

Inclusion is preached by those demanding reparations knowing that those reparations will never benefit the people it is meant for. Equity is demanded by those preaching inclusion even though they know the only equitable thing they intend is to give more power to a corrupt system of government. None of them have the best interest of the people in mind.

Do your research. Educate yourself! Do it before they censor things so badly that you will never learn the truth!