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Sunday, January 16, 2022

For the Scammers Exposed Group

 Katherine Sebastian......

I am in FB jail for a couple more weeks and putting my remarks HERE. 

I find some issues with your report of Elvira. 

1. Saying she can easily haul 4 unruly kids to the store at the drop of a hat is 100% unrealistic. It is also unreasonable to expect her to. SOMETIMES a store run is the ONLY time a mom has away from the kids. Sometimes no babysitter is available. So, to bash her in the thread over not taking the kids to the store with her is stupid and does NOT make her a scammer.

2. I find that calling her out over $1.49 just downright petty!!! I have seen group admins double dipping and not providing receipts among other breaking of their own group rules. It's $1.49 for Christ's sake!!! 

3. There is mention in some of the screenshots that she has been called out before? But you gave zero proof of it. You gave only 1 screenshot - which had no supporting documentation to prove the allegation made in the screenshot you posted.

4. It is totally unreasonable to report someone for scamming mere hours after being funded. It is good practice to give someone a few days at least because you do not know their situation and it is NOT always easy to get to a store, or the store may be out of the item. Keep in mind we ARE in a supply chain crisis and here in the town I live in some things are damn near impossible to get unless ordered online now!!!

5. I notice from the thread it is the "usual" gang of bertha better than you's hounding this person for proof and basically harassing her. Some of y'all need muzzles - seriously! Your own post says "hours after being funded"..... YOU are the unreasonable one in this situation.

6. Even if she DID scam the cash - the group reaction mere hours after her being funded is 100% uncalled for and 100% unreasonable!!! 

7. Also, calling someone a scammer for not putting "cross posted" on their posts is unreasonable. She does have 4 kids.... Chaotic at home to say the least. The girl likely is LUCKY to remember where she posted IF no one comments on the posts she puts up!!! I understand some scammers refuse to put it so they CAN multi dip. But from everything YOU submitted to this group - I see zero evidence of scamming!! 

8. Can you prove she did NOT spend the cash for the milk she requested? No, nor can you prove she spent it on something else or even spent it at all at this point!!!

Our team is preserving this post - in case it disappears from a dirty delete. We will also be contacting the person you reported to get her story. It is one thing to report a scammer, it is totally wrong to do so before the person has had the opportunity to complete what they had asked the help with!!!!

It is sad that some people cannot fathom that instant gratification for their demands is unreasonable. That is half the problem with society today tbh.....

Elvira, we are sorry you had to experience this and hope things get better for you soon.

Boosters a hoax? Gravitas has proof


I have been telling y'all this for near 2 years now!!!!

This Pandemic will NEVER be over...... Proof???


Every time profits go down a new variant happens.....

Don't believe me? WATCH - then fact check it against their financial reports!!!!

Greedy Bastards..... more proof


At least SOME TV media news are NOT under the charms of big pharma and the radical left.

SOME tv news still gives the real news!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Funny coincidence? Or greedy bastards?

 Have you noticed anything strange about hospitals lately? The news keeps talking about how overwhelmed they are - yet driving by them does not prove what the news is saying..... A quick stop in reveals normal emergency room attendance (not so stressed people are stacking up like cord wood as the news would have you believe)....

Early in the pandemic hospitals LOST a good portion of their revenue when elected surgeries were postponed and many people avoided hospitals all together. So, they came up with a NEW money making operation.....  Assisted by Congress of course with the CARES Act......


"It also will distribute funds to those hospitals that experienced a disproportionate intensity of COVID admissions (those that exceeded the average ratio of COVID admissions/bed). Hospitals will be paid $50,000 per eligible admission."



CARES Act payments per hospital bed: 4 things to know


The formula HHS used to allocate $50 billion in COVID-19 relief aid favored hospitals with the highest share of private payer revenue, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation

Four things to know: 

1. When HHS distributed the first $50 billion in federal relief funds to hospitals in April, hospitals with the highest share of private insurance received more than twice as much per bed as hospitals with the smallest share of private payer revenue, according to KFF's analysis of more than 4,500 hospitals. 

2. Hospitals in the bottom 10 percent based on share of private insurance received $20,710 per bed. 

3. Hospitals in the top 10 percent based on share of private insurance received $44,321 per bed.

4. HHS' Office of Inspector General recently announced it will audit the $50 billion in relief aid sent to hospitals. The OIG will review data and interview program officials to determine if the payments were correctly calculated and review payments for compliance with requirements of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act.



Keep in mind these payments are BONUSES on top of what they already receive from insurance (private or governmental)!!!!

Have you noticed that as the pandemic calms down - things open up - hospitals are still not getting the business they NEED or WANT? We all KNOW disease spreads faster in a hospital than outside of it. Want proof - look up MRSA among other things!!!!

Have you noticed how a new variant pops up just as the hospitals business begins to die out???? Less testing, less people getting vaxxed, LESS people going to the emergency rooms???? Yup, soon as things slow down for them a new variant is announced!!!

So, the more covid a hospital reports - the more $$$ they receive!!!  

Proof positive we will NEVER flatten the curve, nor will we EVER reach herd immunity - not as long as we are governed by greedy bastards instead of people who actually care about the people!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2022

Happy Birthday DJ Catlady - live event tonight 6 pm PST

Today is my birthday and all I really want is for the kitties to be happy! 

JellyBean seeks more of the wet foods stuff with extra gravy (hard to find here due to the supply chain bullshit)

If you wish to send him some or donate or do a pick up order let me know - all info to do so is on his Facebook page @JBtheCat

We are also having a LIVE event there at 6 pm PST and YOU are invited!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Herd Immunity???

More than 208 million Americans, 62.7% of the population, are fully vaccinated, and more than a third of those have received booster shots, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Now add the people who are NOT vaxxed who have had it and BAM you have reached the 80+% of the population that Fauci himself and the CDC said were needed for her immunity....

So when does the bullshit end????

These lock downs make NO SENSE

 Apparently, Sonoma County California is now being told to shelter in place to stop the spread of Omicron.

Why now? After this variant being around for months now - spreading freely, infecting millions and NOT being a huge problem (less severe than the previous variants)..... NOW these twits wanna lock down to stop the spread.

If they wanted to stop the spread why not lock down when it was first detected???? When will people wake the fuck up and realize this is NOT about stopping a pandemic.... It is seeing just how much YOU will OBEY....

When the shit first started it took 3 months before Trump issued a 15 day lock down to slow the spread. That's 90 days of this virus freely spreading BEFORE anyone was told to shelter in place!!!! It took less time than that for the black death to wipe out MILLIONS!!!

Then 15 days turned into 2 years....... 

The masking debate is also one that makes absolutely no logical sense. Masks do NOT prevent you from catching the virus - they only prevent you from spreading it (and even that is up for debate right now) - there is ZERO evidence that any type of facial mask is effective against this virus. 

First it was don't wear one save them for first responders and medical personnel. Then it was wear them, make your own cloth masks, then double mask, then face shields..... Then it was vaxxed and natural immunity folks didn't need to wear masks.... Now it's everyone wear them again regardless of vax or immunity status..... The so-called experts cannot even make up their mind on masking!!!

Speaking of the masks - if this virus is so contagious and so deadly - where are the biohazard bins to dispose of the masks in???? Why do we see used masks all over the ground with the other trash people just toss??? Aren't they filled with infectious bacteria that could spread and kill everyone???

Then let's look at other shit that makes zero sense. Stores put plastic over the card keypads.... Plexiglass between customers and clerks..... But how often are they sanitizing these??? RARELY - definitely NOT between customers - who touch their faces, noses etc and then touch those keypads.....I will not even mention public toilets..... We all KNOW those things are lucky to be cleaned daily (weekly in some cases).....But this virus is oh so deadly right???

What about door handles? When we push them to go inside a building...... How many people before you touched them? How many of those people might have the virus and can spread it via leaving it on those handles? When was the last time the door handles were sanitized? I can say that I have NEVER seen a single business sanitizing door handles with the exception of the Barstow Courthouse - that cleaning lady sanitizing lots of surfaces multiple times a day. 

What about at the store? All those items on the shelves were touched by a MINIMUM of 20 people before YOU touch them to buy them!!! Not all wore masks and most don't wear gloves. How many people breathed their germs on those items??? Yet NONE of those even get sanitized before they reach YOU.

Public transportation and Uber, Lyft etc.... How many times do you see these sanitized between patrons??? RARELY. They are NOT sanitized between stops - and rarely sanitized daily. But this virus is oh so deadly right - so deadly people double mask.....

So, common sense went in the toilet when Fauci took charge of this pandemic...... He did oh so great with the HIV issue huh? All the empty promises and outright lies over the decades.... NOW he has taken Gain of Function research to create bioweapons for the government and one of his pet projects is now ravaging the planet...... But somehow people listen to this twit......

Keep in mind this IS a corona virus - cousin to the common cold (which has been with us since time began right?). They have been 100% unsuccessful at creating a vax for the common cold - as well as corona viruses in animals to date - yet YOU still believe that in less than a year they created an effective corona virus vax for THIS corona virus???? DO YOUR RESEARCH FOLKS!!!!

I still do not know WHAT this jab is but I can say with 100% surety that it is NOT a corona virus vax.....

So, while you soothe yourself wearing masks that even OSHA says are NOT effective, while you sanitize your hands until all the good bacteria is gone and will never return - you touch contaminated surfaces all day long - spreading germs everywhere you go - remember this ok....

This has NEVER been about stopping / slowing the spread.... It IS about control and seeing just how much YOU will obey. Because if you obey then they can take more power until you are nothing more than a pawn (expendable) in their game of chess.

FYI - I am not a pawn, nor did I choose to even participate in their chess game..... Nor am I a science experiment!!!

Scammers Exposed by DJ Catlady Group on Facebook

 I am gonna reply here since I am in FB jail again (23 more days or so lol)

Korinna - in response to the remark you made on Shannan Espinosa / Frazier album....

Yes she has scammed.  I have not been able to update everything due to being in FB jail. I will though once I am off. Shannan has been scamming for years with her compounded lies. 

Let's start with why I called her a junkie - since you said I should know better. Shannan IS a junkie..... In Colton and other places she resided she sent her minor daughters out to sell candy to support her habit. Once she could NOT get any more scripts from the doctor's there she moved to Lucerne Valley and doctor shopped until she found one who WOULD prescribe her the narc of choice. NO doctor alive will write a script to a known junkie who has been listed as "drug seeking" - which Shannan was in Colton. The fact that she has not been truthful with her current doctors IS scamming for narcotics - which she openly admits using btw..... So, yes, I call her a junkie because she IS a junkie, one who openly admits the narcs she scams doctors out of and could possibly STILL be using the illicit drugs she had her older children supporting her habit for.

Shannan also scams the locals for food and other stuff that she has the funds to purchase. Shannan gets SNAP for 4 people in the household, plus SSI and cash aid..... 

Shannan also scams people for pet food and supplies even though she has been given the resources to have her pets spayed and neutered. Shannan will beg online for $$ to get that done - more than once I have given her all the places that will do it FREE she never gets it done and people still give her $$ to get it done (which she never does) - nor does she ever explain to those who donated for the spay / neuter where the $$ went.  

Shannan had a litter of kittens a while back she had a hard time rehoming. Her solution was to chop off their tails and say they were born that way. Now she does it randomly to all litters that are born. Instead of being a responsible pet owner and spaying the mom, neutering the dad - she mutilates the kittens and lies about them being born with short tails. 

Shannan also deflects, accuses others of all sorts of bullshit to take focus off of her. She made an accusation against ME recently that she KNOWS is 100% false but she keeps telling it over and over. The specifics were for a fundraiser we did online - which grossed $25 total - to be divided between 4 families..... Not an easy task to divide it up equally. So, the $$ and 3 of the cards are still sitting on my desk until I have enough of my own $$ to put $25 in each card to mail it out. This was posted in the fundraiser group, discussed with the receiving families and not a secret. But, Shannan keeps telling her lies. 

You do not know me well enough to know that when I post a scammer it is NEVER personal, even when the scammer is making personal attacks on ME. I do my best to remove my own emotions from the situation and view it as if a stranger would. After taking College Business Ethics, and continuing that education post graduation, I do my utmost best to present a "case" without the color of my own emotions. I also teach this to any admin / moderator in the group. Our team also goes through several training course a year, many enrichment courses per year and random training sessions as well.

The materials you see were NOT all gathered by me alone. I did contribute, but only a small part. Most of the materials were gathered by others - some of whom wished to remain anonymous. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that I personally collected this and posted it as if I did the research and investigation. However, in Shannan's case this is simply not the case. The vast majority of what I have posted was submitted to me in messenger and I posted it. 

Why have I not done most of the research myself? Well, you may not know but I live off grid and am setting up a homestead right now. To say that is a challenge would be an understatement. In February 2019 I bought 10 acres of bare land, came to it in a 2 room cabin tent. I have come a long way since then! I am renovating the 5th wheel camper I live in, building a chicken coop, expanding my dog yard and juggling issues with my solar system. I simply do not have the time to do every investigation personally. This is why our group has such an amazing team. 

So, while you want to think this is done on a personal level, or that because I have not yet posted everything I have on this particular scammer, understand that I have a limited amount of time online each day and I try to make it quality time. I do not eat, drink and breathe the antics of all the scammers we investigate. I do have other obligations as well. I am presently trying to get 4 new DJ's set up and tested so they can get on schedule and that has been challenging due to time differences. Thankfully, 3 of the 4 are ready to go now and the 4th will be ready by next week!!!

Our group is very different from other scammers exposed groups in the way we handle scammers. Other groups tend to permit anyone to post against anyone without even a single screenshot or proof OR any investigation. Our group does take the time to look into EVERY single scammer that is submitted to us BEFORE we post them. You have no idea how many posts per day we reject because the proofs are not given!!!

Ok, now I have outside things to get done today (even with presently being down with bronchitis) - sick or not there is still work to be done!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Welcome Newbies!!!

 I wanna say hello to all the new visitors to the blog!!!

I work hard on the research I gather for YOU. I had always considered this more of a notebook to toss stuff into lol but it is growing in popularity for sure!!!

Everything I do I do it for YOU to help YOU open your mind and enlighten you. Yes I love rabbit holes and challenges!!! I semi followed the q@n@n craze mainly because I was curious. I did find the bottom of one of those rabbit holes though and made a post about it here!!!

I have bronchitis right now and am in FB jail again (25 more days lol) I swear we call out a bully in a chat and several of us get spanked and the bully got nothing!!!

I will be putting more research up soon! Right now I am reading a text book and watching the lectures for the book on YouTube. It is a LONG book - a personal enrichment thing I suppose to compliment my college studies.

Once I get along in it I will be making posts about it since what I learn may help others learn and understand the weird behaviors of those who suffer substance abuse. OMFG the textbook is bigger than a cinderblock I kid you not!!! I will post pix on FB once I CAN - I swear FB hates me lol

Anyways, Friday is my birthday and I was trying to do a small fundraiser for JellyBean when I got smacked by the Zuck lol. JellyBean is an amazing rescue kitty who had all his upper teeth removed and can only eat wet food. He has his own FB page type @JBtheCat - donation info is also below. If you wish to donate to his vet that info is on his FB page!!

Please put "For JellyBean" in the subject or notes - all receipts are posted on his page and unboxing videos will be posted as well on our YouTube Channel

Paypal - mischievousslave@yahoo.com

Cash App - $catlady1970

Venmo - Evelyn-Turner-9

Google Pay - breakingtaylor@gmail.com

Coinbase - turner28@yahoo.com

All donations are appreciated - JB said to tell you he REALLY likes the wet food with the extra gravy (which is very hard to get right now due to the supply chain crap) - he REALLY likes that kind!!!