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Saturday, July 6, 2024

Vexatious Litigants..... Fun :)


Funny how people love to make threats when they get caught in their own shit. 

Anonymous I have been digging as you suggested, for sure!!!!

So, Stacy still thinks there is "criminal" charges on me over her horses? Apparently she is in severe denial over what the watch commander told her. Just because she chants it online does not make it true. Law enforcement / AC was involved every step of the way with what happened with Diva & Loki (After she took Thor & Sterling out the night before AC showed up)....

Reality - nothing criminal occurred in moving the horses. Stacy just does not like where the horses went so she is crying foul. She hasn't even had the decency to provide for Loki, contact the new caretaker, arrange to go see him - nothing. The only one keeping Stacy from her horse is herself and her choice not to contact the caretaker.

As for her threats to sue me and everyone else, gee that involves a little thing called discovery...... So, at anonymous request, I have been making some contacts :)  The story behind Spruce Dr is interesting to say the least..... I have reached out to Melody.... I have already spoken with the guy who owns that location now. He has a box of horse show prizes he isn't sure if it belongs to Stacy or Melody.....

Anonymous was right..... Multiple court judgement against Stacy with tens of thousands in unpaid settlements she owes people...... If she tries to sue me each and every one of those people will be called upon in the case :)

The rabbit hole goes deep that's for sure.... anonymous warned me, but it is a necessary deep dive considering her online threats to sue, accusations and wrongfully claiming there are criminal charges on me over her horses......

I had a delightful discussion with Kyle last night about Spruce Dr..... Seems when he bought the house he had to do some clean up / repair because the previous tenant's cats were NOT litter trained...... Something Stacy never bothered to address before she brought the 4 kitties to my place..... But then wants to trash talk me because her cat shits next to the litter box instead of in it...... Catching them in the act is near impossible, always just as they finish so me addressing the issue has been a task... Thankfully the girls are getting better now the new caretaker is working on the male. Let me also mention she did not like changing litter boxes and not once did she help clean up after her male - she left that task to me. 

I did learn there are horse panels there, although they are pretty destroyed and not usable. Typical Loki, that boy wreaks havoc on fencing for sure!!! Her idea of repairs leaves a lot to be desired..... Kyle also informed me that his contract to purchase included the horse panels, so I am gonna make an assumption here that the panels belonged to Melody when she sold the house. If they had been Stacy's they could not have been included in the sale of the house since she had been living there for free after Melody left "to get away from Stacy" is the going tale that I am presently trying to reach Melody in order to get her side.

I also have some messages at a few other previous addresses of hers..... One in Hesperia that has not yet returned my call...... 

I also found previous AC citations / charges over her horses for NO SHELTER, animal waste etc.... The no shelter was the main issue here. I am not able to build one but I bought the cordless saw, have the materials - Stacy was not interested in assembling it. She always brought up previous locations or how last summer.... Sorry but an animal does NOT need to be out in 110 + heat with zero shade or zero shelter from rain and the elements! The fact she has previous citations for this same issue definitely demonstrated to me the welfare of the animals is not really a concern of hers. She also demonstrated this is text when I begged her to help find me a helper.

Yes I have done the public record request on those citations and am presently waiting for them to send it to me. When I have it I will let you know!! It will also become a source to prove a pattern should she choose to try to sue me or anyone else involved in helping her horses. 

I do need to reach out to Jan again for sure. Sky's the Limit was the recipient of 8 horses from Stacy and Jan won a $10,000 court settlement against her. Now that the horses have been moved so many have contacted me about her previous experiences here in the high desert. Reaching out to all the places / people I have been given will take time so please be patient.

Stacy commenting online trying to convince people she is the victim is a crock really. I am not a victim either, I allowed her to bring the animals here so that is on me. She manipulated me with lies and false emergencies to pull me into her web. But, in the end I did allow her to bring the animals and she proved the longer time went on the more financial responsibility she expected me to assume for them. This is exactly what I am learning she has done at every single place before she brought them here. 

Hopefully, I can be the last. At some point she has to stop doing what she is doing with these animals. MAYBE I can be the last place she ever done it at. MAYBE! we can hope - we do know Thor and Sterling are out there somewhere and we do not know if they have better accommodations than they had here or would have had with the new caretaker.

Gina pointed something out to me a few weeks ago and when I brought it up to Stacy something didn't ring true. Stacy goes to a lot of concerts, claiming it's one of her jobs..... She has a lot of jobs but where is all this job $$ going???? She could not pay $25 a week to board the horses here..... Could not pay for the additional water the horses began using as the temps warmed up........ Could not afford cat food, cat litter or to pay a helper when I got injured....... 

It is also sad to see her trying to convince people I am jealous... Of what precisely? Stacy is homeless, living out of her truck, freeloading her animal care on other people. Precisely what is there to be jealous of? 

I am out here building a life on property I own, making a home for the furballs who call me mom. I bought this for them, not me. Is it perfect? Nope, but it is home! 

I have stood back and watched Stacy become exactly what she accused Jer of..... I have watched as her ongoing online assault of Jer and Sal continues..... Proving it was her driving that all along yet blaming it on me.....

I have stood back while she and her few friends have fun making threads trying to trash me, the only ones buying into it are those like her...... Some I have called out before, some I do not know nor do they know me. 

I have stood back and not bothered to read much of what is going on, nor will I, but every post / thread will be evidence should she decide to try to sue. 

Now I do wish to clarify something. Stacy knew when she brought the horses here MY only responsibility was to feed and water on days she was at work. Since she paid nothing there was no funds to do hooves, hire helpers, pay for the extra water usage etc....... Stacy was aware of my medical issues that limit my mobility and she agreed to these things. For her to say now that I couldn't be bothered with this or that, just know it was never my responsibility in the first place. Our agreement was feed & water due to my medical, he would handle everything else. 

I went above and beyond purchasing tools to build the shade shelter, finding the materials, paying out of my own pocket when I had bronchitis to have helpers come handle the horses, paying out of my pocket for water - until she began sending $40 per week to cover 1 load per month. I still paid out of pocket as the heat began and the horses began using more than one load per month. I purchased rolls of fence repair wire - but she still insisted on using hay twine....... 

After all of that, she now calls me the bad guy, threatens to sue me and is posting outright fabrications online that law enforcement has asked me not to participate in...... Nor can I comment here on which is the fabrications due to the open investigation. :( 

Stacy knows AC is coming for her this is why she is working so  hard online to shine the spotlight away from herself. I challenge anyone who is partaking in those threads to do as anonymous challenged me to do - just research her real name - Stacy Suzanne Nichols. 

Hasn't anyone wondered why she goes by Kendall instead of her legal name??? There is a reason folks.... 

I need to take care of things here before it gets too hot outside..... Gotta love off grid life something always braking or not working right!!!! Today it's low batteries on the motorhome so I gotta set up the battery charger and hopefully figure out where the wire came loose. Fun fun.....

Have a blessed day and do enjoy the rabbit hole this leads to..... 


  1. Glad to know you're digging in and seeing for yourself what she has done and what she is capable of.
    I don't know if she tries to sue anyone and everyone because she actually thinks she'll win or if she merely uses the courts to harass people.
    I don't see where she is posting online? Maybe in private Facebook groups? I did see where she posted a photo of her face stating she was beaten, I can't say whether or not what she says is true but remember she is a liar. It looks to me as if she fell on her face. If a deadly weapon was used as she claims it would be much worse. I would have to see her ED release papers and police report to believe she was attacked.
    She has a habit of placing the burden of her animals on other people, she regularly stole feed from me and others. I know that for a fact.
    I'm hoping your knowledge of and exposure of her ways will reach enough people to maybe put a stop to what she does. In the least she'll leave your area for lack of new victims.
    Anyone living in their truck should not own horses. I don't know what's wrong with her, she's delusional.

  2. Mostly her threats have been in text message to me.... Although I have her blocked all blocked texts go into the spam folder. I heard her story of how she got beat up and how the DA wouldn't really move on it, supposedly the other person has charges but no one has been arrested yet...... I would love to speak to that person for sure but she is always careful not to name names....... Yes, she does pass the buck on her animal care - her horses would not keep their fly masks on, masks she put on them but somehow she thought it was my job to fetch the masks they threw off and put them back on...... Our agreement was that I would feed & water them because of my bad hips and that was more than I could really do anyways....... Since I had no horses she could not steal feed from me, but I was not happy with the fact she only provided the horses hay and did not want me buying mineral licks, pellets or anything to add to their diet........ She also acted upset when I ordered the hoof kit for my goats and threatened to do the horses with it, she then got nips and claimed to have done the hooves..... not all of them obviously because Diva, the one who needed it was still in bad shape the day AC showed up........ Her denial that diva had conjunctivitis - calling it a fly allergy, yet claiming she had tubes of the conjunctivitis meds shows she knew Diva had it and was supposedly treating it once a week..... Then tried to say I stole the tubes of meds.... Why? I have no animals that could use horse meds, nor did she tell me she had any or even ask me to treat the eyes for her during the week... No, those accusations came about after the 2 horses were moved and an official diagnosis was made..... Then the accusations came in an effort to cover her behind......... I think her attempts to sue are dual purpose, to harass of course because she didn't get her way, but she is also looking for a payout to cover all the other lawsuit settlements against her. One day those will catch up with her and even bankruptcy will not wipe those from her debt. I agree that someone who is homeless should not be trying to have horses, unless their income can comfortably afford to board them properly - which obviously hers cannot. I notice she seems to choose people who are ill equipped to handle the horses, people older than her, people with disabilities, people with limited income....... What strikes me as strange is she seems to have cleansed her accounts because if she has been going after me this hard, I am quite sure she has done the same to others but I can find nothing on the multiple profiles she has........ I would say beyond delusional tbh.... The idea she fully expected to keep her horses on a property she refused to pay $25 a week for - after being told she had to move them by the owner, and thinking I should disregard my own medical issues and continue to care for them when I really couldn't is beyond delusional. The idea that she thinks she could sue over the situation is also delusional, all it will do is set her up for yet another court settlement against her. I mean seriously, everything is documented on her being told about the boarding fee, her being informed of my injury.... All of it is documented as well as her crazy ass replies refusing to even discuss possible solutions. She sucked in a dear friend of mine and it cost that friend her connection to me. That friend actually believes what Stacy is spewing and each day I pray she wakes up and sees the truth.


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