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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Being Manipulated


Jer this one is for you.  But I think in order to address it I need to start at the beginning.

A few months ago I did not know Jer or her crew at all, not even online really.... Nor did I know Sal or his rescue. I was given a screenshot - a single screenshot mind you, and a verbal story from Stacy Kendall, then I was tagged in threads in which it appeared Jer was verbally harassing HMG. Now, both of these situations tie together, even if they do not appear to. 

I will not rehash the HMG issue beyond saying that is was, in my opinion, a complete set up. So, during the drama over that is when this single screenshot was provided to me...... Just as the HMG drama had begun to quiet down...... If people truly noticed, it was Stacy always bringing in the drama when things would quiet down - not me. Just like when this issue began to die she blew up because I demanded a helper for her horses and she had tons to say none of which addressed the issue at all, only created more drama instead of resolving the issue.

Keep in mind nearly everything that had been given to me on the single screenshot issue came from Stacy. She drove this idea that the amount they were requesting was odd.... I thought so too until I did some research..... However, due to her monopolizing my time I was NOT able to get online much to finish the research and make any corrections so the post I made sat unattended and idle.

Stacy has something against Sal and his rescue, to date I have not figured out what though. She used me, manipulated me for her own cause against him and those who called out HMG since they were connected. I apologize for being so easily taken by her bullshit and for running with it before I had all the facts. I was not able to gather those facts while she was present. She made sure I saw only what she wanted me to see...... What she wanted me to see were cleverly edited screenshots that made it appear that HMG and herself were victims of online bullying...... Once I was able to find and review the full posts, comments,, etc I learned this was not the case......

You must also keep in mind that while I was being pulled into all of this I was also caring for Stacy's 4 horses on a daily basis and had zero rest even when Stacy was here to handle them herself. I was functioning on exhaustion, extreme pain and serious lack of sleep. I was also trying to locate a reliable helper for those horses, which Stacy hated having other people around them...... Every day she also texted / called a lot thus monopolizing my time on days she was not here. She is very good at that.

Once I had some time to truly do a deep dive things were definitely not as Stacy had presented them. Sal and his rescue were doing an amazing job with the dog in the screenshot and what did it matter where they choose to send the dog for training? That was her issue. I questioned it because I am 54 and had never heard of such high prices for training before...... I never once called it a scam, nor did I call anyone involved a scammer - they are not. I was simply floored by the amount is all. But Stacy kept pushing the issue, especially when she was here and sitting at my table. She would pull up the video and say look, does that dog look like it needs trained? 

I am glad the pup is being well cared for and commend the crew who came together to help it. 

For Sal I apologize for allowing myself to be used as a tool by Stacy to further her agenda of hate against him and what he does. On this issue he did not deserve the bullshit she brought on, nor did those who came together for this one dog deserve it either. I do hope  one day in the future we can work together in this rescue world, for now just know I apologize for being drawn into her bullshit and running with it. 

Terri is another one I still do not really know, but got pulled into a group chat created by Stacy, not me. I saw what she was doing and eventually left that chat because I was not going to participate in the childish games. I had hoped that me leaving the chat would have demonstrated I had enough of Stacy's games at that point. Stacy made sure I was kept informed on that chat though sending me screenshots and reading it to me when she was here, even though I told her I was not interested. Stacy kept pushing the issue, making more chats, cleverly editing screenshots of posts, comments etc...... But the blame for the drama got laid at my feet..... Even though by this point I had stopped participating in it altogether.

I sat back and watched..... I researched and Stacy kept tagging me trying to get me back actively involved. Fake accounts popped up supposedly harassing her, HMG but surprisingly, not me. It was during this time random, creepy text messages began coming. It seemed the more I tried to pull out the more bullshit came in trying to keep me engaged.......

To those who got pulled into that group chat I do apologize. In the chat you saw how she orchestrated it so that only her view was the one being pushed. This is why I left that chat and refused to participate, by this time I saw how she was using me and was trying to stop it.

Jer and I have been chatting although she is definitely bullheaded! I have apologized to her and do so here now. It is up to her to accept it so we can move forward. Had Stacy not played puppet master in all of this crap we never would have been at each other's throats. I apologize for allowing her to use me as a weapon against Jer and do hope she can acknowledge the apology.  As I told her before, a radio show on the matter will not occur until she can acknowledge it. 

Jer and some others came together to assist in getting Stacy's horses to a better place with a capable caretaker after my injury made it impossible for me to continue caring for them. Regardless of what Stacy does, the horses are innocent and should never suffer because of ill feelings between those who try to help them, same for the 4 cats. The kitties are at a different location now too on a waiting list to be spayed / neutered. It is amazing how we all worked together, even though we had not yet worked much of this out. For that, and for those amazing horses, I do thank those who made it happen.

Jer should know that I do not usually run with shit like that. It was due to me being exhausted, lack of proper rest and sleep and my pain level I was not functioning / thinking clearly. Hell I could barely function in the board meetings if that gives you any idea of how bad my health situation was. I functioned daily on autopilot, literally..... wake up, have coffee, go do animal care, lay down try to rest, get up do evening rounds....... I had barely even dj'd for months because the horses care took too much out of me. Stacy used this to her advantage and I still do not know why she dislikes your crew so much. I never did figure that out. I suppose it will come out one day.

I said some hurtful things, but so did Jer. The main fuss came down to me and Jer. I do apologize for the hurtful things and one day I hope Jer can see she needs to do the same for the hurtful things she said. I am willing to forego that though so we can simply move past this. I will not itemize everything, nor do I expect her to. One apology for it should be enough to cover it. Now I simply wait for her response. Jer said that she owes me nothing.... I could call it even because of her assistance with the horses, for that I am forever grateful. 

For those now trapped in Stacy's web of lies and deceit be careful because she does not care what damage her drive will do to you. You are simply a tool to further her agenda, when you are no longer useful to her she will drop you like a hot rock and not even look back.

Now that my body is finally beginning to heal some I am getting some things done for sure! I am still exhausted but working on it!!!!

Now I am off to rest and relax a while, this heat wave is nuts!


  1. I cannot believe it has taken this long for crazy SK to have to travel outside the HD for work. Everyone in the HD must know by now she's insane.

  2. Are her employers aware of her history with AC? I certainly would not want my children anywhere near somebody who has a history of abandoning and neglecting their own animals, let alone paying money to take lessons from them.

    1. Years ago SK abandoned 8 horses at Sky's the Limit.... Jan won a court case got a 10k settlement from the judge Jan said SK has not paid a red cent towards it

    2. Not the only time she's been sued and didn't pay up. She's also tried (and failed) to sue countless people after being evicted from properties, among other things. Seems she gets evicted from almost every property she has lived on, usually owned by people who let her stay for free out of the kindness of their hearts. If you look her up on judyrecords, there's DECADES of this. She also had a restraining order put on her in the early 2000s because she was stalking a teenage girl. Judyrecords is now longer being updated as of 2 years ago, but is full of free public information if you feel like going down her crazy rabbit hole. I believe her terrible history with screwing her own friends over is way she goes by Stacy Kendall publicly instead of her real last name, NICHOLS.

    3. I looked.... I saw... whoa..... I am about 10 pages in and so far tally up over $35k she owes.......... Not to mention so far, 2 full on evictions with cash settlements........ As I said she played me for a free place for her animals....... Now Thor & Sterling are missing, she took them on Friday no one knows where she stashed them and AC wants eyes on them and her........ I will be busy reading for sure!!!!

  3. What, and get dragged back down to her crazy town? No way. All you people dealing with her now I wish you luck because you're going to need it. What I can say is you need to look into the court records under her name stacy nichols especially san bernardino county they go back decades. Ask around the HD ask all the horse people about what she's done

    1. I know about the 8 horses dumped at Sky's the Limit.... I am waiting to hear back from Jan.... I know about the $10,000 judgement against Stacy that she hasn't paid a penny on...... I know about 1 eviction and several others that got close but on those I do not know the circumstances....... You say ask the horse people... I am not in that circle can you point me to at least one?

    2. 2004 she got charges for no horse shelter..... SAME issue she had here and part of why I begged for them to be moved before this heat came in..... I bought the cordless tools, we had the materials.... all she had to do was put it all together.......

    3. I would love to point you to people but I'm not dragging them back into her craziness. Judy records is one thing unfortunately san bernardino county no longer has a free open access website but I think you can create a paid account to see what she's really been up to. She's been living in the HD some 25-30 years. I think she came from LA county, who knows what's in their records. She has been evicted from every place she has lived, she's in her late 50s that's a lot of years and a lot of people she has ripped off. She also likes to destroy property once she's told to leave then she drags out the eviction process for as long as possible. I believe she hates people. She's absolutely a narcissist. Not too long ago a woman in Wrightwood had to sell her house and move just to get away from SK who sat in that sold house until the new owners evicted her. That's how desperate and destructive she is.

    4. OMFG she told me such a different story about that - that was where all her horse panels supposedly were and how she could not get them because the bank foreclosed......... The story I got is the lady moved and Stacy was trying to buy the property, paying her payment to the owner but the owner did not pay the bank so the bank foreclosed....... She claimed she had to get the sheriff to help her go in and get the horses because she got locked out........ I knew she was lying but I could not find the location to have a chit chat with the property owner....... I'm gonna guess the horse panels didn't actually belong to her and this is why she never went to get them...... I am also thinking that may be the location just before she came to put her horses up on the hill....... Thing is I cannot find an eviction on record for Wrightwood....... do you have an address? I have no desire to rope them back in I just wish to hear them out on what actually happened.

  4. I don't have any addresses since I evicted her from my property. I had been contacted by people she used before coming to my place when they found out she was being evicted again and a private message from the woman who owned the wrightwood property. I do know the feed stores and vets had her name on the no checks list and the shoers wouldn't touch her horses until she paid cash up front. She's a classic narcissist who uses people and animals for her own personal gain with no regard to the damage she causes.

    1. She definitely uses people. When I got injured she absolutely thought I should push my body to care for her horses instead of helping me find a helper. Her horses hooves were bad when she was here...... I am having trouble finding horse people to reach out since I do not operate in that circle......She used me for a while, when she couldn't use me anymore now she and her handful of friends are trashing me online..... I was asked by law enforcement to not participate - so I am not participating in her online BS......
      But so far no one who has actual evicted her is reachable...... Just spoke to the guy who bought Spruce Dr, she was gone by the time he closed on the house so he did not know her.... But he has a box of her things there.


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