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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Public Records Came in - one round of them


So, y'all know if public records reveal things I share them...... MIND BLOWN!!!!!

Now I see all the lies she told me about previous locations....... I see just how far she manipulated me.....

The link at the bottom of this post has the pdf files of the public records request in the comment section......

I also added to the album Amanda made - tons of pix I took and will be adding more..... 

Both cases are still open - not fully resolved.... The records I received so far are only for 2 locations last year....

Those poor, poor horses.... and cats..... The cats she never talks about.....

Both locations mentioned in these records have similar issues:

1. No shelter

2. No food or water

3. Feces (poop) everywhere

The cats had no food, water and poo everywhere too......Not only that... Remember none of her cats are spayed / neutered - that's how Salem came to be....

How long has it been since  these four horses have had proper shelter? These reports are only for a few months last year... I have more public records requests pending.....

She claims to be such a professional with horses, yet her own horses have suffered.....

I urge everyone who sees this to go read those pdf files.... Do a public records request yourself to see I have not tampered with the file. 

The report mentions 5 cats, she only brought 4 here....... 

The guy who brought the Spruce Dr location mentioned how nasty the floors were and how he had to replace some of them. He also confirmed there are horse panels there, his contract to buy the property included the horse panels.  Yes, I have spoken with him at length.

I am speechless.... I will let the reports speak for themselves on this matter. 

I posted pix I took in hopes of someone locating Thor & Sterling so animal control can get eyes on them as they said they wanted....... Those are the two horses Stacy took out of here the night before AC showed up.  Now we know why......Pix & Files Here


** Update 7/10/2024 -- another batch came in but it was a duplicate of the Spruce Dr report I have already linked you to. I am waiting on others, will update as they come in. 


  1. I really wanted to help expose stacy but you blocked me from posting on your page. I pulled up old posts to show she has been scamming people for years and years. I'm not this other person making multiple profiles. Black eyed suzanne is the only alternate profile I created I'm not using my real name because I already had my personal dealings with that human garbage. If you can't appreciate help from strangers to expose a long time and extremely dangerous and damaging scammer then good luck on your own.

    1. I cannot unblock you if I do not know the id I need to unblock, please message me on FB messenger no old posts were submitted if you have them happy to add them to the album.......

    2. You did it again. You blocked me again. If you really want background info on her you'll need to pay for the open access court records. There you will find names of victims and you can speak to them. You're playing weak and stupid.

    3. I have many of the names..... I have been reaching out to the ones I have....... How did I block you? If you mean fake profiles trying to post in the group.... Yes, fake profiles do get blocked and since we deal with many per day I cannot know which one is you. PM me over there directly


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