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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Updates and more updates!!! SCREENSHOTS


So, one thing Blaze hates is when hard proof of his lies is put out for the public.

So, Blaze claims he never stepped down....

Paula and the bunch claim they "resigned".....

Lisa all supportive of Blaze right? Her 2 faced nature definitely came out in the screenshots I uploaded yesterday!!!

Nancy has always been by Blaze's side...... She is too old and too blind to actually do research for herself... She believes every word out of his mouth.....

There are more screenshots to come... MANY  more the ones I posted yesterday were just from one chat...... There are many more to come folks!

Click below to see all the new screenshots that were uploaded that PROVE Blaze, Jennifer, Paula and Lisa are nothing but liars - the screenshots do not lie

Blaze Thall - Fake Rescuer

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