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Monday, April 1, 2024

Morning Coffee Thoughts for the Day


So, now that screenshots of Blaze's lies are posted he cannot keep saying we "stole" the rescue from him. That lie is exposed via screenshots and his own words / actions!!!!

Nor can his posse keep claiming their lies since those screenshots are also posted. I have tons more to get posted... Some of his posse talking shit about him when they obviously played both sides. 

Two posts were shared with me.... 2 videos..... The only reason he wants people to challenge him ALONE is because he can try to keep what the rest say in secret. The problem with standing alone is one voice can be muted.

The Bible tells us this: Matthew 18:16 - But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

So, Blaze needs to understand that when witnesses speak against him, they have gathered so they will be HEARD as the Bible has said to do. He calls us enemies.... Once we were friends..... So who turned on who?

By the way that is King James Version, red letter word of Christ. To face Blaze alone with the evidence I could stand on my own, but I do not have to. Others also have testimony to give..... Things they want heard and Blaze seeks to silence them.

As for having skeletons in my closet.... I said it before, but I will say it here. I do not hide my skeletons in a closet I display them on the lawn and occasionally  dance with them. There is nothing in my past that isn't already all over the Internet.

Blaze is scared that the things in his past are catching up to him. That one video says he "learned" from his past....... Nope, sorry he hasn't because he is still doing the same things he was 10 years ago. Blaze is still exploiting women, trying to hoard dogs in their homes and refusing to deal with his legal issues such as the traffic warrants, back due child support, the $7k he owes the employment department and all those fines to animal control.

So, to learn from your past you must also face it and deal with it. 

Blaze loves to gaslight and cry victim, when in reality he is the one victimizing everyone in his path. When he has no more use (benefit) from someone he turns on them and they become "haters out to destroy him".....

I just wonder what woman he landed with because he rarely sleeps alone.... He can't..... He needs a woman to blame for all the ills in his life.

I urge everyone to view my last post, click the link and see every image loaded there. The screenshots from the board chat are VERY important. Those clearly display Blaze turned the rescue over to the board.

What Blaze fails to acknowledge is that a corporation is NOT one person, it is a board of directors. So, he can cry it was his rescue, he established it as a corporation with a board of directors NOT an LLC sole owner business. In a corporation the board of directors has the final say, not a single person. 

Blaze is upset because his own board went against him and his desires. The board did what is best for the corporation, not what Blaze thought was best. 

Blaze cannot handle having his own lies proven with his own words. I am not making statements on my knowledge... I am using his own words / actions providing proof, screenshots etc..... I also challenge people to do their own research - something Blaze does NOT want people doing...

Like the 68 page long Riverside County Animal Control report (labelled Hacienda in the scammers group under files)...... Poor Blaze, all the AC officers just hate him and have it out for him and "haters" burned his house down....... Not according to the official fire report - also located in that files section...... an unattended candle on a wood bench was at the ignition point........ So, his lies about all that are exposed using official reports from law enforcement officials......

Blaze also loves to hold the threat of AC over women - saying AC will come in and take their personal animals...... He cannot keep a woman on proper terms, he uses threats and coercion to keep a handle on them, until they have finally had enough and kick him to the curb......

So, Blaze can pout all he wants, have a pity party that his lies are being exposed and cry how "haters" are doing it. I do not hate Blaze. 

Blaze thought he would come here, bat those eyes and shake his ass and I would fall all over him..... When I didn't, when I made it clear I was not interested in that kind of a relationship - I became a "hater" in his eyes. 

Blaze needs to grow up and stop looking for a mama to support him. Blaze needs to admit what he has done and stop the lies. Blaze needs to man up and take care of his child support obligations and get his drivers license reinstated. Blaze needs to work on Blaze because until he does he is not fit to work with animals.

How could he transport without a valid license and insurance?????? And with 4 known warrants....

I have more to post later from Lynne.... She blew my text up with tons of info and a new connection who also has info...... It's like I reach out to one and they point me to many others..... So, the investigation continues.....

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