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Thursday, September 7, 2023

My Thoughts on History, Reparations, Inclusion, Equity and More.....


Having been born generations after the settling of this country it amazes me that some people cannot seem to realize that this generation is NOT responsible for the actions of distant ancestors. This country literally has laws on the books (I can look up specifics later) that clearly state we are NOT responsible for anyone else's debt but our own. This means I am not responsible for my parents debt or any family members debt or any debt incurred by anyone except myself.


With that in mind how can I be responsible to pay a debt that was incurred 200 years ago, give or take, by someone else and maybe not even a single person who was related to me?  

We are being force fed this inclusion agenda and reparations, equity and other "woke" ideology. How does that apply across the board? Unfortunately it doesn't. It only applies to the races, genders and persons the "woke" political activists decide that it applies to. Their mouths say one thing and the political agenda they push in DC says something else. You can see this for yourself simply by watching them speak on the House floor, reading the bills they put before Congress and the Senate and in doing this you will see that what they say to you is not what they are pushing for legislation for!

So, world history is NOT pretty, neat and attractive. This entire planet has done horrible things to each other since the damn of man. We are still doing horrible things to each other. The only difference is that now we are better educated and have more resources at our fingertips. 

But is this generations responsible for the sins of those who came before us? NO. We are only responsible for our own misdeeds, not those of long dead asshats who acted long before we came along.We had no part in influencing their choices or behavior, we only influence our own and those presently in our generation. We cannot go back and change things, we can only learn and move forward from here. 

The "woke" culture wants this generations to pay reparations to races, genders etc of those they have deemed worthy of those reparations. But how it that determined> Will there be DNA tests to prove the applicant is truly of a linage that was wronged, or will they do what they always do and funnel the cash to billionaires behind the scenes and it never reaches the people who have applied for it?

Historically this is what has happened to any type of aid promised to minority groups. Politicians and lobbyists make grand promises, aid is approved and then it NEVER reaches those it was intended for. Don't believe me? Go to Congress.gov and look up ANY bill for aid that has passed and been approved!!! 

The push for reparations is nothing more than greedy politicians looking for more  ways to steal from the common people.They have approved portions of the reparation bill already. They will create NEW taxes to pay for it. You do need to know how this reparation bill will be paid for and you need to understand new taxes (extortion) will be forced upon the common people to cover it. These taxes will NOT come out of any fund or from billionaires who can afford high priced accountants to find loops so they do not have to pay. No, the cost of this will fall upon the poorest communities many of whom are they very communities that have been approved to receive the aid. What does that mean? In a nutshell, those who got approved to receive these reparations will be taxed out it it!

Historically, when our government wants something it finds ways to take it, whether or not it harms the people. We are expendable to them. Please understand that! But also understand that it did NOT beginning with the USA, this has been going on since the dawn of man. When this country was created the idea was to create a system of government that was different that the monarchy. Meaning that no one person, or one branch of government could hold all power. The problem we have today is we are right back to a position where one branch of government does have a great deal of power. It is power that we "gave" them and we can take that power back!

It has always been in our blood to venture out and "conquer" new lands. This is recorded as  far back as written history goes. The human race has done horrible things to one another in the name of exploring new lands. We cannot go back and change history though. We can learn from it and do better in the present and future though. Unfortunately, some in this "woke" culture cannot move beyond the horrible past we all share. 

So where does "equity" fall in this mess our ancestors created? What is equity and who does it apply to? The black community preaches that it only applies to them due to slavery when this country was first founded. They reject that good people wanted this to be a truly free nation where no slavery existed. They want to hold us accountable for what our ancestors did, that we had no part of. Is that fair and equitable? No, because no person today had any part of the decisions made by people 200 years ago. So, how then are we responsible for what they did and why should we be a part of repaying perceived debts they owed? 

Our world history is a bloody, horrific nightmare story that seems to only get worse as time goes on. We have not learned how to live without bloodshed and hate. We have to discriminate against one to make another feel better. This is not equity or fair by any means. 

Now, take our government and it's current position as an example. They preach that they exist to help us. That is NOT the purpose on which it was created! Our government was created to work for us, NOT help us. This is "woke" culture changing the meaning of things ever so slightly so the ordinary person doesn't catch on until it's too late to stop them! 

We put terms limits on the office of President to keep one man from having too much power but we have no terms limits in Congress or the Senate and thus we have lifetime politicians who have sold this country out in order to line their own pockets. We have some in DC that have been there over 50 years, are out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent and do not even bother visiting the very districts that elected them!

There is an element of the people who support these corrupt politicians no matter what they do because those politicians will push the agenda of these self serving, disgusting people not matter who it harms. But those looking in from the outside need to understand that the regular people have had no part in what our corrupt government does! We did not ask for it. We did not approve of it and we were likely not even aware it was happening until it had already occurred. Then we spoke out against it in disgust, not that our opinion mattered because  our government treats the average people as nothing more than a cash cow they can tax without fear.

The common people would not support much of what our government does without our knowledge. If we were kept in the loop we would stop much of what is going on! Unfortunately we have allowed this corrupt system of government to operate this way for so long that our opinions no longer matter. All that does matter is that they keep increasing the power they have no matter the cost to the people.

Our world is rich with all the different cultures. We can all coexist and learn from one another. We can all work equitable trades, enriching each other. Unfortunately our corrupt governments only seek to enrich themselves and those who financially back them. It is time we remind our governments that they work for us, not the other way around. 

I want other countries to know that the people of the United States have NOT supported the horrible things our government has done. Most of us were not aware of such things until AFTER they were done and we have spoken out publicly against it once we were made aware it had happened. 

When other countries finally take action for the horrific things our government has done or ordered done, remember that WE were not aware of those things and WE will stand with you to rectify the problem and hold those accountable who are responsible. WE simply want to live in peace and love without anger and violence. We want to share all the rich histories and culture and learn from one another. We do not seek to create violence or hatred. Nor do we support a government that commits these atrocities!!!

So, what is inclusion? For the "woke" culture what they say in public is not actually accurate. Their meaning of inclusion is those rich enough to survive the coming purge. Our government and those in control of it plan to "purge" a good deal of the world population, leaving only those who will bow down to the whims of the corrupt idiots who think they know what's best. Sadly, they do not have the best interest of the people or the planet at heart. They seek only to empower themselves no matter what price is paid by those they consider expendable.

Inclusion is preached by those demanding reparations knowing that those reparations will never benefit the people it is meant for. Equity is demanded by those preaching inclusion even though they know the only equitable thing they intend is to give more power to a corrupt system of government. None of them have the best interest of the people in mind.

Do your research. Educate yourself! Do it before they censor things so badly that you will never learn the truth!

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