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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Sad Truths About Our World - Babylon is Falling

 I am 53 years old and school still taught the ugly truth about history when I was a kid, even when I attended college.

I keep hearing about how "white washed" history is, well it wouldn't be that way except a recent movement calling pretty much anything taught in public schools racist. So, editors began editing text books to appease the woke offended generation.

After watching what happened in Maui, I am disgusted by our government's handling of many things. I have been disgusted for a while. I have made posts here on this blog, but today I am sitting here wondering where all the children are that are missing from Maui. 

How our government does things is NOT how things should be!!! On that I agree. They have done things the average citizen would never have approved of IF they had known it was to happen.

Let me give you an example. Africa and their natural resources to start with. Who the hell gave our government the authority to go over there and STEAL those resources without proper compensation to the people who owned the land and the resources?!?!? We have been doing it for decades now and I am so proud of the African people standing up and taking those resources back! What does that mean for us? It means certain resources such as gold, cobalt, lithium and other materials will be hard to get for a while. ALL are needed to make electric car batteries, cell phone batteries etc.....

Our government isn't the only one who has gone into other countries and stolen resources. China has too, as has Russia and other powerful nations. But, the United States has been the worst of the bunch in compensating the rightful owners of those resources! 

I love that Africa is standing up and saying NO MORE! I also think since the country I love so much exploited Africa we should train the people to refine those resources and help them build facilities to do so. But of course, our government doesn't want them in control of such things. 

Therein lies the issue - CONTROL. 

With our government it has never been about the people, not for over 100 years. It has been about control and power. 

When this country was founded it was done on the premise to take the power away from politicians and give it to the people. Now, politicians have found ways to take the power away from the people and enrich themselves while the people suffer, as well as other countries such as Africa whom our government exploited for the natural resources. 

The people who traveled to America did so wanting a better life.. A life free of oppression, discrimination and control. Unfortunately, we have gotten away from what our fore fathers had hoped to establish, the grand experiment is in danger of failing miserably and only we the people can stop it.

Our government KNOWS that we can stop it and this is why they seek to revoke the 2nd amendment and create division among the people. If we are divided against each other we cannot stand against them. 

Right now people are literally fighting over what race existed first. WHO CARES? We are all one race - the human race and we should not be fighting among ourselves!

Those in power have been corrupted by their position. And we have allowed it to happen.  :(

As I said before it is not just America, but the EU that has exploited the less fortunate for tax money in order to exploit other countries for their riches to their own financial benefit. 

We speak of equity, inclusion and fairness, but what would be fair is to confiscate the wealth of those who financially benefited from the exploitation and distribute it to the land owners and workers that were exploited, and reimburse the tax payers for the tax money they stole to exploit other countries and workers. THAT would be fair and equitable!

Although many people hate Trump, he said one thing important..... FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! Money leaves a paper trail that leads right back to our corrupt government and "elected" officials. I say "elected" because ever since we have been forced to use mail in ballots and absentee ballots there has NOT been a free and fair election. 

Politicians now purchase their "elected"position by paying off political action committees and non profits to stuff ballot boxes for them. We the people have little say in who is actually elected. Sadly, the higher the position the farther back the bloodlines can be traced to the very monarchy we tried to avoid when we penned the Declaration of Independence. Our constitution matters little now because there are so many amendments that cancel each other out, no "law" can be interpreted in a logical manner anymore.

Putin has one thing right though. We need to get back into some moral living. Honor the family unit, stop pushing wicked agendas on children and stop exploiting other countries! I do agree with him on those points. There are American's who are fed up with what is going on, like Putin and we want it to stop. We see the destruction of this wonderful country coming from within. 

What is it that House of the Dragon said? The only ones who could destroy the Targaryn's are the Targaryn's themselves? Dance of the Dragons is quite enlightening..... America was once a powerful and feared nation...... Now we are nothing more than Sodom itself..... Our fate will be of the same if we do not fix things soon!

The entire EU has gotten on the "woke" agenda and each passing day loses more of what matters. America is falling. Mighty Babylon is falling and her cries are that of tormented souls trapped within the walls and no way out. 

People wonder what Babylon in the book of Revelation refers to. It is NOT a specific nation or country. Babylon in the book of Revelation refers to the false religion. Babylon - root word - Babble - means jibberish. The false religion has turned the true word of God into jibberish. Look at churches today..... They no longer speak the true word of God, they preach acceptance of the woke agenda within the walls of the tabernacle! 

This is why I do not participate in commercial religion. Jesus went inside the temple ONE time. He went with a whip and chased the money changers because they were perverting the holiness of the temple. Why did he do this only  once? He set an example. THINK.... Where did Jesus speak and teach in His ministry? On the roadside, the river banks and sitting under trees. Not once did Jesus, or any other true prophet teach in a formal church or temple. WHY NOT? Because they have become the home of the false prophet, the seat of Babylon itself.

If you want to know what true jibberish is simply watch committee hearings where those in the woke agenda are being asked very simple questions. Either they do not know how to answer or they refuse to answer, but they offer meaningless word salads that sound good to the ears, except for those who are awake..... We see what they are doing and it disgusts us.

Revelations Chapter 17 - 18 have something VERY important that is happening right now. He is crying out - "Come out of her My people,be not partakers of her iniquities"...... This does not mean a specific country or city..... He means the commercial church!!! We are watching the fall of commercial religion NOW. This is Babylon the Great of the Book of Revelation. 

The Lord wants His people far from the commercial church when it falls or else they will go down with it. It really is that simple.

Ever hear the saying to see evil and do nothing enables it? We have laws that state if a person is with friends and those friends kill someone, the one who was outside and did nothing can still be charged with murder and spend the rest of their life in prison. It is the same when He says get out of her My people. Stop enabling the evil and deception! 

Eating the fruit of the corrupt tree shall corrupt the entire soul. Each time you participate in commercial religion a little more of your soul is given to Babylon of Revelation......

We do not enable bad behavior of our children and we should not enable bad behavior of what is supposed to be His church!!!

But, we also know Babylon will fall and we will see it with our own eyes.We know it will take great nations down with it. This has been foretold and shall come to pass. It must happen in order to set things right in this world. We have exploited and destroyed the very planet we were put here to take care of.

I ask on my radio show if anyone knows what the first true profession in the Bible is. EVERYONE answers prostitution. Everyone is 100% wrong. Adam and Eve were set as CARETAKERS of everything. So being a caretaker was the first official profession in the Bible. We have fallen far short of that profession!

We have polluted the airs and waters, destroyed forests and soils, made this planet BARELY inhabitable and now no one cares enough to work to properly fix it. Politicians will ride whichever wave pays them the most,even if it further destroys this planet under a guise of their Green agenda...... Smart cities are not a fix for the damage we have done. They will only further the damage and destroy the people.

Each of us needs to be an example. Research why things were done certain ways 1,000 years ago. Educate ourselves away from the public education system - they seek to indoctrinate NOT educate!!! The public education system functions to make servants out of each child who participates in it. This is why the Ten Commandments were removed, it is why prayer was forbidden...... Indoctrinating servants to work for a pittance to enrich corrupt politicians is all public education is designed to do.


It is time we stop enabling the bad behavior of our corrupt officials.It is time the people stand together and stop allowing them to divide us. We all want the same things! Why do we let their word salads put hate and anger in our hearts????

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