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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Scammers Exposed by DJ Catlady Group on Facebook

 I am gonna reply here since I am in FB jail again (23 more days or so lol)

Korinna - in response to the remark you made on Shannan Espinosa / Frazier album....

Yes she has scammed.  I have not been able to update everything due to being in FB jail. I will though once I am off. Shannan has been scamming for years with her compounded lies. 

Let's start with why I called her a junkie - since you said I should know better. Shannan IS a junkie..... In Colton and other places she resided she sent her minor daughters out to sell candy to support her habit. Once she could NOT get any more scripts from the doctor's there she moved to Lucerne Valley and doctor shopped until she found one who WOULD prescribe her the narc of choice. NO doctor alive will write a script to a known junkie who has been listed as "drug seeking" - which Shannan was in Colton. The fact that she has not been truthful with her current doctors IS scamming for narcotics - which she openly admits using btw..... So, yes, I call her a junkie because she IS a junkie, one who openly admits the narcs she scams doctors out of and could possibly STILL be using the illicit drugs she had her older children supporting her habit for.

Shannan also scams the locals for food and other stuff that she has the funds to purchase. Shannan gets SNAP for 4 people in the household, plus SSI and cash aid..... 

Shannan also scams people for pet food and supplies even though she has been given the resources to have her pets spayed and neutered. Shannan will beg online for $$ to get that done - more than once I have given her all the places that will do it FREE she never gets it done and people still give her $$ to get it done (which she never does) - nor does she ever explain to those who donated for the spay / neuter where the $$ went.  

Shannan had a litter of kittens a while back she had a hard time rehoming. Her solution was to chop off their tails and say they were born that way. Now she does it randomly to all litters that are born. Instead of being a responsible pet owner and spaying the mom, neutering the dad - she mutilates the kittens and lies about them being born with short tails. 

Shannan also deflects, accuses others of all sorts of bullshit to take focus off of her. She made an accusation against ME recently that she KNOWS is 100% false but she keeps telling it over and over. The specifics were for a fundraiser we did online - which grossed $25 total - to be divided between 4 families..... Not an easy task to divide it up equally. So, the $$ and 3 of the cards are still sitting on my desk until I have enough of my own $$ to put $25 in each card to mail it out. This was posted in the fundraiser group, discussed with the receiving families and not a secret. But, Shannan keeps telling her lies. 

You do not know me well enough to know that when I post a scammer it is NEVER personal, even when the scammer is making personal attacks on ME. I do my best to remove my own emotions from the situation and view it as if a stranger would. After taking College Business Ethics, and continuing that education post graduation, I do my utmost best to present a "case" without the color of my own emotions. I also teach this to any admin / moderator in the group. Our team also goes through several training course a year, many enrichment courses per year and random training sessions as well.

The materials you see were NOT all gathered by me alone. I did contribute, but only a small part. Most of the materials were gathered by others - some of whom wished to remain anonymous. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that I personally collected this and posted it as if I did the research and investigation. However, in Shannan's case this is simply not the case. The vast majority of what I have posted was submitted to me in messenger and I posted it. 

Why have I not done most of the research myself? Well, you may not know but I live off grid and am setting up a homestead right now. To say that is a challenge would be an understatement. In February 2019 I bought 10 acres of bare land, came to it in a 2 room cabin tent. I have come a long way since then! I am renovating the 5th wheel camper I live in, building a chicken coop, expanding my dog yard and juggling issues with my solar system. I simply do not have the time to do every investigation personally. This is why our group has such an amazing team. 

So, while you want to think this is done on a personal level, or that because I have not yet posted everything I have on this particular scammer, understand that I have a limited amount of time online each day and I try to make it quality time. I do not eat, drink and breathe the antics of all the scammers we investigate. I do have other obligations as well. I am presently trying to get 4 new DJ's set up and tested so they can get on schedule and that has been challenging due to time differences. Thankfully, 3 of the 4 are ready to go now and the 4th will be ready by next week!!!

Our group is very different from other scammers exposed groups in the way we handle scammers. Other groups tend to permit anyone to post against anyone without even a single screenshot or proof OR any investigation. Our group does take the time to look into EVERY single scammer that is submitted to us BEFORE we post them. You have no idea how many posts per day we reject because the proofs are not given!!!

Ok, now I have outside things to get done today (even with presently being down with bronchitis) - sick or not there is still work to be done!!!

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