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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Welcome Newbies!!!

 I wanna say hello to all the new visitors to the blog!!!

I work hard on the research I gather for YOU. I had always considered this more of a notebook to toss stuff into lol but it is growing in popularity for sure!!!

Everything I do I do it for YOU to help YOU open your mind and enlighten you. Yes I love rabbit holes and challenges!!! I semi followed the q@n@n craze mainly because I was curious. I did find the bottom of one of those rabbit holes though and made a post about it here!!!

I have bronchitis right now and am in FB jail again (25 more days lol) I swear we call out a bully in a chat and several of us get spanked and the bully got nothing!!!

I will be putting more research up soon! Right now I am reading a text book and watching the lectures for the book on YouTube. It is a LONG book - a personal enrichment thing I suppose to compliment my college studies.

Once I get along in it I will be making posts about it since what I learn may help others learn and understand the weird behaviors of those who suffer substance abuse. OMFG the textbook is bigger than a cinderblock I kid you not!!! I will post pix on FB once I CAN - I swear FB hates me lol

Anyways, Friday is my birthday and I was trying to do a small fundraiser for JellyBean when I got smacked by the Zuck lol. JellyBean is an amazing rescue kitty who had all his upper teeth removed and can only eat wet food. He has his own FB page type @JBtheCat - donation info is also below. If you wish to donate to his vet that info is on his FB page!!

Please put "For JellyBean" in the subject or notes - all receipts are posted on his page and unboxing videos will be posted as well on our YouTube Channel

Paypal - mischievousslave@yahoo.com

Cash App - $catlady1970

Venmo - Evelyn-Turner-9

Google Pay - breakingtaylor@gmail.com

Coinbase - turner28@yahoo.com

All donations are appreciated - JB said to tell you he REALLY likes the wet food with the extra gravy (which is very hard to get right now due to the supply chain crap) - he REALLY likes that kind!!!

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