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Thursday, January 13, 2022

These lock downs make NO SENSE

 Apparently, Sonoma County California is now being told to shelter in place to stop the spread of Omicron.

Why now? After this variant being around for months now - spreading freely, infecting millions and NOT being a huge problem (less severe than the previous variants)..... NOW these twits wanna lock down to stop the spread.

If they wanted to stop the spread why not lock down when it was first detected???? When will people wake the fuck up and realize this is NOT about stopping a pandemic.... It is seeing just how much YOU will OBEY....

When the shit first started it took 3 months before Trump issued a 15 day lock down to slow the spread. That's 90 days of this virus freely spreading BEFORE anyone was told to shelter in place!!!! It took less time than that for the black death to wipe out MILLIONS!!!

Then 15 days turned into 2 years....... 

The masking debate is also one that makes absolutely no logical sense. Masks do NOT prevent you from catching the virus - they only prevent you from spreading it (and even that is up for debate right now) - there is ZERO evidence that any type of facial mask is effective against this virus. 

First it was don't wear one save them for first responders and medical personnel. Then it was wear them, make your own cloth masks, then double mask, then face shields..... Then it was vaxxed and natural immunity folks didn't need to wear masks.... Now it's everyone wear them again regardless of vax or immunity status..... The so-called experts cannot even make up their mind on masking!!!

Speaking of the masks - if this virus is so contagious and so deadly - where are the biohazard bins to dispose of the masks in???? Why do we see used masks all over the ground with the other trash people just toss??? Aren't they filled with infectious bacteria that could spread and kill everyone???

Then let's look at other shit that makes zero sense. Stores put plastic over the card keypads.... Plexiglass between customers and clerks..... But how often are they sanitizing these??? RARELY - definitely NOT between customers - who touch their faces, noses etc and then touch those keypads.....I will not even mention public toilets..... We all KNOW those things are lucky to be cleaned daily (weekly in some cases).....But this virus is oh so deadly right???

What about door handles? When we push them to go inside a building...... How many people before you touched them? How many of those people might have the virus and can spread it via leaving it on those handles? When was the last time the door handles were sanitized? I can say that I have NEVER seen a single business sanitizing door handles with the exception of the Barstow Courthouse - that cleaning lady sanitizing lots of surfaces multiple times a day. 

What about at the store? All those items on the shelves were touched by a MINIMUM of 20 people before YOU touch them to buy them!!! Not all wore masks and most don't wear gloves. How many people breathed their germs on those items??? Yet NONE of those even get sanitized before they reach YOU.

Public transportation and Uber, Lyft etc.... How many times do you see these sanitized between patrons??? RARELY. They are NOT sanitized between stops - and rarely sanitized daily. But this virus is oh so deadly right - so deadly people double mask.....

So, common sense went in the toilet when Fauci took charge of this pandemic...... He did oh so great with the HIV issue huh? All the empty promises and outright lies over the decades.... NOW he has taken Gain of Function research to create bioweapons for the government and one of his pet projects is now ravaging the planet...... But somehow people listen to this twit......

Keep in mind this IS a corona virus - cousin to the common cold (which has been with us since time began right?). They have been 100% unsuccessful at creating a vax for the common cold - as well as corona viruses in animals to date - yet YOU still believe that in less than a year they created an effective corona virus vax for THIS corona virus???? DO YOUR RESEARCH FOLKS!!!!

I still do not know WHAT this jab is but I can say with 100% surety that it is NOT a corona virus vax.....

So, while you soothe yourself wearing masks that even OSHA says are NOT effective, while you sanitize your hands until all the good bacteria is gone and will never return - you touch contaminated surfaces all day long - spreading germs everywhere you go - remember this ok....

This has NEVER been about stopping / slowing the spread.... It IS about control and seeing just how much YOU will obey. Because if you obey then they can take more power until you are nothing more than a pawn (expendable) in their game of chess.

FYI - I am not a pawn, nor did I choose to even participate in their chess game..... Nor am I a science experiment!!!

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