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Monday, January 10, 2022

Lloyd Jackson - from Scammers Exposed by DJ Catlady on Facebook


Meet Lloyd Jackson
He has several ads posted, but the one he IS scamming with is for a car.

Now take note he says it still runs, talks it up because he wants to preferably trade it for a very specific PS5 - the newest one with all the bells and whistles.

However, in messaging Lloyd, he had several opportunities to talk more about the car - and he lied in the ad because in messages he told a very different story about the car. 

He totally ignored a request to have a friends mechanic check out the car - and this question was asked multiple times. This shows that he does not want a mechanic to look at it because then it will be obvious the car does NOT meet with what he posted!!!

With the back fees, all the issues and what would need done to get it to pass smog - the PS5 is worth far more than the car is - now how do I know this? He could have sold it to Pull Apart or a salvage yard and bought the PS5 if the car was of equal value!!!

The fact that he has not done so tells me that the car is worth far less - or at least the salvage people quoted him far less than the cost of a PS5 so he listed it on marketplace hoping to find a sucker.

Lloyd needs to come clean about the car and other items he has listed that are highly suspicious.

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