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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Just a post - although quite important

 I rescue kitties a lot!!! Presently I have 12 and a 13th might arrive soon. Each kitty has their own sad story that you can find on Facebook by typing @JBtheCat (at least until FB decides to finally can my account - they HATE me lol)

JellyBean is about 14 years old and still needs another dental surgery. I have a female kitty (my registered emotional therapy kitty) named Sister, who needs a dental to resolve her auto immune disorder. NO ONE is helping financially with any form of dental procedures!!! Believe me, I have put in so many applications and received so many rejection letters!!!

Donations are desperately needed for these 2 kitties to get the surgery they desperately need! The surgery will cost roughly $600 each. Jellybean needs his lower teeth removed, yes all of them. All of his upper teeth have already been pulled due to dental disease, and age. Sister requires a cleaning to remove the plaque on her teeth that her auto immune disorder. She may need all of her teeth removed - depends on how she responds to the plaque removal.

Donations can be made directly to the vet - just look up:

Bear Valley Animal Hospital
Apple Valley, California
Name on the account: Evelyn Turner

Or use one of the following and put Jellybean / Sister in the subject / message line:

Paypal: mischievousslave@yahoo.com
Cash App: $catlady1970
Google Pay: breakingtaylor@gmail.com
Venmo- Evelyn-Turner-9
Coinbase - turner28@yahoo.com

I can also accept Facebook pay and Zelle.

The kitties thank you in advance. If you would like to donate gifts to them such as wet food, cat crack (aka catnip), toys, dry food etc.... (they love sparkle balls, plastic springs and strings on a stick) you may ship them to the following:

Evelyn Turner
PO Box 2095
Barstow, CA 92312

If you ship anything please message me to watch for it so I know when to go pick it up! :P They LOVE surprise box day and I always do unboxing videos for Facebook / Youtube!!!

I cannot thank people enough for any and all donations,. no matter how small! Every gift helps! Jellybean served his community for over 10 years as a greeter at the local food bank. As soon as I said he could be in his furever home with me ALL donations dried up. I struggle since I am on disability with such a limited income I do good to make sure all of the furbabes have plenty of food and other supplies.

Once again, thank you in advance!!!

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