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Tuesday, January 4, 2022



Palmistry is an ancient method of predicting the future and interpreting a person's personality from the pattern of the lines of the hands. Sometimes these lines can form even numbers and letters.
One of these letters may be the letter M, the meaning of which has been investigated by many mystics. As many believe, the lines on the palm reveal our character and destiny.
The letter M is assigned to truly special people.
They are endowed with extraordinary intuition and represent the ideal partners for any business.
If the people you love have the special letter M on the inside of the palm, you have to know that you cannot mock and you cannot lie or deceive that person in any way.
Being very intelligent and intuitive, people with the letter M in the palm of their hand easily realize that they are being lied to or deceived.
Women who have the letter M on their palm have a stronger intuition than men, even those who have this letter.
They are gifted with the power to manage and overcome any obstacle in life, and they know how to exploit the resources and opportunities that are offered to them.
The letter "M" on your palm can also mean:
• Leadership skills
• Joy
• Excellent opportunities
According to popular tradition, this sign is characteristic of the prophets ... So if you have this letter in your hand, you are really a special person! Some people hold it in one hand and
others in both!


I have it on both and the lines are pretty deep

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