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Monday, January 10, 2022

Gotta love Media Hype BS - Lester Holt you disappoint me!!!

 https://youtu.be/uLQHCuLG41M NBC Nightly News January 10 , 2022

The very first part of this news segment is about omicron & covid. What they do NOT say about the overstressed hospitals is the MANDATES that made so many choose medical freedom over the job - positions that have yet to be filled for the very same reason - the MANDATES.

Also, what they DID say is "breakthrough" infections. Check with the UK, Israel and other stats then compare with the CDC stats...... It seems NOW that this new variant favors those who got the jab and few unjabbed are getting sick!!!! 

It is what they do NOT say - things readily available to anyone who looks for it on the CDC, FDA and other websites - that people NEED to know.

Remember when they said the homeless would be decimated by this? Gee, that never happened.....

Remember when they promised, even swore one jab was it, then you needed a follow up, then a booster, now it's a 4th shot for immunocompromised.... PLUS a brand new omicron vax coming in March...... These vaxxes for covid will NEVER end - why? Because of the nature of a corona virus!!! They were NOT able to create a corona virus vax that worked for cats and they have been trying that one for decades!! What fool could possibly believe they could develop one for humans in less than a year when they cannot create one for cats after trying for near 30 years???

How many more pokes will YOU suffer? How many shitty side effects before enough is enough? Are YOU a guinea pig or science project? If you took the jab you are NOW and will be for the rest of your life!!!

They say deaths are UP - well as more vaxxed people get breakthrough infections that is bound to happen. What they are NOT saying is that death among the unvaxxed is DOWN while death among the vaxxed is increasing! You must check out what they do not say by checking statistics from their own websites folks!!! Stop blindly buying into the shit they shovel from the colorful noisy box!!!

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