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Friday, April 9, 2021

George Floyd Murder Trial up to Day 8... My thoughts


George Floyd Trial through Day 8… as I see it


The 13th Juror if you will….


Prior to the trial I had some strong opinions about the situation, to say the least. I got sick of hearing about it every time I tried to watch something, like many others have I’m sure.


I watched the viral videos, like so many others have done…. Watched them MANY times….


I do NOT condone what Derek did, nor do I condone what George was doing just before they attempted to arrest him…..


I am quite impressed with how quickly the state put this quality of a trial together. Typically it would take YEARS before a trial like this actually made it to the courtroom. Kudos for doing it so fast AND being of such quality.


I have been breaking the trial down into 2 types of witnesses, emotional and technical.


For ME, the emotional witnesses hold little value beyond shock value. Their pain is real. What they saw traumatized them for sure, BUT it only laid the groundwork for the technical witnesses. Those who saw the viral video are traumatized, but emotional witnesses do NOT win trials – technical witnesses do.


I learned a good deal about police use of force. I was impressed by the LAPD use of force expert they put on the stand. The Minnesota police trainer expert also impressed me, but for a very different reason.


That guy openly admits that he ignores a suspect’s cry for medical assistance. Now this is a HUGE problem – and I will use myself as an example here. If that officer arrested ME – I have COPD and get panic attacks….. During an attack my blood pressure SKYROCKETS and I hyperventilate. I can still TALK, but I do NOT take in enough oxygen and thus end up passing out and needing IMMEDIATE medical attention. This officer would ignore this because HE feels suspects are faking???? I would die at his hands, just like George Floyd did at Chauvin’s hands…. All because these officer’s cannot tell the difference between faking and real medical issues!!!!! The officer who testified needs to be retrained in how to tell the difference!!!!


Many Minneapolis PD officers testified about the DUTY of an officer to provide basic medical WHILE waiting on the ambulance.


The defense attorney keeps trying to bring in the crowd’s actions as being a danger for the officers to act on the duty to provide medical. This argument is bullshit and I think the jury sees this.


The crowd was pissed because they WANTED the officers to check on George Floyd and the officers refused to. Had the officer’s simply checked George Floyd’s pulse OR rendered medical aide – the crowd would have calmed UNLESS Chauvin KNEW what he would find – that George Floyd was dead, and the crowd would have gone nuts. Either way – medical aide should have been rendered while waiting for the ambulance.


Using the argument that the crowd was a danger is a fallacy, they were NOT a threat and I believe the jury can clearly see that on the videos.


It is tragic that officers think they can use this neck restraint. I agree fully that it is wrong and needs to be stopped. I can see doing it momentarily while putting cuffs on – but it should never be a sustained restrained since it is KNOWN by the officers to put the subject at risk of death. It is that KNOWING that makes what Chauvin did a crime. It is that knowing that makes George Floyd’s death murder.


Now, back when all this occurred, I made a few remarks about what George Floyd was doing on that corner and in that neighborhood. Keep in mind I am not from there so my knowledge of crime rates comes from online statistics.


We now know a few things about George Floyd:

1.    George Floyd WAS sitting there participating in a drug deal

2.    The dealer was the source of the fake $20 bills – he gave them to George Floyd as change for the amount paid for the drugs he purchased

3.    The drug deal is WHY George Floyd simply did not drive away after he went into Cup Foods

4.    A partially digested pill was found on the floor of the cruiser – with George Floyd’s DNA on it – meaning it WAS an illegal drug George Floyd had on his tongue in the video

5.    George Floyd was experiencing “excited delirium” as he was placed in the cruiser and even said “I ate too many drugs” or something similar when he was on the ground about to pass out

6.    George Floyd has a past history of “eating” the dope rather than being caught with it – and being rushed to the hospital for overdose in police custody

7.    George Floyd lied when asked – multiple times – what drugs he was on (Had he told the truth Narcan could have been given and he might still be alive)

8.    His argument about being claustrophobic is a lie. He had been sitting in the driver’s seat (and drove the SUV to the store) – windows UP and tight quarters….. So, being inside a car with the windows closed negates his argument about being claustrophobic.

9.    His prior charges and convictions would have meant a MUCH longer sentence THIS time – which is likely why he was putting up such a fight – he also stated he didn’t want to go back because he had recently just gotten out of jail (But who would want to go back – so this is a normal reaction of someone dreading a long sentence)



All of this does NOT justify what happened, so let’s be clear on that fact!!!!


Now, we also know a few things about George and Chauvin…..

1.    They did work together at a club as bouncers

2.    They had a history of NOT getting along

3.    They had a history in the community as well with previous encounters


We also know about Derek Chauvin….

1.    He is a veteran officer with over 18 years on the job

2.    He has gone through over 800 hours of yearly training – some of which dealt with the very issue at hand and the dangers of it

3.    He has a minimum of 15 excessive force complaints, and some deaths at his hands (the trial is not to this part yet)

4.    He has many complaints that have yet to be revealed during trial

5.    He was a problem officer


I am impressed with how the state cleaned up the videos so we can actually hear what is being said by each person. I have now seen a lot more footage and firmly believe Chauvin murdered Floyd…. But getting a 1st degree conviction on a cop is pretty much impossible.


MY THEORY in a nutshell ….. Waiting for these details to appear in court – to date they are not even mentioned….


George Floyd and Chauvin worked together at that club and could not get along there. I FEEL something happened there that caused Chauvin to want some sort of revenge on George Floyd. Chauvin WAS the first officer asked to respond to Cup Foods.

I feel that when Chauvin arrived and saw it was George Floyd he took his “opportunity” and thought he would get away with it.


Here is what I feel Chauvin – alone – is responsible for:

1.    Failure to render medical aide when he had a duty to – meaning administer Narcan and / or perform CPR etc

2.    Preventing an off-duty fire fighter from rendering medical aide – threatening her with mace when she approached to assist

3.    Using excessive / deadly force when it was not necessary

4.    Abuse of a corpse when he slung George Floyd onto the gurney like a ragdoll


There is much more, but I am withholding those opinions until they are presented at trial. I am seriously waiting for the witnesses about their relationship at the club, because I feel that job is WHY all of this happened.


Now, I also have an opinion about Officer Tao…..

From the videos, it is clear that he was protecting his partner. In some cases that is a good thing. In this case, it is not. I FEEL Tao knew what Chauvin would do if he ever got his hands on George Floyd….. Tao KNEW and assisted in perpetuating this crime. But, that is just a gut feeling and we will not know until Tao’s trial…..

I do hope the state is paying that defense attorney well - he is doing so much for the prosecution!!!

*** By the way... That defense attorney is fine OMFG...... Damn I have been single wayyyyyyyyyy too long lol

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