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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Facebook Live Today

 Many of you know I am selling Tupperware, Avon and Java Momma coffee

I will be doing a LIVE Demo & Drawing at 4 pm PST TODAY - the wind finally decided to give me a break today lol
This Demo will include SOME Avon Products (stupid delivery guy hasn't shown up with my big order) - Some Java Momma products (also waiting on the big order) - but LOTS of Tupperware
We Will be playing Tupperware Jenga / Tetris - with tons on my personal collection!!!!
I will be doing a give away during the live it will be based on attendance / participation!!!!
If we get 25 participants I will give away 3 freebies!!!!
Orders placed DURING the live video qualify for the raffle of a basket of products (still working on filling them I have 5 available)
ALL proceeds go to benefit JellyBean's vet care (see his page for details)
This Demo is being done under his fundraiser page 😛
ANY order of $40 or more before 6 pm April 12, 2021 gets an EXTRA Free Gift!!!!!
All links to shop the websites will be posted in JellyBean's fundraiser page OR you may message me directly and order directly through me 😛 (All message orders will be processed AFTER the live feed)
Please like and share this - the more who attend the more chances we have to help this amazingly awesome kitty cat!!!!

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