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Monday, March 8, 2021

Backstabbing, Hypocritical B*tches....... (Vent Post)


*** VENT *** Newsflash to Sandy & Alison this is MY wall and I can vent all I want on it


Ok, everyone knows that weeks ago 2 of my dogs got out. Rosa came home the same day. Hooker did not…. I got her from Sandy…… My neighbor….. Long story gone over in a previous post….


Everyone also knows that I have NOT had a vehicle or transportation to go anywhere. My jeep is down with a short in the wiring…… I gave the PT back to Greg (it was NOT running he had it towed to the shop where it STILL needs major repairs before it will run again)…… Would have cost me too much to switch the engines…..


So, I have done what I could to get the word out about Hooker being missing. I have friends in the 4x4 groups who camp at Stoddard Off Road…. They have pix of her…. The went out looking on their dune buggies, dirt bikes etc…. I posted in MANY groups – some are still pending – what the hell is wrong with some of these admins anyways???? But the posts WERE made some with pix and some without – that I added her pic to later on…..


I have lost countless hours of sleep combing through the MANY lost & found pet groups in this area….. Reaching out to those who might have been at the Off Road event when she got out….. Calling shelter after shelter…. Rescue after rescue…… The day AFTER she got out I had them take my name & number in case one came in fitting her description. Later I texted her pic to them…..


Meanwhile, behind my back, Sandy & Alison are going around also looking for her. Alison likes to preach about working together….. Well, she had to drive right past MY house to get to Sandy and never once did she stop in… Never once was I consulted about what the 2 of them were doing or who they had talked to or what they had told them…. NOT ONCE….. But on social media Alison sure likes to preach about working together… hypocritical bitch…..


Both of them KNEW I had no transportation…… But not once did they offer to take ME to the shelters to see if Hooker had been brought in. NO. When Sandy went to them she told them SHE owned Hooker, waived an old spay certificate in their face and had HER info put as the contact if Hooker was brought in…..


By Sandy doing this it cut off ANY hopes I had of even getting information if a dog had been turned in that even fit her description. I kept being told “the owner has provided her info and if one comes in we will contact her”…..


It is heartbreaking enough that Hooker ran off and did not come back….. Can you imagine how I felt when shelter after shelter kept saying that to me????? Hooker WAS my dog….. Until Sandy decided she wanted her back AGAIN….


The fact that neither Alison nor Sandy consulted with ME about anything they were doing, who they were talking to etc told me volumes. Considering they had to drive past my home to get to Sandy’s EVERY time they went out to look for Hooker and NEVER once stopped, never called – KNOWING I had no transportation – again told me everything I needed to know.


Sandy wanted Hooker back because she lost Moolie….. Lost being the nicest way I can say it. YES he was old…. She refused to take him to the vet, excuse after excuse when I DID have a vehicle….. I DID offer all she had to do was pay for gas….. Moolie did NOT have to suffer the way he did….. Not for as long as he did…… But when he finally did pass, she decided she wanted Hooker back. That is the only reason I can see for her not being truthful with these shelters AND waving the OLD spay certificate in their faces to “prove” ownership. When I have text messages asking her to write up a transfer of ownership on Hooker and she ignored them.


In the last year I have personally watched 2 of her dogs suffer LONG, slow deaths…. Stinger and Moolie….. Both could have benefited from vet care both were denied it by Sandy….. Do you think Hooker will fare any better with her???? When Iva’s dog was sick, Sandy DEMANDED Blue be taken to the vet right this second….. Oh did she get mad when I didn’t have transportation and another person had appointments…… Blue was old and sick and honestly too far gone to save….. But THAT is on Sandy – the responsible adult up there on that property…..


I took Hooker in because Sandy ran around like a chicken with its head cut off getting absolutely nothing done. Hooker was in her way. Hooker demanded too much of her attention, she couldn’t tend to Moolie. Hooker was too much…. So many other remarks like that about Hooker so I took her in….. My dog Rosa and Hooker were best buddies and loved to play. It gave Spike a rest. Rosa wears him out, she still has that puppy energy. Spike came from that property too… Spent 9 years of his life on a 10 foot chain …… So, building him a kennel where he could romp and play was VERY important, one where he never had to be chained again was VERY important…. I did that for him – ALONE. It may not be pretty, but it is safe, it has shelter and most importantly Spike and Rosa love it.


A year ago Sandy and I went through shit like this over Spike. He had been with me almost a year at that point….. Nothing was good enough in her eyes…. This was about the same time one of her other dogs came down ill…. This is a cycle with her it seems. Spike was NOT hers….. He belonged to Ellen and Robert who had gotten him from Iva. NOT Sandy. I have all his paperwork and a signed transfer of ownership on him.


There is only so much a person can take before they explode and right now I am doing MY explosion HERE so when I am done I can rest with a clear heart and mind.


Sandy acts like Spike was hers… He NEVER was. She sent me a pic of how Spike used to be kept – right next to HER camper….. I may not poo scoop daily but DAMN…. She had to look at that every time she opened her camper door and she allowed it to continue all because Spike and Blue would fight so much…..


But I was forced to listen to how nothing was good enough, no one can be as good to a dog as SHE can. No one can provide for a dog like she can. So much crap like that it was pathetic to be honest. She had 5 of her own at that time and NO CASH INCOME….. Still has no cash income ….. She has no bills, lives rent free on Iva’s property and cannot even make sure Iva’s dog is properly fed and watered….. She watched as Blue died slowly of dehydration and starvation….. Old age played a SMALL part….. But leaving a 100 year old woman with severe dementia in charge of animal care…. Iva’s reasoning was she would NOT feed or water Blue because she didn’t want him peeing and pooping in the house… (You gotta know Iva to fully understand this)…. But Sandy WATCHED for weeks and did NOTHING for Blue, just as she did NOTHING for Stinger and NOTHING for Moolie…


Now she wants to act like a saint for Hooker??? Nope… She just recently had Moolie cremated and she wants to fill that hole in her heart by taking Hooker back……Alison is helping her too. If she wasn’t why then PUBLICLY would Alison be saying we should work together – yet drive right by every time she picked Sandy up to go “look” for Hooker? I was the rightful owner, seems like she would have at bare minimum called me and let me know their efforts right????


Neither of them have said a peep to me beyond what has been posted in a couple threads online. Neither of them bothered to say hey we are heading to shelters wanna go….. Neither of them thought to put the rightful owners # on those flyers…. They put Sandy’s # KNOWING that half the time she won’t answer her phone, claims it is always “fucking up” or has no service….. Seems like they would have put the # that IS one people can get through to anytime, day or night….. Nope…..


But Alison wants to go apeshit on how I will not “work together” to find Hooker…..


What is my motivation here? Sandy has made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get info from shelters about Hooker if she IS brought in since she listed herself as the rightful owner….. What am I to do????

What would YOU do???? Would you keep losing sleep looking for a dog that someone else is running around saying is theirs making people confused as to who actually owns the dog???? I have cried myself to sleep for a week on this matter, held my tongue on it until tonight….


I have very little income and it only goes so far…. I could have begged online for gas money… But my friends came together to help me call shelters, make posts etc…. Gas money or money for printer ink would have done little good….. Yes I have a Santa Fe now….. If you KNEW the history of this vehicle and who I got it from … It is NOT a reliable vehicle YET, but close. So, running up and down the road likely would have ended with AAA towing it home…..


But, I get slammed By Alison & Sandy for the way I chose to hunt without a vehicle or funds…. Rosa and I walked nightly as far as I could. Spike too… I alternated them….. I would hear her barking and get Rosa or Spike and follow until the barking stopped…. One can only walk so far with a MASSIVE labral tear in their left hip…… But I pushed myself far beyond my body’s limits and I am STILL trying to recover from it…..


As much as I adore Hooker this is NOT worth the bullshit Sandy and Alison are doing. If they truly meant to help they would have kept me in the loop all along. Their intentions are perfectly clear so I am washing my hands of all of it. Sandy wants Hooker back so bad – fine. I am not gonna keep losing sleep working my fingers to the bone networking trying to find her via online contacts who frequent the area she was in….. Nope…..


Done is done. As far as I am concerned Sandy and Alison both can lose my number. I am deeply heartbroken by all of this because it also means I will NOT be going back up on the hill to help out with Iva….. I do enjoy helping her and listening to all her stories!


The funny thing about all of this though….. Sandy has become the very thing she hates…. A younger version of Iva….


Iva may be hell to deal with sometimes but ya gotta give a 100 year old woman some respect – she has lived on that hill OFF GRID for over 40 years!!! Her mind might not always be there, but damn, give some respect where it is due.


Sandy would be living on the streets if it wasn’t for Iva….. Now she lives rent free, her water is free, electric is free… trash pick up free…. And all she can do is talk shit about her situation and how miserable it is to be the responsible adult on the hill up there….

Congrats Sandy you WIN…. You want Hooker so damn bad because your poor heart is broken over Moolie and Blue? Go for it. My guess is that Hooker is up at Alison’s and has been since that last night I heard her barking near your place….


I have suffered Sandy’s BULLSHIT for two years now…. Listened to her gripes about how shitty her living situation was, how shitty they treat her etc….. I have TRIED to help – I offered her some land… She kept putting it off until I decided she wasn’t gonna take it and I offered that portion to someone else….. I offered to let her live in my RV because she was so miserable up on the hill… even when she still had 5 dogs….. I have taken food up there to her, cooked and just supplies…. Given her small propane tanks because she had no heat (always griping about having no heat OMFG), given her medical supplies when she burned her leg on her lantern (that she promised to replace because I gave her my last – never happened, to this day they have not been replaced nor will she even discuss it), taken her coffee when she had none and so much more……


And she goes behind my back listing herself as Hooker’s owner so that NO ONE would contact ME if she was found…..


But somehow I am the bad guy for calling her ass out on this…..


I call a spade a spade and call it like I see it….. If they do not like it….

Newsflash FB has the BLOCK option… stop stalking my posts trying to act like you are helping…..

Maybe I should send Animal Control up to Alison’s AND to Calvin’s to do a search for Hooker…..

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