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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish


Hooker is still MISSING but I have a gut feeling….

Hooker is my dog who escaped a couple of weeks ago…. Rosa came home same day at dusk…. Hooker did not although I did here her for several nights and walked miles each night following the barking and calling her name….

I feel in my gut that Sandy has her…..

A year ago she gave me Hooker then took her back….. The old term for it was “Indian Giving”… Sandy does that a lot….

Last week my IHSS worker ran into Sandy and she told him “I fucked up HER chances of getting Hooker back”

So that tells me HER intentions where Hooker is concerned….. Sandy wants Hooker back again… Surprise surprise…..

I have had no sightings of Hooker. Now that I have a vehicle I have ran around looking for her. After that event up at Stoddard Wells off road area she has NOT been seen or heard anywhere.

It is possible someone from that picked her up and took her home. Hooker is a VERY sweet girl and would do well in a home with children.

But, the fact that the VERY night I stopped hearing Hooker barking is the VERY night Sandy shut up about Hooker….. I find that highly suspect…..

If she wanted Hooker back she could have been woman enough to just ASK. I had repeatedly asked her to write up a transfer of ownership – Sandy refused to…. She always had a thousand excuses as to why she had not done it – even when I handed her a pen and paper. I KNEW she would try to get Hooker back….. Especially after Moolie died….

My prayer is that Hooker is safe and happy. It is all I can ask for since the longer she is gone the less likely I will find her….. I just want her safe, happy and well cared for.

And IF Sandy does have her, at least let her be woman enough to say so – this way others are not out still searching for her and worrying about her…..

Sandy can go to hell…. I am washing my hands of her and her drama and bullshit…..

I see now why pretty much anyone who DOES know her talks total shit about her….. She first STOLE Hooker from Dave….. then uses that as a weapon…..

How did she steal Hooker from Dave? Simple! Dave cannot walk well. When Dave took Hooker to be spayed he could NOT walk inside the vet clinic….. Sandy took Hooker into the building and had ALL paperwork put in HER name not Dave’s. That is how she stole Hooker from Dave.

Sandy tells all sorts of stories about that….. But Dave’s entire family has told ME the same thing about how Sandy took Hooker away from Dave.

Sandy likes to toss out the fact that ONE time in TWO years she cared for my furbabes…. Sucks being arrested for something you did not do. That was beyond my control and NOT by choice. Yes, the cops threatened to have animal control take the pets BECAUSE they were taking me to jail NOT because of poor care etc…. They did not know I could call and arrange someone to care for them. Sandy was my LAST call, not my first….. She just happened to be the ONLY one who answered when I called from the holding cell….

That debt has been repaid MANY times over but she still likes to toss it out there in defense of the BS disappearing acts she pulls. “Oh I cared for your animals while you were gone” – she never states that it was NOT my choice to be away. When she leaves it is by CHOICE so she has time to make arrangements etc and tells everyone else arrangements were made…..

So, as I said, I am washing my hands of her. If she has Hooker so be it. All she would do is pull out that spay certificate and wave it in a cops face like she has done once to ME and multiple times to Dave.

Now, some of you are hung up on me being arrested for something I did not do….. LOL so let me fill you in in a nutshell. I invited my sorry piece of shit oldest daughter to California because my grandkids were SVERELY abused. I called CPS and had them removed from her care. This was done May 20, 2019…… After that I had ZERO access to either of my grandkids ok… Keep DATES in mind here they ARE important.

Both grandkids were in CPS custody May 20, 2019….. My daughter had scheduled, supervised visits which she did NOT keep….

She and her boyfriend skipped state in June. My grandson was returned to Michigan to his bio dad in early June 2019. OUT OF STATE first week of June (not even in California ok)

So, I get arrested September 5, 2019 for Corporal punishment of a child (my grandson) – also called SPANKING. When I saw WHEN this supposedly happened I laughed myself into fits DURING video court….

It reads, “On or about July 4, 2019 I supposedly committed corporal punishment of my grandson”

He was NOT even in the state of California on July 4, 2019 nor did I have access to him so I could NOT have committed what they accused me of.

They held me for 6 weeks total. Sandy cared for my animals during this time. Since then I have been working with the court to prove this I DO have court paperwork from the Michigan custody court and MANY other documents proving my grandson was NOT even in the state at the time this crime supposedly took place. I pled guilty to a misdemeanor just to shorten the BS I was going through…. I am 51 and disabled…. Not like I need a background check for a job or whatnot so what is a misdemeanor on my record if my grandkids are safe????

So, while Sandy throws up that she cared for my animals during my time in jail….. She neglects to tell how that debt has been repaid many times over OR the fact that I was arrested for something that could not have possibly happened…..

I have no secrets, nothing to hide. My entire life is pretty much public record on social media etc… So, since anyone can find anything WHY hide from it???

I am no angel, never claim to be. But Sandy is no martyr either and I am sick and tired of her tossing this up using it to justify her own actions.

I was so grateful that she had done this for me I even offered her 2 acres of land for it. But, after her MULTIPLE disappearing acts leaving her dogs at MY expense….. That debt has long since been paid 5 times over at least…. AND I absolutely do NOT want her ass for a neighbor….  I have seen what she does to Iva and Iva’s things…. Not gonna happen to ME – nope…

So, now that I have said this I have other things to do. Sandy needs to lose my number. I am blocking her on social media as of the posting of this note….

She is truly alone with Iva now…. Do not call me or text me with “emergencies” I will NOT come.

From what I can see, Sandy has literally become the very thing she claims to hate the most…. Sandy IS a younger version of Iva….. Good work Sandy….. Becoming what you hate and talk shit about – you talk shit about the very thing you ARE…..

Good bye and good riddance to bad rubbish.,

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