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Sunday, May 26, 2024

HMG and That Fiasco


I am putting this here because other social media simply cannot contain this one.

I will be deleting my support posts of Heather Marie Gaines. I was duped by he and I kick myself because I fell for it. I put this here in hopes no one else gets duped by her again.

Let me start by saying I did not know her, nor was I friends with her before I offered to help her that day. So, please stop labelling me as her "friend" I never knew her like that and had zero dealings with her prior to the day I helped her. I was informed of her situation by a mutual friend. Having once been helped by online friends I paid it forward to help her...... It was a mistake. I know that now.

What led up to my helping was a lot of online bullying - whether she deserved it or not is beside the point - it DID go too far.  Our mutual friend showed me what was going on and because I was bullied as a child (elementary school) I always voice on the side of the one being bullied. My participation on this matter was not deserved I have learned, nor was it appreciated in the least.

I helped coordinate with multiple people to bring HMG to my home where she could feel safe and her sister could pick her up. Her extremely short stay, a day and a half, was pleasant enough. Another friend put herself out in order to help HMG get some needed items..... Clothes, underwear, socks, etc..... Others had taken up a collection for those items and more......

After she left I sighed with relief because I am not one who tends to like overnight visitors. My place is not the ritz, but it is safe and welcoming. 

So HMG wanted screenshots I have of conversations with certain people and this week I was not able to get those together because I was dealing with a family issue, still am really. So, last night she messages me under false pretenses asking about 2 pups, saying someone may be interested...... I asked her why she left the chat that was made where she wanted to receive the screenshots and she went on a tirade calling me a liar and how I supposedly used her situation for "popularity" for myself. 

Keep in mind after I said my piece I have not participated in shit for a week at least now. The only one benefitting from "popularity" over her issue is her. 

For me done is done. I blocked her and began soul searching in everything that went down. Seems like anytime she needs new clothes she has an emergency with her mother. Anytime she wants to escape responsibility it was her mother's fault. 

I do understand that is a toxic relationship to say the least, but at some point HMG needs to take accountability for the shit that has gone down involving her mother that she brought on. Let's start with the litter of kittens that she left with her mom while she "stayed one night" with her dad..... Leading to her mom "dumping" the poor things at the AVAS thus putting HMG on the red flag list there........ So, why did she not take the kittens with her?????? That is dump job number 1 that we have found so far.

Then the dogs her mom "dumped" at the Devore shelter while she was in NorCal working..... Again, mom has a history so why were the animals left with her in the first place?  She knew she had the job and knew her mom's history so why were those dogs left in a situation to be at risk of being dumped at a shelter when she could have arranged a foster for them?

That brings us to the current situation..... HMG has a TRO against a neighbor and seems to love poking that bear. I think they both poke each other from the TINY bit of online shit I have seen on it...... So, 2 dogs randomly show up to HMG while she is sitting outside....... These dogs just happen to belong to the neighbor she has the TRO against....... I wanted to believe her when she was posting "proof" of checking for a chip....... Now I think she knew all along who those dogs belonged to and choose to take them to a place she thought the neighbor would never get them back........

I had circumstantial evidence her mom may have been involved in setting her up..... After soul searching and reviewing conversations, I was duped considering that circumstantial evidence came from HMG and when asked for the screenshots, of course she never provided them. Just like I have only seen select snippets from the "fake" foster she supposedly had been dealing with over the neighbors dog situation. I am beginning to believe HMG herself was the "fake" foster she made it up to cover her ass when she took those dogs for spite. I would suggest the neighbor ask for the court to subpoena her phone records to see who that fake foster account really belongs to. Due to her behavior last night I feel she made the account to prevent the backlash she knew would happen if it ever came out that she dumped those dogs....... 

So, when the bullies came for HMG her escape was to hide out and drink. The person she dropped in on did not want her there and claims all HMG did was laugh about the entire situation. She also smirked a lot during her short stay at my place but once she was gone I thought I had put that in the rearview.....

Last night after I had blocked her, another person opened a dialogue with HMG in which she showed her true self. It's one thing to call me a liar because I have not had time to deal with providing the screenshots I had literally handed her my phone when she was here and told her she could read them, she refused, stating she believed me then. But to outright LIE and threaten animals is unacceptable and then to lie to the person who stood up for her the most is despicable!!!!

When I showed our mutual friend what was said this mutual friend then confronted HMG who tried to claim she never "threatened" and backpedal to keep the support of this mutual friend. Sadly, the mutual friend cares so much she cannot see that HMG is playing her like a harp.

Last night we also obtained proof that when HMG claims she is locked out of her account - she has DISABLED it herself, right after making such threats and when caught in her lies BOOM account disabled...... GOTCHA in that lie for sure HMG and we have screenshot proof of it. Sorry but FB doesn't take 30 minutes to unlock an account if they have disabled it..... That takes much longer......

So, HMG likes to stir shit, disable her account and then cry oh I am being mass reported.... Sorry girl but you ain't that popular for enough people to do that AND if you were being mass reported FB would absolutely NOT unlock the account 30 minutes later!!!!

Unfortunately I wasted days trying to help her.... Opened my home to her for a safe space for a short time..... For what? For her ungrateful ass to keep stirring shit and lying and then not only threaten my animals but our mutual friends as well.....

It is this behavior that makes me 100% understand why people have flipped on her. It is this behavior that has convinced me that she took the neighbor's dog for spite and tried to "dump" it where the neighbor may never get it back. Thankfully the neighbor was reunited with her dog and no real harm was done. It is this behavior that also makes me believe she is a danger to the neighbor's animals and will continue to be a danger due to her mental issues and alcohol use. 

It has also come to my attention that after going through so much trouble to get her to her sister's place, she has skipped from there already and may possibly be back with her mom. HMG states she is not in Cali, but she lies with every breath she takes and cannot be trusted. I cannot confirm or deny her current location except that she is not with her sister anymore. 

HMG has zero intention of stopping the drama and this is why I blocked her. After this post I am done. My team is doing a serious deep dive on her and may put together an album - if so I will NOT be the one assembling it due to my personal connection to the situation.

I read a ton of screenshots sent to me earlier about the litter of kittens and the pups that got dumped at Devore.... Lots of excuses but she kept putting animals in a situation where she KNEW what would happen.

Then when people step up to help her she goes out of her way to attack them, alienate them and tell lies on them. 

I am still overly pissed and emotional on this issue...... Sorry for the rant I will explain more when I can settle down. 

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