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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Society of Hate and Division


It never ceases to amaze me the lengths the left will go to make themselves look like a victim, when the harsh reality of the situation is one of their own creation.

They openly admit that they do not want a job, nor do they wish to do any sort of manual labor. None of them have matured beyond the emotional lever of a toddler and are incapable of understanding logical conversations.

The mere idea that our government now caters to these “always offended and victimized” useless members of society is simply disgusting. Let me explain my thoughts on this matter.

1.      They contribute NOTHING to this society except hate. The values this country was founded upon are lost on these people. Their only concern is for themselves and what they will benefit from in the videos they make on how victimized they feel that they are. In reality they have created the very situation they are crying about in those videos. I have seen way too many of them and fully grasp exactly what is going on.

2.      They demand that the education system be able to sexually groom YOUR children and if you do not permit it then they use DCFS and CPS to remove your child to be placed in the foster care system until you comply with their perverted demands. Sadly, too many children are being emotionally abused in the education system by “trusted educators” who are not helping their typical identity confusion. Instead, they are forcing a transgender agenda upon them when in reality their identity confusion is a perfectly normal part of growing up. Kids are not getting the proper emotional support, instead they are being indoctrinated.

3.      They cry on social media over being misgendered when their attire, looks and appearance are deliberately deceptive. If their appearance deceives people who have never met them before how can they expect a stranger to know their preferred pronouns? It is ridiculous to think a stranger could possibly address anyone in the manner they wish to be IF their appearance is deceptive. To cry on social media about it only shows how immature these people actually are, yet many of them are in positions of authority over your children and having a profound influence on your children!

4.      I see so many fundraisers for these people over some of the stupidest shit. One of the best examples of this is the one who lost their job after exploding over being misgendered by a coworker. The “victim” was biologically male with rainbow hair, tons of face tattoos and piercings, dressing in a manner that made it impossible to discern which gender they actually are. The manager who hired this person always referred to them as male, thus other coworkers did as well. The one coworker who misgendered the “victimized” person was hated by the person who got fired, this is evident in the social media videos the “victim” made. It is also apparent the coworker is the true victim and the manager recognized this and fired the misgendered person rightfully. But a fundraiser was created and over $50,000 was raised for the misgendered person while the true victim got doxed by the “victim” and had to go into hiding.

5.      Sadly, parents are no longer kept in the educational loop where their children are concerned. Teachers are permitted to have discussions with children about things that 10 years ago would have been taboo. They are also permitted to keep these conversation secrets from the parents. Children are confused enough without having their educators diminish their parents authority, but this is exactly what is happening.

6.      The main tool they use to control people and bully them into falling in line with their agenda is character assignation. They resort to accusing people of being racist, transphobic or worse in order to “shame” them into compliance with their own agenda and feelings, even if they are 100% wrong. Many people bow to the pressure and the few who do stand up are verbally attacked, doxed and even physically assaulted over simply expressing the truth of a matter. The fact that the “offended” person is in the wrong and may have committed a crime they are rarely held accountable for is also disgusting. Trying to prove the “offended” person was wrong is also a moot point because too many other offended people ride the wave the situation created. There is simply zero recourse for the true victims in these situations and their rights have been eroded so far down they are pretty much nonexistent.

7.      These same people have demanded that trans men now be allowed to compete in women’s only sports is an attempt to undo every step of progress made for women’s rights. It is unfair for a woman to be forced to compete with a biological male, but even more unfair for that woman to be forced to share a locker room with such a person. When the trans male has not undergone the surgery, it is disrespectful to the women forced to share the locker room to be forced to see such things and be forced to have their bodies on display for the trans person they have been forced to accommodate. Biological females, even if they are trans and now consider themselves male, are NOT permitted to compete in male sports, so why is the trans male being allowed to compete against biological females???? As a society we understand that a biological male has certain advantages over biological females and forcing them to compete against one another is simply wrong, especially after how hard women fought to have these sporting teams of their own!

8.      I could keep going on endlessly with this particular discussion, but it isn’t getting my outside work done. Most grown ass adults agree with everything said here, but many are too afraid to admit it. I hope people see that now is the time to stand up for our rights and stop being the “silent majority” who are truly getting nothing done.

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