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Monday, February 5, 2024

Admissions of a Narcissist

 It never ceases to amaze me when someone puts words in your mouth..... things you absolutely NEVER said, yet others believe them..... They act like the victim (in a situation of their own creation) and people want to sympathize with the "victim" without doing their research......Damn I had a good laugh last night!!!!!

However, I am not going to lower myself to his standards. If he wants to run his mouth trying to convince people of things that never once came out of my mouth, nor have I posted it anywhere, let him. It only shows the world how far gone his ego, mind and paranoia have gone.

He surrounds himself with people who are hiding from the law, registered sex offenders (who have warrants for failure to register) and that is the circle of friends feeding him info that he hopes to convince the world to believe.

He makes false claims that he absolutely has not done. He and his shadow board are NOT the legally state recognized board. He does not have admin access to the secretary of state website. He is not the registered agent. He has not contacted all of the places he has claimed to because the legally recognized board already has.

So, watch how much comes out of his mouth that no one else has spoken of........ His last post is proof of that...... Not once did those words come out of our mouth nor have we posted them anywhere. Not sure where he is getting his info but what he admits to in his accusation posts is quite revealing.

Maybe he should check his facts before making himself look like a fool.....

As for using something like a personal piggy bank.... well that something would first need an actual income - which at present it does not..... So, for him to accuse someone of that KNOWING the something has a zero income at the moment only goes to show who was actually doing it...... And that is what he is pissed about really....... his main source of income was nipped in the bud due to his own actions and he refuses to accept that.

Ah the joys of a narcissist who needs attention on a Monday morning.....

The grown ass adults have much better things to do, but since I am stuck inside due to the rain I figured I would say a little something on the matter while having my morning coffee.....

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