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Saturday, January 20, 2024



Ok, I want to clarify something Blaze Thall keeps lying about.


First, the dogs that were turned over to animal control – HE abandoned them. He used all the rescue funds leaving no money to buy food or supplies. He did NOT have a suitable place to bring those dogs set up.


Second, HE refused to go to the location to talk to animal control himself – he sent ME instead. He never tries to work with animal control, he thinks it’s acceptable to ignore them and this is why he owes them thousands of dollars in fines that he refuses to pay.


Now, remember I had been a board member MAYBE 3 days when I had to go meet with animal control. I had never been inside the location, never met the animals in person. But he sent me to deal with a mess HE made.


The pictures and video clearly show the conditions the dogs were forced to exist in – NOT suitable for energetic, healthy dogs!!


The number of animals he hoarded is also not a manageable number for one person to handle the 24 / 7 care of – which is what he left Amanda doing when he refused to go to the location himself and deal with the mess he made.


He tries to use the cop out that Amanda had the restraining order. That order does permit him to go and get his belongings and animals – so him crying about the restraining order preventing him is just another one of his excuses.


So, since the new location was NOT set up to receive the dogs, the rescue had ZERO funds to buy food or supplies and he was so wrapped up in himself and his own issues a decision was made to allow animal control to seize 18 dogs.


YES, I have the paperwork on that – paperwork he wanted to make himself look like the victim. I refused to give them to him because MY signature is on that paperwork not his. He did not have the balls to go and deal with them himself.


Any rescuer worth their weight knows a CAGED animal is HARD to rehab!!! Those dogs rarely got outside because the outside kennels were NOT properly weatherized. The times they did go outside it was for MAYBE 15 – 30 minutes a day. That is NOT enough!!! Those dogs spent 23 hours a day in a medical crate, walking and sleeping on the metal bars under their feet.


So, the fact that animal control assessed the dogs and their ability to be rehabilitated and deemed 10 of the dogs unable to rehome is on HIM not me. Had he gone and dealt with the mess himself they would have arrested him on the spot, and he knew that. This is why he chose not to go.


Once again, he is blaming someone else for a mess he created.


Although there is 10 acres out here, nothing was prepared to receive the dogs, nor would he stay and take care of them. He proved that with his own dogs and the 3 rescue dogs that were already here. Nope, he left most daily care for me, even of his personal dogs.


Keep in mind I was less than 2 weeks from wrist surgery, left wrist in a cast and was supposed to be on bed rest to heal. Nope, I had to care for the dogs because he failed to do so properly. He again tried to keep them caged here, did NOT want to put up the 10 x 10’s even though that was a requirement for me if he wanted the dogs here.


He tries to say look at all the awards the rescue has won. Do you think those places would have issued the awards IF they ever saw the conditions those dogs existed in on a daily basis? No, they wouldn’t. Those awards were issued based on a lie.


So, while he cries foul about the dogs that were turned over to animal control, remember he made the mess. He had a choice to go deal with it himself. I practically begged him to ride with me and he refused. He could have handled it any way he saw fit but since he chose not to go, he doesn’t like how it was handled so he is crying foul.


Blaze chose to cage those dogs 23 plus hours per day. Blaze chose to feed them cheap food, not enough food or water. He chose that.


Then, he sent someone who had only been on the board less than 72 hours to handle the situation. He sent someone who would make the right choice for the animals. Other rescue’s had a chance to get the dogs who were slated for death. Those rescue’s deemed those dogs unadoptable. Why? Because of the conditions Blaze forced them to exist in.


So, when he cries about the dogs that were euthanized, please remember that multiple other rescue’s looked at those dogs and also deemed they could not be rehabilitated.


I am so tired of his childish bullshit lies about he never does anything wrong it is always a woman who has wronged him. This is simply NOT the case.


How people keep buying into that same bullshit for over a decade is beyond me.


The idea he will interfere with fundraisers to get the very animals he abandoned is disgusting. These animals need to be spayed and neutered, purchase food, supplies, and so forth. Yet he wants to cry all over social media to not support any fundraiser we have for these animals is wrong.


It only goes to show you that if he cannot have control of the animals, the funds to support them then he will act like a spoiled two-year-old in a Wal-Mart aisle who isn’t getting what he wants.


We are working hard to raise funds to do right by the few animals we did save from that hellhole he created. If people want to listen to him and NOT help the animals he abandoned, they are the ones who have to live with that decision at the end of the day. But, we will do right by them regardless of his actions.


Please see the About Me page if you want to help. Put “spay / neuter / supplies” in the subject and all receipts will be posted!


Thank you in advance and pix of the animals will be posted on JellyBean’s page. Even though JB passed on November 29, 2023 we are still keeping his page and spirit alive! @JBtheCat on Facebook – hope to see you there!

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