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Friday, January 19, 2024

DJ Catlady 6 pm PST Tonite ***LOOK***


DJ Catlady has a super special show lined up for you tonite!!!!

We will be featuring a new scammer and his minions / cohorts and it is gonna be quite informative.

With all of the info I have to share it may take 2 shows to completely cover it but I will do my best to pack it all into tonite's show! I will also record the show and toss it in the auto dj for random replays and on demand replay!!!

We will also be discussing other important things, but WOW tonite's featured scammer will absolutely blow your mind!!! The info that came in last night stunned me speechless.

Show starts @ 6 pm PST and will run until it's done. If you have song requests send them via messenger to me!!!

Tuning in is EASY simply use the built in player right on the website for the best live dj experience (the apps sometimes do not play the live dj's - but they are great for the auto dj)


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