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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Frustrating Bullshit......

Before anyone takes this post literally I am NOT naming names!!! This post is deliberately meant to be in general - naming no one - so do not get your panties in a bunch over it because I am not going to deal with your guilty, offended ass over a post that was not directed at you!!! As you know from previous posts, if I mean a post about you I will name you. So, if your name does not appear then stop feeling self important and all offended because, like I said - this post is IN GENERAL and names no one!!!! AND if you choose to be all offended then don't mention it to me or bring that drama in my home.

I am by far not perfect but I work hard to do what the good Lord wants me to. I do my best to pay things forward and share when I have the means to. But, there comes a point when it is no longer sharing, it is enabling.....

I am going to share a few examples of this "sharing" that frustrate the hell out of me. 

1. When a person visits my home and helps themselves to MY things and then claims it belongs to them. There are some people who pull this shit every chance they get and it's usually over low dollar items. The latest example of this occurring was  over a dollar store bottle of peroxide - to which I had proof of purchase, but this person threw a hissy fit that it belonged to them. I had one bottle and only one bottle in my bathroom cabinet and this person laid claim to it. Because it turned into a shit show over a 99 cent item I gave it to them. This person also helps themselves to my semi expensive chapsticks too. I can purchase a 3 pack, put it on my desk, this person will visit and after they leave I no longer have chapstick - but amazingly  they have the exact chapsticks that had been laying on my desk and are now gone. This is somewhat petty, but it costs me to replace these items that I have already paid for once because someone else felt they needed them more than I did. 

When a person like this does something for you - even if it is only once - they will throw it in your face constantly trying to guilt you into helping them. They cannot / will not remember the fifty thousand things you have done for them. In their eyes the one time they helped you is a debt that cannot never be repaid. You will owe them the rest of your life. 

A person like this also loves to volunteer you for things and then gets upset when you will not do them. They will swear you gave YOUR word when it was them who gave their word that you would do it and most of the time you have no idea they have even volunteered you for whatever it was until they get pissed that you haven't been doing it!!! I have zero obligation to fulfill any obligation that I personally did NOT give my word on and that person has zero right to be upset that I am not doing shit they volunteered me for!!!!

A person like this has the mindset that what's theirs is theirs and what's YOURS is theirs. They will point at something and try  to lay claim to it even thought the item belongs to you and you can prove it, or they gave it to you for helping them out. They conveniently forget what you did and that they gave the item to you because they have decided they want it back, or they want to throw it in your face that they gave it to you. AA person like this will gripe and bitch over this until you get so frustrated you give in and give the item back. However, it is never enough to return the item they ALWAYS want more. 

A person like this blames their circumstances on everyone except themselves. A person like this believes everyone owes them but fails to see how much others have done for them. This type of person is also incapable of EVER apologizing, even when they know they are wrong. 

This type of person "borrows" things and never returns them. When you ask for the item back they swear it belongs to them and that they purchased it or that someone else gave it to them.

This type of person also thinks they are the smartest person in the room and that you are not capable of thinking / doing things for yourself. This type of person does NOT have their own home in order but wants to control your home and how you do things! This type of person cannot accept that their way of doing something is not always the best way and gets pissed when you do things your way.

(There is more to this type of person and I will make another post later to go into more detail)

2. Person type #2 - This type of person cannot budget their own money and expects others to bail them out EVERY month. This type of person may / may not have pets they do not bother to properly budget for and expect others to support those pets due to their own bad budgeting decisions. This type of person refuses to understand that others are not responsible to support the pets they have chosen to have and will not budget for. This type of person even gets upset at you for telling them no when they ask you to help support their pets.

This type of person also cannot / will not purchase their own essential items - personals, first aid needs, dishes, etc.... They ask - Do you have?....... When you tell them, yes I have it and I will help THIS time but you must purchase your own when you get paid they get upset. This type of person will borrow dishes and after a few days - bring SOME back, not all and then claim they have none of your dishes that they brought them all back. 

This type of person spends all of their income and then expects you to help carry them without ever offering to repay, or if they do offer when it comes time to they have overspent and cannot repay - leaving you in a hard spot. 

This is the type of person a story called "The Ant and The Grasshopper" was written about. 

(More on this type later too.....)

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