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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

For Cortney Lewis # 2


More of your self righteous bullshit.......


You are blocking friends who you THINK ratted you out, all the while spilling your guts to the very one who ASKED me to go check on the animals......


You are moving into your Grandma's home after being EVICTED from your current place for non-payment of ANYTHING. This is only possible because your shit uncle forced your grandma into a nursing home against her will!!!! They keep her super sedated because she is demanding to know when she gets to go home.....


You got yourself a piece of shit man who knocked you up then wasn't good enough for you so you kicked him to the curb (or so the rumor goes). 


You are the one who decided to bring some of your animals to your grandma's house BEFORE you fully moved in...... You are the one who was griping on Facebook about how no one would give you a ride and the animals were probably dead.


Who sent that to me? The very one who asked me to go up and check on the animals...... Then you texted me stating you had left the animals for 3 DAYS in 100 degree + temperatures with no food or water....... It was your own text to me that sunk you.....

But somehow I am the bad guy for calling animal control to make sure those animals have welfare checks - because YOU cannot be responsible enough to ask for help from the closest people to the animals!!!!

YOU are the one at fault here. This is a situation YOU created by neglecting the animals.

YOU are the one who refused to pay rent where you currently are. YOU are the one who refused to pay other bills where you currently are. YOU being evicted has nothing to do with ME. YOU choosing to leave the "foster" mastiff on that hill with no food or water for 3 days is on you not ME.

Someone who used to live up on that hill showed me the post of you crying how the animals are most likely dead by now..... YOUR words not mine...... That someone asked me if I would go check on the animals...... So, when my work was done I did go check on them......

I took my dog food, Pedigree btw..... Took my chicken food...... and had to play treasure hunt to find something to carry water with AND put water for the dog...... You didn't thank me - not that I expected it..... Instead YOU play all high and mighty, never do wrong angel and the evil bitch called animal control on you.

WHAT did you expect? For me to use MY feed and make multiple trips up on the hill daily to care for animals that YOU could not find a ride to? Your sure got there when the animal control officer called and asked you to meet her!!! So, why was getting THAT ride any different than being able to go care for the animals????


Oh yeah..... Yer stressed can't get outta bed, your son is tearing up the house and you DGAF right? YOUR words in a post NOT MINE......


I do not know who you are "fostering" that mastiff for - but I would seriously LOVE to tell them how you left him with no food or water for 3 damn days!!!! I highly doubt you would ever foster again..... Is that the same mastiff that hurt Furbee? 


If you are so overwhelmed and cannot handle your own child WTH are you doing trying to foster a dog with special needs????? If no one will babysit for you NOW who the hell is gonna watch your son when you go into labor????


But somehow I am the evil bitch LMAO..... I will own that YES I called animal control. YES I showed them the post about dead animals AND your text that clearly stated you left the animals for 3 days in this heat with no food or water. YOUR OWN WORDS are what got your sorry ass in trouble.


Why the hell do people think that the CALLER is at fault? YOU created the situation I had no choice but to call about!!! You had already left the animals for 3 days - someone needed to do welfare checks on them because you certainly aren't responsible enough to handle those animals!!!


So, grow the fuck up and stop acting like the father you claim to hate so much!!! You ARE your father's daughter that's for damn sure!!!!


It's called having responsibilities. It's called being a parent. If you cannot not handle it then give the kid and the animal to someone who fucking can and will!!!


(more later)












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