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Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Democrats are coming for YOUR kids.....


Observations by the Catlady….


We all know our government is far too big with too few checks and balances in place.

We all know that those in DC no longer represent US – the people.

We all KNOW their ONLY agenda is to grab as much money as they can – regardless of how they get it

We all know this is nothing more than a complete and total power grab by those in DC


This article is neither red nor blue…. I am neither Democrat nor Republican….. I am conservative though, but since both parties are corrupt, I want no part of either one.


What has not been said out loud yet though – is what is in these trillion dollar spending bills….. Main stream media wants YOU to believe their lies about it (all they have is a teleprompter telling them what to say – none of them have actually READ these bills)


I can agree on a path to citizenship for those who were brought here as minor’s. No problem with that – I have been saying all along give them a set time frame to get it done in….For example – paperwork filed within 6 months and let the process work it’s way through the system. I have also said that if they fail to FILE said documents they SHOULD be deported because they have ZERO intentions of becoming a citizen the right way!!!


But, after watching an interview with Senator Blackburn I am VERY concerned…. I downloaded the pdf files of BOTH spending bills and will be reading them over the next several days. Something she said should worry EVERY parent!!!


Things she spoke about that are in these bills:

1.    The right of public schools to vax YOUR child without YOUR consent or permission

2.    The right of the government to TAKE your child under the guise of medical neglect for NOT getting the child vaxxed for covid….

3.    The removal of ALL authority from parents over their own children

4.    The rights of parents stripped when it comes to their child’s education CPS can now remove your child for NOT forcing them to attend a public school

5.    The stripping away of religious freedoms and choice

6.    The stripping away of rights to our own bodies – forcing the vax even on people where it will be medically dangerous for them to get it

7.    Stripping away the 1st amendment right of free speech

8.    Banning books, but providing sexually explicit books to grade school children

9.    Preventing parents from participating in their child’s public school experience

10.  Doxxing anyone who speaks out against them – putting lives in danger from left wing activists

11.  Labelling parents who ARE active in school board meetings as domestic terrorist – but allowing antifa / BLM to riot, loot and destroy cities (not calling them terrorists)

12.  Driving up inflation to a point where people will be FORCED to depend on the government for EVERYTHING

13.  Endangering lives by shutting down critical pipelines that provide HEAT to millions of homes as winter approaches

14.  Dehumanizing people to make it easier to victimize them


I could keep this list going indefinitely…..BUT – the main point I want to make here is the new spending bills the Democrats are ramming through (even though WE THE PEOPLE are in opposition to it) will give the government control over YOUR children and if YOU fail to fall in line they WILL take your children!!!!


Fail to get the kid the jab? BOOM CPS at your door to take the kids…

Pull the kids out of public school – BOOM CPS at your door to take your kids

Object to the materials being taught – BOOM CPS at your door to take your kids….


WHEN is enough enough? When will WE THE PEOPLE stand up for our rights and the rights of OUR children????

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