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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Follow the Money.... What is really going on....


What is REALLY going on…..

As we have watched for over a year, the riots, looting and serious increase in crime, minority communities are being hit the hardest. The defund police movement is affecting the minority communities harder that any other areas…. These are the areas where police are needed the most….

Most people are sick of the riots, protests, damage to communities etc… Polls have been done that reflect these communities are tired of what is going on and daily we see the support for BLM / Antifa is dwindling….. Antifa in the pacific northwest cannot even get a good gathering anymore….

We have watched as the “peaceful protests” destroyed communities, burned buildings, tore down statues, destroyed public historical landmarks, caused a reduction in policing, created no-go zones (will explain these below), criminals are lifted up as martyrs while good cops are demonized, mainstream media has lied so much that they are now no better than the old gossip rags like National Enquirer and so much more.

We have watched BLM openly state it is OK to loot, Democratic politicians agree with this philosophy claiming businesses have insurance for this sort of thing….. Due to the same stores being hit repeatedly – most insurance companies either raised the rates so high businesses cannot afford insurance now OR they refuse to write insurance in certain areas now. In Minneapolis alone it costed some businesses more to clean up after the riots than the insurance was willing to pay out on claims.

Homeowners in the affected areas have watched their property values TANK. This is the part I want people to pay extra close attention to. Always follow the money folks….

As these minority communities destruct from the inside out – look at who is snatching up that land CHEAP. Properties are being purchased at dirt cheap prices and left to sit empty, unused and dilapidated. Landlords who have not been able to collect rent due to the pandemic are selling off their rental properties CHEAP, usually at a substantial LOSS just so they do not go under…..

As the eviction halt is now lifting more and more renters find themselves being evicted as the NEW owners of these rental properties want them empty so they can put something else on the piece of land.

Remember the Green New Deal everyone who buys into mainstream media propaganda LOVES – but if they actually read the fine print they would hate???? Well, in order to move this Green New Deal forward they need what? LAND!!! Why? A few reasons…

1.    First they need to build more solar farms and wind turbine farms

2.    They need to construct smart apartments – mega housing complexes that are powered by this “clean” energy

3.    Each complex will be constructed with MICRO apartments / living spaces… Their utopia of “less is more”

4.    These complexes need to be located near places of corporate employment so employees can use climate friendly forms of transportation such as walking, biking or clean energy public transportation (they wish to end as many private owned vehicles as possible AND private owned land)

5.    Farms will be taken over by the government – workers will be migrant workers from out of the country (American citizens will be shunned to make jobs for illegal immigrants as is happening right now)

6.    A social credit system will go into place that will be based on support for the government… Meaning if you accept what they force on you then you gain credits for items you need to simply survive such as food, water, shelter etc….. If you go against the government you would lose credits and thus lose what you need for basic survival…..

7.    The strength of the dollar has tanked as well as industries that were doing very well HERE are now tanking or have been shipped to other countries…..

8.    Hackers – the official story from OUR government is “Russian hackers” are taking control of our resources with ransomware – which our government refuses to get involved in to help these victims get services restored….. BUT On China in Focus – they state it is a group from China, highly skilled and organized doing this hacking and they have also been after places producing the vax, universities and other institutions researching the pandemic, they have made attempts to hack the CDC and health insurance companies….. China is after some critical information and our own government is ALLOWING it by saying these are private owned companies and the government will not get involved.

9.    Fauci just entered into a confidentiality agree with the Wuhan Lab that the virus came from….. That lab is now working on a WORSE virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks….. Fauci cannot say a word about this research due to the agreement he signed with the CCP on the matter….. With Wuhan’s reputation for viruses “escaping” from their lab it is only a matter of time before this latest one is released on the world…

10.  Shortages are being created deliberately…. Food shortages, other critical supplies are out of stock and the stores have no idea when or if they will get another shipment…… Minority communities are hit the hardest with these shortages….

11.  Many small businesses have been forced out of business for good….. Many black / minority owned businesses were harmed during the riots, looting and lock downs….. This forces people to drive farther for everyday needs – typically going to big box stores and only enriching corporations even further – giving them more lobbying power with Congress

12.  China is capitalizing on OUR shortages and now placing restrictions on certain things, sanctions and so many other penalties that it is becoming impossible to get critical supplies from them – thus worsening shortages that we have now

13.  China has also openly stated they are poised to come in and take control when things here get really bad… This is no secret, it is all over their news sources…. Our government is allowing this to happen quietly…. All the while our government places blame on Russia

14.  Banks are being destabilized and there is already a bill before Congress to federalize ALL banks…..



I could keep going on, but if you fact check me on this you will see that I am right….


Our government supports antifa / BLM because it wants the LAND in these minority communities to further their agenda of forcing the Green New Deal on us whether we want it or not…..


We no longer have any choices….


Anyone who thinks we do have choices or any kind of say so in what is presently happening is delusional and in denial.


For minorities that are still supporting the destruction of your own communities do not say we didn’t warn you. The Democratic party HATES you. They want YOU isolated or gone it is that simple. Some are beginning to see this in action now….

People who supported what Trump stands for have been raked over the coals trying to keep YOU informed on what WE have seen happening….. Right wing conspiracy and propaganda is what it was called…. Lies, misinformation and more…..


Now, the truth is trickling out and those who wish to do a little bit of research can find it…. Those are the ones who are now sickened by what our own government is doing to us.


Rand Paul has been standing up to Fauci and his bullshit all along….. He recently received a death threat – why? Because he has been going after Fauci with both barrels…… That is something the Democrats will not permit…. Fauci is their golden child because he created this damn virus, he funded the Wuhan lab and it is his vaccine that they are trying to force EVERYONE to take (if not you will be prohibited from many things) – creating a 2 class world system….


Other Republican and Independent senators are working hard to fight for us still, but it is not enough…..


You must stand and make YOUR voice heard. Do not fear antifa and BLM…. WE outnumber them by far and we must stand together NOW before it’s too late…..


Once these minority communities property value tank and those properties are bought up quietly – it will be too late….


Follow the money – find out who is bidding on these properties, who is buying them, who is just letting them sit after the purchase, etc….


Stop them before it’s too late….

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