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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Current Events and Scammer Awareness - Protect Yourselves from these vultures


Attention All – this is a Public Service Announcement

Scammers are going to be BAD and get worse – read this entire post then follow the instructions…


As many are aware things in our world are getting worse. My admins have sounded this alarm for over a year now.


We have tried to prepare our group members for what is happening NOW.


Panic buying NOW is not gonna carry you through what is about to happen. Things are fixing to get BAD. Those of us who are older recall our parents talking about times LIKE this – but our parents never knew just how bad things would get for us NOW.


There is no real word for those who desire to shove a socialist agenda down our throats whether we want it or not. They are not liberals, they are not democrats…. They ARE communists whose only goal is to strip YOU of every right you have by making YOU feel like your rights are selfish.


We warned of the never-ending lock downs – if you think they are over you are sadly WRONG…. They are only just beginning….


We warned of supply chain interruptions…. Food shortages, it is all upon us NOW and will only get worse…..


We see the TV blaming Russia – why do democrats ALWAYS blame Russia??? OMFG that broken record makes me want to punch someone!!!! Sadly, this has not been done by Russian gangs but in collusion with China, who is presently poised to assume control as our “savior” when shit REALLY gets bad…… China is already discussing this OPENLY…..


Cyber targets are the single weakest part that will bring this country to its knees…. They know this and they weakened our systems to allow this shit to happen to usher in their shitty Green New Deal that NO ONE wants and NO ONE would agree to otherwise….. If everyone would simply read the FULL text of this proposal, they would HATE IT…. Do not read the media BS about it – you gotta read the fine print… ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT


In 4 months, Biden has financially bankrupted our country… He is printing money that we cannot back…. Our children’s children will be paying off a debt for centuries to come….


But, that is not the worst part, not the part that will affect each and every one of us now and in the next few months….


The lock downs have weakened people’s immune systems….. Fauci has already WARNED of what is coming next but since people worship his sorry ass they have not HEARD it…… What is next is worse than what we are suffering NOW – it will have a 30% or higher mortality rate….


They want fossil fuels GONE and GONE now… so what happens when their Green New Deal is shot down in the senate? Boom the largest pipeline on the East Coast gets hit with a cyber attack – Ransomware….. So, sorry folks there is no gas up and down the eastern seaboard…. No idea when or if it will reopen…. Cyber terrorists have control of it and our government is not gonna get involved….


The supply chain has been slowly breaking down over the past year…. Now it is reaching a critical breaking point. It WILL break over the next few weeks when FUEL cannot be obtained…. Many stores YOU shop at will no longer have much needed supplies and they will close their doors when new shipments do not arrive….


What goods will be available will have prices so high you would choke to see them…. Scammers will be targeting people with critical needs too…. We have already seen gas hoarders trying to sell off some of their stash for $40 for 5 gallons bring your own jug…. What happens when FOOD gets harder to find??? Can you imagine what scammers are gonna do to take advantage of the situation our country is in right now???


Many of you are already being impacted by the closed pipeline….. Gas prices in California are already at $4 a gallon…… By July, IF there is gas to be found…. The price per gallon will not even be realistic…..


We were energy independent less than a year ago….. In 4 months, Biden destroyed that independence….


What happens to major metropolitan cities when the power grid goes down and does NOT come back up in the hottest part of summer??? And it WILL – this IS coming….


Putting blinders on NOW only shows that you are in denial….


Places where meat is raised for consumption have been going up in flames – more than usual…. You may have already noticed a huge price increase on all sorts of fresh meat over this past year….. In the coming months there will be none to be had unless you raise your own….


Because Biden killed hundreds of thousands of steel worker jobs – now there is a METAL shortage…. What does this mean? How does it affect YOU on a daily basis? Well, canned food…. Canned pet food…..


As a pet owner I have already seen the shortage in canned cat food…. Some brands are literally impossible to get now…. Shelves barren….. HUMAN food will be next….. And scammers will come out of the woodwork to capitalize on those with desperate need.


Many openly criticized me (being nice here about how I was openly attacked) – for my way of life…. For using my stimulus checks to literally stock up….. To make sure I had enough pet food & food for myself to ride out this horrible time in our nation’s living history…..


Many reported my posts as fake news, false information…. I spent a good deal of last year being spanked by FB for posting TRUTH….


Even now they do not want you to SEE what is occurring….


The fact that our “leaders” refuse to even visit the border where BABIES as young as 4 months old are being abandoned at our southern border….. The fact that news outlets are barely reporting the gravity of the situation – even selectively editing raw footage that shows precisely how bad it is – is sickening…..


Someone once said “humans are not illegal”. This is TRUE – but when humans break laws THAT is what makes them illegal. They HAVE committed a crime. Now they are succeeding in making America the same kind of shithole they were trying to escape. They did not personally do it – bad policies have done it – but the invasion at our southern border is only compounding the problem. And, yes it IS an invasion – worse than what happened on January 6th….


Does anyone know the actual number of illegals that crossed our southern border in April 2021? Anyone? Keep in mind the numbers only reflect the ones who were caught!!!

120,000 + in April 2021 alone!!! April of 2020 only 17,000 were caught…..Imagine the number of crossing that were NOT caught….

At a time when our country is dealing with fuel shortages, food shortages, power shortages – we simply cannot care for these children that are literally being dumped at the border like sacks of trash…..


The simple fact that American’s have been locked down – not able to travel, not able to shop, not able to visit loved ones etc…. AND that our border is WIDE open to those who have or carry the virus is totally illogical IF this virus is something we should be so terrified of….. UNLESS….They want the virus to spread through minority communities….. THINK about it and keep reading…..


It is bad EVERYWHERE in every country right now – fleeing HERE is not gonna improve the lives of these children!!! Not when our leader is firing on Iran, picking fights with Russia and bound and determined to rip this country apart at the seams!!!!


Summer is literally days away….. Elderly die every year due to power outages on overstressed grids…. People need to SEE that come summer anyone relying on a power plant that uses fossil fuels will have no power. NONE.


Our own government is “thinning the herd” deliberately. They used the lock downs and vax to weaken people’s immune system and make them MORE susceptible to any future virus….. Why do you think they are trying to force the vax? The Ace-2 Receptor in this virus and vax makes humans far more susceptible to being infected with something far worse…


Those of us who have followed Gain of Function Research KNOW these things…. Those who buy into the propaganda spewed from mainstream media think people like ME are the problem….


What is Gain of Function Research? In a nutshell it takes animal viruses and diseases and makes them able to transmit to humans, it enhances them – makes them far more DEADLY. It weaponizes them…. This is why Obama ended this research in the United States during his term. At least he did something right. BUT – Fauci just outsourced this to Wuhan and made sure they were funded for it. Senator Paul has been ripping Fauci to shreds over this the last few days and Fauci has outright lied to the senate!!!


Now, we know in Australia, this virus AND the vax have caused people to have “false” positive tests for HIV….. We also know this virus – under the microscope – appears to have been manufactured. It contains SOME HIV DNA strands… So, they are not really false positives – they are TRUE positives….. This virus has in effect made HIV an airborne disease…. Not the HIV as we knew in from the 80’s…. A new version of it…. So, people now have compromised immune systems not only from the lock downs, but from the virus and the vax which ADDED new Ace-2 Receptors to their bodies….. receptors that make them susceptible to what is coming next….


Now, I wanna go down a rabbit hole for a few minutes…. Something that will get me called out for sure…. But I want people to THINK….


This rabbit hole requires a short history lesson too….


We know the Democratic party is traditionally the party of slavery in the South. We know the Democratic party established the KKK and other white supremacist groups because they have always felt that blacks were less than human. Biden himself has a long history of being a racist piece of shit who did not want his own children to attend a school with black children. (Link to the video below)

We know they have been pissed off since the civil war and have tried to prevent legislation that actually HELPS the black community. We know Democrats fought against desegregation, right to vote and so much more.


We know that NOW Democrats try to pass of this hatred onto conservatives (who have always fought for black rights and black welfare) and we know there are bad actors on both sides of the aisle now….


We know they swore revenge….


So, what if….


Last year strange things happened that made no logical sense until one evening I allowed my writer brain to follow the rabbit hole and jot a few things down…. A whole notebook now and still growing…..


For a moment I want YOU to THINK about some demographics….


Trump Rallies – predominately white – said to be “super spreader” events of the virus….. didn’t matter if the rally was indoors or outdoors…. Any gathering of predominately white people was considered a super spreader event…. (Media and Democrats said all this right? Remember???)


BLM Marches – Predominately minorities participating but considered SAFE… riots, looting – all considered safe from the virus…… The Media and Democrats said it was safe right??? WHY???


Democrats, The Gates Foundation and the media have also been pushing blacks to be the first to get the vaccine right? Media has said blacks and minorities are more susceptible because of diabetes, heart disease etc which is more prevalent in blacks therefore they should be the priority in receiving the vax right??? Don Lemon spoke of this many times!!!


So, either this is the smartest virus on the planet or there is another reason…..


Why – if blacks are more susceptible to said virus were BLM marches safer than a Trump rally? In theory they should be EQUALLY dangerous spreading events… UNLESS the virus has been specifically created to target certain types of DNA….


Now for the rabbit hole….


What IF the virus IS their revenge and the vax backs it up????


What if allowing BLM marches was to make sure the MAX number of blacks got exposed??? Then push the vax agenda to expose the ones who didn’t already get exposed???


What if what comes next is designed to seek out this Ace-2 Receptor that the vax ADDS to every person who gets the jab and be deadly to those who have it???


What if what Bill Gates said in his TED talk was the plan all along??? Haven’t seen it? I will link it below….. Gates said by using good vaccines we can LOWER the earth’s population 10 – 15% yup came right outta his mouth….. So, THINK about that….. A man who will not permit his own children to get a vaccine he has funded AND researched – wants to use this same vaccine to LOWER the population of the earth…..


Democrats swore revenge when they lost the civil war…. They have fought against the rights of blacks ever since…. (go to the white house voting of congress and just LOOK at the voting records it is all there in sickening detail)…. Democrats then gained the trust of the black community via welfare programs designed to destroy the nuclear family and weaken them even more……. Democrats destroyed inner city schools that are predominately black…. The Republicans who supported this crap are no better….


Now, Democrats shove fear propaganda at blacks over the virus….. Drive the need to vax ALL blacks and do them FIRST….. (Will also link that interview below)… WHY?


Because the elite white supremacists plan to reduce the earth’s population with the NEXT pandemic by making those who got the jab far more susceptible to catch it!!!


We were warned by Fauci himself that this virus is not the worst of what is coming. Gates talks about “The next pandemic”.


There was chatter on the dark web over a year ago about something coming “of epic proportions comparable to the bubonic plague”.


Some of us listened… Some of us researched… Some of us prepared and tried to warn others….


Now all we can do is sit back and watch, let the dust settle where it might….. Then clean up te mess…..


Bill Gates – The Next Outbreak    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Af6b_wyiwI&t=410s


Bill Gates TED Talk 2010 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaF-fq2Zn7I&t=369s

In this speech he talks about using vaccines to REDUCE population – calls it “Innovating to Zero”


The shorter version -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmzeYYWntxw

And listen carefully – close your eyes and let his words and tone flow through you it begins at 2:13 and goes from there…..


Fauci warned up in 2017 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh3twYon8pc


Senator Paul confronts Fauci about Gain of Function Research -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MndwrOzDvo&t=212s


Bill & Melinda Gates wants blacks to be vaccinated FIRST --- https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/melinda-gates-wants-deliver-coronavirus-vaccine-based-racial-groups/?utm_source=wnd&utm_medium=wnd&utm_campaign=syndicated


Gates children NOT vaccinated – he IS an anti-vaxxer   https://www.uspoliticsandnews.com/why-didnt-bill-gates-vaccinate-his-own-children/?fbclid=IwAR35jxilswo5RyLr2NlMQtsW0RZvh1ZaUI9aoQzcN875NFoAYCJbNNWL6SU


ACE-2 Receptor – PAY ATTENTION HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1k1sUoLPlA


I chose a visual depiction since many people HATE to read….


ACE-2 Receptor - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyqbP7VeNI0


The Science of CoronaVirus and ACE-2 --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJwHZKHpKTM




I could keep giving you links but from here you have the groundwork to do your own further investigation….l


The vax targets these ACE-2 to make you more susceptible to FUTURE viruses…. (aready did an article on that see my blog)











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