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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Ma’Khia Bryant and the consequences of Bad Parenting #StopBeingaHastag

 This article 


Bad cop or bad parenting?


Tweets from her mother have gone viral….. “Good kid, honor roll, never does anything wrong”


It is ALWAYS the same old song when it comes to these situations…… ALWAYS


If the mother was such a good parent OR if the kid was such a good kid – then why was she in foster care? Why was there an open DCFS case?


If the kid was such a good kid, why did 2 girls want to come over to hurt her? What preceded THIS event?


While watching the body cam footage I saw a bare minimum of 7 adults (not cops) just standing around doing NOTHING. That was 7 adults who could have prevented this event from escalating by keeping the girls separated until the cops arrived. That was 7 grown adults who stood by WATCHING and doing NOTHING – until the officer shot the girl THEN they scream “I saw it all he just shot her for no reason”….. “She didn’t have no knife”….. “She was defending herself” and so many other phrases like that.


What precisely did ANY of those adults do to stop those girls from fighting BEFORE the cops were even called? NOTHING, obviously.


The girl ran right past 3 adults, knife in hand, holding it in a way that demonstrated she meant to use it in a lethal manner. What did those 3 adults do? NOTHING. They could have grabbed her and stopped her – they WERE closer to her than the cop was!!!! They stood there and did NOTHING.


Who were the adults responsible for this child? Yes, she was in the state’s custody – but she had a foster home….. So WHO are the adults that allowed this situation to escalate to this point???


WHEN will we, as a society, demand PARENTS / RESPONSIBLE adults be held accountable for the BAD parenting????


Kids are not born bad – they are made that way by the environment they live in, the adults who set the examples for them and the teachers who misguide them.


WHEN will accountability be laid at the feet of those who are truly accountable?


I am sick of hearing about how everyone wants JUSTICE but no one truly knows or understands exactly what that means!!!


Justice for THIS girl – who made her this way??? Hold them accountable for setting her on the path that ended in her death!!!!


But how long will the lie go on that she did not have a knife or that she was just defending herself? Video evidence shows otherwise…..


This is Michael Brown 2.0 for sure!!! To this day people still BELIEVE the lie about “hands up, don’t shoot” OMFG that has been disproven so many times over but people STILL think it actually happened – WHY? Because the alphabet squad still SAYS it happened….


When will the black community realize the alphabet squad and Black Lives Matter Organization do NOT give a rats ass about them? Black people are nothing but names and hashtags for them to exploit for donations!!! One of the founders of BLM has recently been BUSTED for using donations to purchase multi-million-dollar homes for HER family – while doing absolutely NOTHING for black communities. Where did she buy her homes? In white neighborhoods which does NOTHING to help support black communities!!!!


Is this how you want YOUR donations used? I know when I donate I want it to actually help the people who need it the most – not be embezzled by the CEO for personal use!!!


How is any of this helping the black communities? BLM propagates the lies as well. They will post ads that literally contain outright lies to drive a wedge in the black communities they claim to care so much about!!!


EXAMPLE: Daunte Wright…. BLM is still convincing people he was pulled over because he had an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror!!!! That is an outright LIE. He was pulled over for expired tags!!!

Can you see how BLM and some of the alphabet squad USE lies like this to enrage people? Being pulled over for an air freshener is STUPID – poor kid etc…. When that is simply not the case!!!


Ben Crump tweeted the cops killed an UNARMED child! That tweet is STILL up and has NOT been corrected – even after the body cam was released demonstrating that she was clearly armed with a kitchen knife.


The Chauvin Trial – while the jury was deliberating – that piece of shit Maxine Waters, from Hawthorne California – went OUT of her district (that she cares nothing about) – to be there when the verdict was announced. What did she DO though? Demanded that the jury return guilty on ALL counts or else….. Do you think it was a FAIR verdict? The jury would have likely come to that conclusion anyways – but Maxine Waters actions have now given Chauvin grounds for a mistrial!!!~ Which means every witness, every family member will have to endure yet another trial…… Maxine Waters tainted the verdict…..


Trump supporters and QAnon followers were accused of spreading misinformation. Some were barred from social media for life…. Some were suspended and eventually allowed back. Parler was attacked and literally taken offline because they were accused of allowing people to coordinate the January 6th incident at the Capitol. People are still being fact checked for sharing TRUTH that can be proven – yet fact checkers slap a stupid label on a tiny portion of a shared article and some SEE that label so ALL of the article is a lie in their minds and they do not even bother to fact check the fact checkers…. They are allowing the fact check company, based in Beijing China to tell them what to read, think and believe.


When will the spread of misinformation and lies from the left STOP? When will people wake up and SEE what the left is doing? When will people stop being puppets for an agenda they truly do not support?


My heart aches to see people being used this way!!! Every time I see the lies on any one of the alphabet squad I nearly smack the screen!!! I have a cat (TV addict) – she hates them too – there are scratches on my screen because she hates what they say too. So when a CAT is smart enough to attack a liar – ya know shit needs to change!!!!


I pray for an awakening of the people, and soon! I pray for their hearts to change and see that they mean noting to these corrupt organizations. I pray they will rise up and stop being a hashtag to these corrupt organizations.






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