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Monday, April 19, 2021

Accountability Works Both Ways - unpopular take on current events - but a TRUE one


Unpopular Opinions and Facts on Current Events


Sometimes truth hurts – but to watch people delete ACTUAL proof sickens me!!!!


It seems like Main Stream Media is a HUGE problem in spreading misinformation or outright lies…. You know them…. I called them alphabet soup mix….


Let’s begin with two cases that happened fairly recently. I will only use FIRST names for the privacy of the families involved AND I am done glorifying criminals!!!!


Case # 1 – Adam, aged 13, Chicago….

MSM wants you to BELIEVE this was a good kid, never did anything wrong and every other nice thing they can say – they want you to believe a racist white cop gunned this “innocent, unarmed” kid down for no good reason….. MSM wants you to be angry and take action in negative ways….. MSM is NOT telling you the TRUTH / FACTS of the matter…. But they rarely ever do….


TRUTH – Adam was out after 2 am being groomed for gang activity.

TRUTH – the adult Adam was with IS a convicted felon with violent crimes

TRUTH – A total of 9 shots can be heard on the surveillance video (being fired by BOTH Adam and his groomer)

TRUTH – Adam had a loaded gun, fired it at a moving vehicle seen on the video – moving also means OCCUPIED – fired at another human being (We have NO news on if that driver was actually hit or sought medical treatment)

TRUTH – Adam ran from the officers who were called to the area over “shots fired” – it was NOT a car backfiring as MSM has suggested – the video CLEARLY shows both aiming their guns at a moving vehicle and firing on that vehicle

TRUTH – Adam made an attempt to conceal the weapon behind him before tossing it – showing he KNEW what he did was WRONG

TRUTH – Adam was shot in such a fraction of a second not even a mind reader could have known he had tossed that gun before he raised his hand

TRUTH – Adam, at the age of 13, KNEW what he was doing was WRONG but chose to do it anyways


TRUTH – MSM agitates people into trying to lay ALL the blame on the officers….. They do NOT want you even thinking about the failings of the parent….. They will strike down ANY opposition on their viewpoints and continue with their propaganda that incites racism

TRUTH – the problem here is BAD parenting – why was this kid out doing what he was doing? Where were his parents? Where was his supervision? Surely, he was taught about respect for others and how GUNS kill people….  Maybe he wasn’t and that’s WHY he was out being groomed for gang activity at 2 am with a loaded gun

TRUTH – When are we going to STOP blaming cops and START blaming parents for bad parenting??? When are we going to hold PARENTS to the SAME standard we are trying to apply to cops?


Case # 2 – Daunte, 20 years old, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota……

Main stream media is going on the lie about him being pulled over for having an air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror. They also want you to believe this is another case of bad white cop murdering good black boy…… These are outright LIES – yet day after day media spins them… MSM wants you to believe this was yet another good kid who never did anything wrong and evil cops murdered him for no reason


TRUTH – Daunte was pulled over for EXPIRED REGISTRATION – not a stupid air freshener

TRUTH – Daunte had been previously arrested for a very VIOLENT crime – aggravated robbery, weapons charge – FAILED to show up for his court date on those charges – he held a loaded gun to someone’s head to rob them, with a partner….. He would have used that gun on the victim if the victim had not complied

TRUTH – Daunte also had a possession conviction – MSM claims marijuana, small amount – but this is misleading as well…. It was more than “personal use”

TRUTH – Daunte did not resist UNTIL the male officer tried to place handcuffs on him – then he twisted, hopped back in the car and WOULD have led police on a high-speed chase WITH innocent passengers in that vehicle. Daunte had EVERY intention of fleeing the scene to avoid arrest on his FTA warrant for his previous charges – why? Because he KNEW he would not be able to bond out until he saw a judge….. He also KNEW the charges he had carried a MINIMUM of 5 years in prison

TRUTH – Daunte’s own actions caused a VERY chaotic scene that resulted in his death – He would still be alive today had he not resisted and tried to flee – the officers were being kind, patient and not aggressive UNTIL Daunte chose to resist and try to flee.

TRUTH – Responsibility needs to be laid at the source…. Daunte made bad choices. He was 20, still a babe wet behind the ears….. Once again, bad parenting led him on the path he was taking…. His own poor decisions and actions had tragic results…..


Do not put words in my mouth that are not even intended in this article!!! No this is NOT victim blaming….. This is waking people up to see that the victim DOES hold some responsibility in these incidents – as do the parents of BOTH of these victims.

This is NOT a case of bad cop kills innocent kid – NEITHER of these 2 were in the least bit innocent. Both were either in the middle of the commission of a crime or had warrants out over previous crimes…..

SOCIETY did not raise them. SOCIETY did not make them commit the crimes they had done. SOCIETY did not teach them to resist officers or try to flee from them, as BOTH boys did or tried to do.

Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, but that village needs to teach children respect of others and authority!!! The village that raised these 2 boys failed them miserably!!!!!

When will we – as a society – hold parents to the same standard they are demanding cops be held to?

Whose responsibility is it to teach these kids the outcomes of these types of situations??? Not the cops!!! That lies with the parents / caregivers, who do nothing but blame society for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Because the PARENTS are stuck in this victim mentality, they have DOOMED their children to repeat that vicious cycle.


They scream for reforms, better schools, defund the police etc…. These are the VERY same people who still blame Trump for everything wrong with this country.

They are ALWAYS the victim – they NEVER do anything wrong – bad, racist cops target them for murder….. Do YOU see how ridiculous this sounds???? There is a YouTube channel called "Police Activity" that by itself proves their argument is a lie, just like "Hands up, don't shoot" is based on a LIE. Michael Brown never had his hands up and NEVER said that phrase!!!! But they perpetuate that lie and some actually BELIEVE Michael Brown did this..... They are so far entrenched in the lie that even the video proof, witness statements etc, cannot convince them of the ACTUAL truth.


These are the same people who overlook the black on black crimes all around them – especially in Chicago…..

These are the same people pushing gun control agendas over mass shootings but refuse to advocate for gun control when it’s their own children packing illegal weapons. These are the same people who refuse to see or admit that the illegal weapons their children were using cause far more deaths than all the mass shootings combined.


These are the SAME people trying to live a “gangsta” lifestyle that popular rap / hip-hop artists have programmed them to believe is the ONLY way for them to survive……


These are the same people who blame society for a poor education, no opportunities etc…. That might have been true ONCE, but with the Internet being available to nearly everyone there is no excuse for lack of education when it is literally in their hands……


When will we lay blame at the feet of ALL who are responsible?

Parents for NOT teaching their children self-respect, respect of others, to listen to their teachers and educate themselves outside of the classroom, etc. Some parents even teach their children that if they WANT something they have a "right" to take it.... (steal it)..... These same parents also teach their children their should be no consequences if they do these things because they are "entitled" to it... Someone "owes" them something...... 

Teachers for failing these kids miserably! We are literally allowing kids to graduate high school who cannot read above a first-grade level, cannot do basic math, have ZERO concept about money management and consumer math, have little to no understanding of history, social studies, science etc. When do we hold teachers responsible for failing these children????


It is NOT the government’s responsibility to raise a child UNLESS that child is in the foster care system… THEN it is the government’s responsibility. But, the parents who lose their kids to the system then cry about how their kids were taken wrongfully or “kidnapped”.


These people have never once been taught how to take responsibility for their own lives, for their own actions or their own children. They do not even know how to begin. It is always someone else’s fault – they never did anything wrong……


Do we need reform? YES, we do!!! But that reform MUST start in the home with the parents!!! Until that happens NOTHING will change!!!!


It is time we stop the double standards, stop the hypocrisy, stop the lies and misinformation about these incidents. It is time we start holding PARENTS responsible for the actions of MINOR children.


Accountability works BOTH ways. Demanding officers be held accountable can also and should also apply to parents of minor children involved in these incidents.


It is time for DCFS / CPS to take action as well. If parents of children involved in such incidents have OTHER children in the home – those kids SHOULD be removed until an investigation is done to find out WHY their minor child was involved in such an incident. Younger children in the home are NOT safe from it happening to them IF their parents have shitty parenting skills – like the ones that led to the 13 year old being shot.

It is time for FULL accountability on ALL fronts.


Stop blaming everyone else for YOUR shortfalls. Stop riding in the passenger seat of your own life. As long as YOU play the victim YOU are NOT in control of your own life and certainly cannot teach control to your children!!!!! And if you cannot properly instruct your children then you need to step back and allow someone who can – to do so!!!




A very good example of BAD teachings is a YouTube video I saw last night. It was a body cam/ Dash cam video of an arrest of a self-proclaimed nurse in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings. I do not know what city…..

The dash cam showed that a woman driving an SUV cut off an officer nearly causing a wreck. She just drove right on, not bothering to stop and check if everyone was alright. She pulls into Buffalo Wild Wings and Parks with the officer – lights & siren right behind her.

He was understandably upset. From the video the officer seemed to know the driver and might have had previous encounters with her. He informs her he KNOWS her license is suspended. She claims to have had that taken care of but could NOT produce any paperwork OR a valid license. From here is where shit got stupid, and I do mean downright stupid.

The girl begins resisting, tells the officer she is gonna call her lawyer. Instead she begins a live video and plays off like this officer is harassing her. She screams into the video that she is “parked” and how he cannot arrest her because she is parked. Not one time does she mention how SHE was the party at fault in more ways than one. Not once does she mention on the live feed that she had nearly caused a wreck or was driving on a suspended license.

The officer tries to arrest her for driving on a suspended – obviously NOT her first offense for it…. She plays to the live feed like a high paid actress from Hollywood.

The officer calls for back-up multiple times because she is severely resisting, even when he tries to pull her arm behind her and force her out of the car gently.

She screams and acts like this officer is hurting her – you can clearly see he is not. She deliberately placed the camera so she had to lean over it – making things APPEAR that she as being attacked. Many times she would jerk and move around in front of the camera as she cried like the officer was doing something to her.

In reality, she was resisting a lawful arrest. In reality she played ALL of her viewers for fools.

In reality, she chose to drive on a suspended license KNOWING what the consequences would be because DMV would have mailed her a letter telling her what those would be. She KNEW what she chose to do was wrong and she did it anyways – then she made a live video playing the victim – playing EVERYONE who saw HER version for fools.

Even main stream media played HER video but never once played the dash cam / body cam video when it was proven that this woman outright lied.


Why? Because SHE is black and the arresting officer is WHITE so being TRUTHFUL did not fit into their narrative or propaganda they want to shove down people’s throats.


So, who taught her to behave that way? My bet is this is the same kind of woman who would seduce a man then scream rape if she didn’t get her way!!!! BUT who taught her to be this way???


When we hold those who TEACH such things responsible then and only then will we be able to make TRUE changes for the better!!!!


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