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Thursday, March 2, 2023

Low Country Murder Mystery - Alex Murdaugh



What I have learned about this case is that Buster, the older son, was the golden child of the family and Paul never could measure up. Paul became the rebel child, causing all sorts of issues for the family. Paul drank to escape the pain that he felt over his parents favoring his older brother.


Maggie knew things were not right financially. Maggie knew about the pills, Paul had told her. Maggie really did not want to go to Mosselle that night. 


Alex needed Paul's problems to go away. Alex needed the life insurance money to catch up all the cash he owed. Alex needed those who knew about the pills to be silenced. Everything he did was to benefit himself and his favored son Buster.


I wonder if Alex knew about Buster and Steve though....... I wonder if that's why Steve lost his life.... the unspoken knowledge that Buster preferred men....


Alex was cornered and had no other course of action in his mind. 


Alex did the unthinkable and murdered the people who were about to destroy his entire world. Alex set it up so his favored son, Buster, would reap all the financial benefits.


Alex lied. Alex wants all of us to believe everyone else who testified lied, but that he was the only one capable of telling the truth. Alex told lies on people who supported him for decades, people who cared about his family and loved him. Alex now wants everyone to believe those people were lying on him.


Alex is the only one who stood to benefit from lying. Alex is the only one consumed with guilt. His own body language exposes those lies.


Alex is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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