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Monday, March 6, 2023

Death of a Planet - Ours

 I hear "what's wrong with this world" all the time. I see people wanting to save the "climate", "ecosystems" rivers, oceans and other waterways..... I listen to politicians (who are NOT qualified in any of these matters) talk about their plans to do something......

The problem did NOT start with one person or group, nor did it start with politicians and laws they have passed.

It started on a personal level and grew from there.....

50 years ago people were convinced that certain products would make their lives better! As the decades passed more such products were born. Today people love anything that makes daily life "better".

The problem is these products are the very things killing our planet!

WASTE is the problem and until we come together and clean it up right it will continue to kill the planet!

We must stop using wasteful things and start learning how to reuse, reduce and recycle!

The biggest planet killer? PLASTICS - don't believe me? Google trash islands in the ocean!

I look around my own life and see where I could improve. For example, I do use plastic grocery bags but I also reuse them. I recycle my bottled water bottles, but I will be drilling or digging a well.

The idea that convenience items have begun the total death of our planet is terrifying. What's more terrifying is that people refuse to SEE what these are doing and refuse to adjust their lifestyles to help improve a small part of our world.

We cut back on use of styrofoam when it was proven what damage that was doing......But there are still things it is being used for.....

Think about that East Palestine train wreck for a moment..... One of the deadly chemicals that caused so much danger is one used in everyday PVC piping! Now, look around your own home...... How much PVC piping do you have? Do you think that cancer causing chemical is not still dangerous once it is made into PVC piping?

The sad reality is that the newer the house, the MORE cancer causing agents it contains! That is why construction dumpsters are considered "hazardous waste".

It is time to stop being selfish, wanting things to make daily life easier because those items are destroying the planet for your children! Maybe your life is made easier with them, but down the road it is your children paying the price.

But, oh all these throw away food containers make life easier! Buying in bulk at Winco - using plastic baggies - makes life easier (I do this - so guilty as charged on this one), look at convenience items around you RIGHT NOW. Think about which ones are not truly necessary!

Fixing this problem is not going start with clean up alone! We must fix it on the individual level AND hold corporations producing these goods accountable as well! We must also hold governments that are not disposing of these goods properly accountable too!!! Landfills, trash pick up ALL OF THEM need to answer for their poor disposal methods!

Until we do this our planet will continue to die one breath at a time!

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