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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Max's Prototype & Sandy Rakip's Lies

 I really hate being stuck in the middle of this shit show!!! But, in this case it IS a good thing!!!

To explain I must go back to the beginning of Max's story.....

Max was using GPS to find his grandma's property about 7 years ago (give or take). GPS caused him to end up on Iva's property on the hill where they got stuck. Max had tons of expensive shit up there, much of which is now missing.

Max lives over the hill and cannot come to check his shit very often. He worked out a storage agreement with Iva and Andy Anderson --- NOT Sandy Rakip!!!! She never was part of this equation until she inserted herself into it!!!

Max left a Ford truck, Ford Dump Truck, a small utility trailer, motorhome, semi trailer full of tools and several other things...... Max left well over $100,000 worth of things in storage on Iva's property. (Using today's value on the items)

Max does not drive so he depends on others to haul him around and getting out here from his home near the coast is NOT easy!!! He trusted Iva and Andy to keep his things safe, and they did until Andy passed away and Sandy took over!!! 

His Ford truck was gone before 2019 when I bought my land out here, as was the small utility trailer. The lock Max had put on the semi trailer was also gone and replaced with Sandy's lock. Sandy basically claimed those items as her own. To my knowledge it has always been Sandy's lock on the semi trailer, I have never seen Max's lock. Sandy always had a key to it.

What began Max learning of his missing items happened right after I filed a lien on the motorhome. Sandy got booted off the hill and I allowed her to bring the motorhome to my land, prepped a small area for her and she only stayed about 2 weeks after I booted her off my couch because I got sick of her wasting shit and listening to her mouth. I believed what she had told me about said motorhome being hers to use and do with what she wanted.

Sandy griped that she had no help to move from the hill to my place, so I arranged helpers. Sandy paid them very little so she gave one of the helpers the Ford dump truck - without ever telling Max that she was doing so! It was NOT hers to give away!! But she did it anyways! I saw what she posted online about me supposedly telling people NOT to help her! What a crock - I had been all over asking for helpers - none of which she paid much so they would not help out more than a day or two. Not to mention that when Kim and Kathy were there all Sandy wanted to do was pick fights with them instead of trying to move anything then the helpers got stuck dealing with repeated calls to the police over the fighting and the helpers sitting there stuck in the middle! NO ONE wants to be stuck dealing with that nonsense!

At this point everything was missing / AWOL except the motorhome and the semi trailer (a 53 foot semi trailer). Max has receipts as well as all the proper DMV paperwork for the missing items!!

So, Sandy brings the motorhome to my property, then skips to her son's home. After months of begging her to come clean up her mess I finally filed a lien on the motorhome in order to drive home 2 points. First to get in contact with the actual owner, and second to try to force Sandy to clean up the mess she made and take care of her shit. I only accomplished one of those points - getting in contact with the actual owner!!

Max was heartbroken and very disappointed when he learned most of the stuff he had stored on the hill was just gone. He has made 2 trips out here in the last 6 weeks to deal with the mess Sandy created!!

Sandy never told Max that she literally gave away his Ford dump truck!!! On his first trip out here I got him in contact with the guy she gave it to, thankfully they had a great conversation and Max gave him all the paperwork for the dump truck!!!! Max also worked out a deal with my stepson for the motorhome!! It was never my intention to simply take the motorhome - I wanted in contact with the actual owner and Sandy refused to give us his info. NOW we know why......

The second trip Max made out here a few days ago, was to make entry into the semi trailer that is still on Iva's property, and we are actively seeking someone to move less than a mile. Sandy had placed a lock on the semi trailer that Max was never even informed she had gotten into!! 

Since 2018, there are MANY witnesses who have seen Sandy inside that semi trailer and I do mean MANY. In 2020 and 2021 I saw Calvim bringing his truck up empty, after dark, and leaving full. I never thought anything of it until we opened that semi trailer and saw how empty is was!!

Max has most of the receipts for the items that the semi trailer contained. Here is the kicker though..... I also have this on video. Near the front of the semi trailer we thought we found some of his brand new tools!! There was a stack of boxes...... Every box was EMPTY and the press, the only tool  still there, was missing vital pieces!!!! Sandy took the tools and left the empty boxes!!!! 

Max tore the place up seeking 1 item in particular that he had stored in the motorhome and Sandy told him on the phone that she was holding it in her hand. Max can confirm that at some point Sandy had possession of it - his college project prototype!!! 

Max filed a police report on SOME of the missing items and will add the rest during the course of the investigation. Sandy is refusing to accept his calls - all Max wants is his college prototype returned and she doesn't even have the decency to speak to him now that she knows he has inspected his own belongings!!!

Since Sandy had inserted herself into this agreement Max had with Iva and Andy that makes her liable for everything that is missing. Since Sandy removed Max's lock from the semi trailer and replaced it with one she got - that proves she had sole possession of the items contained inside of it - that are now missing!

Max has begged her for his prototype - it is very sentimental to him and she had no right to even be involved in this agreement / equation - but as usual, Sandy refuses to tell him what she did with it AFTER she confirmed on the phone with him that she was literally holding it in her hands!!! 

This is the true Sandy Rakip and all that noise she is making on social media is to distract people from what is going on HERE - with Max and the fact that she screwed this kid over royally!!!

Sandy has told so many stories about how that stuff came to be on the hill that it's pathetic!! She told me once that Max was in jail and would be for a long time. She told someone else that Max had died. She told another that all the items were donated to her. 

What Sandy never counted on is that EVERYONE who has seen that stuff up there or ever lived in that motorhome while it was on the hill, would actually come together to compare stories!!!! Yup, I did that! I made sure that Max has gotten to speak with everyone I could. Sandy has tried hard to keep us all apart though. She is in contact with others who have lived on that property, Vince and Betty, Rick and Anna, Destiny and Paul - but refuses to get us in contact with each other because she KNOWS each of us have information for Max that Sandy does not want him to have!

Sandy even had Iva's son, Kim, believing that at some point I had lived on the hill - I never did. My off grid progress album and prior Facebook posts prove that! I came to my property in a 2 room cabin tent and NEVER lived on Iva's place!

Sandy's lies over this kid's belongings have finally caught up with her!!!

Sandy had zero right to even insert herself into the storage agreement Max had with Iva & Andy - even after Andy died in 2018 (right before I bought my land and moved out here). Sandy did her best to alienate those who might call her bluff on those items by telling lies to each of us, until we ALL literally stood in my driveway comparing shit Sandy had told us. Sandy had zero right to "liberate" all of Max's property and make it go poof!!!

Some of you may be thinking how do we know for sure it was Sandy? Easy really - Sandy was the ONLY person physically capable of walking to where these items were stored AND climbing up inside of the semi trailer! Yup, Sandy was the only person on that hill physically capable of all that. Dave, passed December 2021, could not even get off the couch to walk 25 feet to a toilet so he most certainly could not have walked across the property to where the stuff was stored. Iva could barely walk around her own home without falling so she obviously did not go down to where it was stored. Keep in mind that Iva is now 102 years old and in a facility for end of life care. No way Iva could have gotten to where this stuff was stored let alone be able to get inside of the semi trailer!!!

Let's not forget that Sandy removed Max's lock and replaced it with one of her own!!! A lock that Max had to cut in order to gain access to his own semi trailer!!!

Sandy never planned for Max to ever see his shit was gone because she had been trying to sell that semi trailer BEFORE Max would ever be able to return to check on his belongings. Me filing the lien on the motorhome blew Sandy's plans to hell!

Sandy also LIED to Max about a 3 Day Notice I had given HER about cleaning up her shit that she had all over my yard. Sandy told Max that the 3 day notice was about HIS motorhome - it wasn't!!! The 3 day notice was specifically written for the crap she had in MY little motorhome and all over the front yard of MY small motorhome - it never had anything to do with his motorhome and I proved that to him by showing him the digital copy of the notice I posted!!! 

Max simply wants his college prototype that we know at one point that Sandy literally held in her own hands while on a phone call with Max. 


Since Sandy likes to play the victim, she is all over Facebook talking shit about me and others who have exposed her for the thief she really is. Her accusations are false of course, she cannot even back up anything she claims with any type of screenshots because she KNOWS her claims are 100% false. She has to turn the focus away from the shit she has done, make herself a victim in hopes that no one will ever know what she has done to Max. I am not worried about the crap she is doing on social media.....From the screenshots being sent to me it is quite apparent that the only ones even half way buying into her bullshit is the local tweaker clan. Their opinions matter little in the overall scheme of things anyways!!! The ones buying into her bullshit likely also benefited from the items that disappeared or have some of them!


Sandy has a lot to answer for with Max. We have been trying to nail down time frames of when each item disappeared since he doesn't come out very often - and Sandy had planned on shit disappearing before he could ever return to inventory his own belongings. 

We know the Ford truck was gone before 2018, because previous renters have said it was NOT there when they moved in around February 2018. I know the small utility trailer was NOT there when I first met Iva in 2019! I also know that she gave a certain person the Ford dump truck because I was there when she did it and I got that person and Max in contact with each other. There is a stolen vehicle report on that utility trailer AND the Ford truck!!! What will happen when they find those things and the person who has them explains that Sandy either sold it to them or gave it to them????? Max does not want the recipient to get in trouble because they likely bought into Sandy's bullshit and had zero idea they were receiving stolen property!!!

As I said above, Sandy has a lot of explaining to do about Max's belongings that she had ZERO right to even touch since the storage agreement was between Max and Iva & Andy!!!


We are offering a reward for information leading to the recovery of ANYTHING Max is missing! Each missing item has a different reward value. But there is a reward for information about ANY of the missing items. 


If you have possession of any missing item, please understand that YOU are not in trouble here. Max simply wants his items returned. 


Sandy Rakip needs to start fessing up to where these items went and she better do it soon, police reports have been made and her time to get out of felony charges is quickly running out.


Sandy, it is one thing to talk shit about me - shit you know isn't true - but to use that shit to distract people from SEEING what you have done to Max is disgusting!!! Stop avoiding his calls, tell him where his shit is before you are sitting in a jail cell suffering major withdraws with jailers who don't give a shit!!! And stop putting me in the middle of shit you started that really has nothing to do with me!!!!




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