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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Internet Bullies – the ADULT Kind


Internet Bullies – the ADULT Kind


                Many of you know I run a scammers exposed group. See the link….



                We also deal with cyber bullies and their minions. We have found that a cyber bully does not typically act alone. They recruit others who are weak to assist them in bullying innocent people. The minions are afraid to speak out against the bully because they do not want to be a target of the bully.

                We have also learned that these bullies also tend to be addicts. Many bullies regularly accuse innocent people of being addicts or scammers – trying to ruin a person’s reputation based on lies. This is detrimental and dangerous to the victim because once something is online it tends to be there forever, and it is near impossible for the victim to clear their name.

                We are currently investigating a MAJOR cyber bully who has her own followers, ones that are so afraid of her they will do anything to protect her. I first encountered this bully over 2 years ago and she has not changed one bit.

                Bullies like this tend to join peer to peer funding groups just so they can demean and degrade others who are down on their luck. There are scammers in those groups – that is certain. But this bully will go after ANYONE regardless of if they are a scammer or not.

                These types of bullies will inject themselves into posts and threads that have nothing to do with them. They will make the thread ALL about them and keep going until an admin closes the thread – which in turn prevents the original poster from getting the help they need.

                What is a peer to peer funding group? It is a group where ordinary people can make a post to ask for a little financial assistance. They are typically for amounts less than $200 but some groups will permit large requests. These groups also desire proofs of how the cash was used in the form of receipts or screenshots. They do help a great number of people, but just as many people will try to scam the groups.

                Here is an album with one such bully  - used here as an example.



                This particular bully is NOT a leader although it may appear that she IS. She rallies her minions to attack those she deems unworthy, and they do her bidding. But she is also a follower. This particular bully is supposedly a “recovering” addict. However, from what can be observed online it is obvious she is still using some form of speed. She has plenty of time to spend hours upon hours harassing innocent people, accusing them of scamming or being drug addicts. Also observing the amount of time in a 24 hour period that she is doing this – it is quite obvious she rarely sleeps, also an indicator of someone using some form of speed.

                It is also known that people who openly accuse others of scamming or being addict tend to be doing those same things themselves. If you study the profile picture it is also obvious this person was high when they took it. Hiding the eyes indicates the person does not wish anyone to realize they are high, and it also displays deception. The eyes truly are the window to the soul and these types of people HATE for their eyes to been seen in pictures.

                These types of bullies are usually in some form of committed relationship and the partner rarely knows what this person is doing behind their back. Many relationships have been decimated once the bullies actions are made known to the partner.

                There are times when the partner is actively involved in assisting the bully online though. We have a few such examples in the album section of our group.

                Sadly, this type of bully will not stop even once they have been exposed for what they are. Most just make new profiles and keep the bad behavior going. Many of these bullies also do so in real life, some do not though. Some are meek and quiet in real life but total asshats online.

                There is so much more I could say about this type of bully, but I will do so in the group. Please bookmark it, check it frequently, set notifications for ON and enjoy what we have to offer there!!!!




Also be sure to check out our Scammers Exposed Radio Show on Friday’s – time is random and announced in the group on the day of the show!!! You will LOVE it!!!




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