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Thursday, November 18, 2021

No More Fair Trials? This is WHY logical adults HATE the BS of the leftists

 MSNBC banned from the building of the Rittenhouse trial for trying to dox jurors....


They tried it with the Chauvin trial..... Ran fake stories - told outright lies and the sad thing is the brainwashed masses fed on this and misinformation drives the HATE of the left which will result in riots, looting, people getting hurt!!!

The left does this crap when they KNOW they are WRONG - it is an attempt to BULLY / TERRORIZE in order to get their ways (demands). 

In America we do NOT negotiate with terrorists!!!! 

We used to lock them up and throw away the key!!!! But now the Democratic party has enlisted them as their new militant arm - to do their dirty work.....

There can be NO fair trials when this garbage is permitted to continue.....

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