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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Things I Find Strange...... Read ASAP


Things I find strange…..

Things that are not coincidences….


In October 2019 the World Economic Forum held a simulation called Event 201. They have literally wiped this event from THEIR website….. But it is readily available on Youtube and other video streaming websites…..



 Session # 1 – just follow the links for the following sessions, or turn on autoplay next video….



Event 201 was about a coronavirus pandemic…… October 2019 – remember that date


Magically, in November 2019 – scientists at the Wuhan Virology Lab became sick with symptoms of what we now know is Covid-19 a coronavirus that became a pandemic….


So, in October 2019 the WEF holds a coronavirus pandemic simulation then boom, a month later we have a coronavirus pandemic…..


Coincidence? Maybe….. But…..


We have been hearing about the “New World Order” otherwise known as “The Great Reset” by the WEF…


It was called and still is called a right-wing conspiracy theory… But is it a conspiracy theory??? Here is the link directly from the World Economic Forum about gee what???

The Great Reset thanks to Covid-19




We all know cyber attacks are on the rise….. So, in April 2021 guess what? The World Economic Forum had a meeting about what???  A cyber attack….




What was discussed? Ransomware…… How ransomware can be used to cripple the world…


Then what happened?


May 7, 2021 the Colonial Pipeline was taken hostage by what? Ransomware…





Coincidence? Maybe…. But when is it mathematically no longer a coincidence???


Now they are discussing resetting digital currency…




Carbon markets – otherwise known as the carbon tax




Taking control of the Asia – Pacific Supply chains




Taking control of food systems & land use



Taking control of education





So, what can we expect NEXT? Well, according the WEF – more cyber attacks taking control of infrastructure such as the power grid, water supplies etc….


We have already seen smaller scale attacks on smaller power grids on the local levels…. What happens when a major metropolitian city is hit with one of these ransomware attacks???


I find it strange that the WEF has a meeting on a topic then BOOM it happens…. Not once, not twice, not three times – but EVERY time over the entire history they have existed….. Just compare their meeting dates to world events……


These actions are NOT coincidence…. It is mathematically and statistically IMPOSSIBLE for them to be coincidences….


Most of the world events happen within WEEKS of the very meeting they have about it….


How did Fauci know in 2017 that there would be surprise outbreak under Trump’s administration???




Why does Bill Gates discuss REDUCING the world’s population by using “good vaccines”?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaF-fq2Zn7I&t=369s  (30 minute version)


Also, Bill Gates discussing pandemics in 2015




Surprise – this virus he shows an image of is guess what??? A coronavirus…. Not just ANY virus – but the Covid-19 virus


Why has Dr. Fauci had his hand in literally EVERY pandemic for the last 40 + years???? Even the AIDS / HIV pandemic in the 80’s – which, let me remind you – he was doing research on just such a virus just BEFORE the outbreak and has been working on a vaccine ever since…..




And why would Dr Fauci put a fellow scientist in jail??? When she tried to alert people to what Dr. Fauci was up to???




Now, fact checking her, many things she has said has turned out to be 100% true…..


Bill Gates and Fauci are old college dorm buddies…. They have been planning shit since their college days…..


Everything we are experiencing TODAY – these two have had their hands in….


So, when is it no longer a coincidence?


Start asking questions….. Start researching……Avoid Google, YouTube and the tech giants because they ARE suppressing information……


Begin with the NIH archives on SARS-1


Educate yourself before it’s too late…


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