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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Lost Dog & a Rant


**Rant Post**


Yesterday, while removing a destroyed tarp from the dog pen, the 2 girls got out. Yes they are spayed lol…. Since Hooker was given to me by the neighbor, Sandy Rakip, I alerted her hoping Hooker had went over there. The FEW times they have gotten out they made a beeline over there.

This time was different they ended up across Hwy 247…. I went for HOURS walking out there nearly halfway to the mountains….. I went without a jacket, screaming until I coughed blood my throat is STILL raw…. I could hear Rosa barking and I followed until they stopped barking…..

Last night Rosa came home at dusk. Hooker was NOT with her. Later I heard Hooker barking between me and Sandy. I went out and called to her. The barking headed toward Slash X so I followed about half way and the barking stopped. So, I went home.

I have a VERY bad hip and COPD. I have been recovering from bronchitis as well. My lungs are STILL burning from the cold air.

I made posts in MANY local groups…. Messaged a few friends who went out riding to look for her….. She seems to have vanished….

But why am I telling you this? SANDY RAKIP is why!!!!

Self righteous, thinks she knows everything and can do everything better than YOU bitch!

From the time I told her Hooker was missing, until a few hours ago my phone blew up with texts and calls. Yesterday, right after they got out I was in a telemed with my therapist…. Sending her to voicemail did NOT deter her – it ended my appointment early…. Talk about RUDE!!!!

So, I went and met Sandy across Hwy 247 where we were SUPPOSED to look together. Sandy stayed near the fence barely calling out….. It was ME who walked nearly 5 miles following the barking…… Sandy did NOT want to go home when the barking stopped, but I was in such pain I could not push myself any farther AND I had someone coming over to help me with a few things….

From the time we dropped her off until I blocked her number a little while ago, she never stopped talking shit in my text messages and on my voicemail.

I put food, water and one of MY blankets out in a spot I know Hooker would know where it is.  It is untouched.

She TALKS but has little action, just enough for appearance sake only!!!!

At 3 a.m when the outside dog on the property where she stays was barking like crazy – she NEVER checked. Hooker was over there. It was ME who followed the barking halfway to Slash X before the barking stopped. Not her. How the hell she slept through that I have no idea when I heard it nearly ¾ mile away!!!!

She has been DEMANDING I run up and down the road or go sit out on the road and wait for Hooker….. Precisely how am I supposed to do this WITHOUT a vehicle??? Or gas money???? Not to mention I am in so much pain I have been puking, my throat so raw I can barely talk!!! And I have to DJ twice this weekend….

All the while she is making demands of ME she does NOTHING… She has pictures of Hooker – LOTS of them. I have only live videos. Sandy refuses to provide a still picture of Hooker for the posts that I made. She is demanding we print flyers and get them posted – cannot do that without a PICTURE or a vehicle…..

She actually told ME that I was not doing enough. That I was ridiculous. Alison was gonna come help HER ride around looking for Hooker and Alison was sick. Basically she was saying if Alison could come while she was sick why couldn’t I? Well having the shits is far different than not being able to WALK or talk. Sandy actually suggested to Alison to wear an adult diaper….. To my knowledge Alison has not shown up….

I find all of this VERY hypocritical of Sandy. You see, Sandy has said goodbye to 3 (three) of her own dogs in the past year….. Yes, three. First was Stinger, he got VERY sick. I even posted a fundraiser to be able to take him to the vet…. When I found RUFF she refused to take him…. He died….. Then Felony….. I was told she “put her down” but not the precise method…. Then Moolie, he was old and it was his time. He might have lasted longer if she had actually taken him to a vet instead of self-diagnosing and medicating him…..I gave her RUFF phone numbers and Actors & Others and MANY resources….. She will NOT take those dogs to a vet…..

Yet SHE wants to make demands of ME for my own dog? Yes, she gave me Hooker and has an emotional attachment, I get it. She should have been applying that SAME energy to the 3 (three) who got sick and DIED, maybe they would still be here….

All of this coming from a woman who TAKES OFF (usually to her son’s house), leaving (at that time Hooker & Magic) with NO prearranged care….. Usually about every 2 months she took off leaving the dogs….. Many times she told others that I would be caring for them…. One problem though, she NEVER told ME…… Those dogs would be DEAD right now if I had not taken care of them EVERY time she flew the coop….. Once Hooker and Magic went without food for DAYS and nearly ran out of water because she left Dave to care for them….. The last time she done this I had 4 cats in surgery that day AND my PT Cruiser motor locked up. But, I cared for her dogs – twice daily driving up there when she left NO food. I had to provide it. Not once has she EVER offered me a dime for all the gas I spent taking care of her dogs. Not once.

And I have the text messages to PROVE every word of this…..

Sandy does not care if YOU have plans…. She just up and goes leaving Hooker & Magic in her fenced yard assuming SOMEONE (aka ME) will care for them…… She will be gone sometimes up to three weeks…..

She really cared for Hooker when she had her huh???? Yeah, she took lots of pictures. All for appearance sake only…..

She buried 3 dogs in less than 10 months, NOW Iva’s dog, Blue is on his deathbed in HER care….. We have plans to get Blue to the vet Friday…. Wanna bet Blue doesn’t make it til then???? That is 4 dogs in HER care dead in a year….. Blue depended on Sandy to feed & water him because Iva is 100 years old deaf and nearly blind.

And SHE wants to tell ME how to properly care for a dog???? My dogs are HEALTHY, well cared for and see the vet when they need to. I have worked rescue for nearly 4 decades.

I will NOT go into how Hooker would be kenneled in a tiny camper almost every night….. Or how Hooker had no one to PLAY with since all the other dogs were older and she still has puppy energy…..

At my house she was HAPPY. Yes she ran off. Sometimes dogs gotta get their wiggles out. Hooker DID come back last night but went to Sandy’s and Sandy would NOT go out and get her. It was ME who followed the barking until it stopped.

So, Sandy take your self-righteous BULLSHIT and shove it!!!! You weren’t concerned enough about Stinger to accept a ride to the vet from me and funding from RUFF to cover it. You let him die suffering!!!! You put Felony down….. Moolie and Blue were old…… But 4 dogs DEAD in 1 year????

You were NOT concerned about Hooker every time you took off leaving NO ONE reliable to care for her & Magic. You never once called or texted to see how they were doing while you were gone. You only replied to texts I sent you….

So do yourself a favor and lose my number. Do not ever contact me again. When I am done, I am done. And I have had ENOUGH of your bullshit and outrageous demands. I do not see you walking up and down Hwy 247 looking for Hooker. You spoke to 2 people at Slash X??? But you blow up my phone demanding that I do when I am in so much pain I am puking from all the walking I have done looking for her…..

You LOVE to demand other people do things that you will NOT do yourself.

I am done!!!! I won’t even go into how you use others to purchase things for YOUR dogs….

Jake told you to get rid of all the dogs and the car and he would help you get a job and a better place to live….. Seems like you are near that goal….. Only Magic and the car left….. Well if Hooker shows up over there I know you will keep her…..

I asked you repeatedly when you gave her to me to write up a transfer of ownership…… You thought you were smart…… Now EVERYONE knows what a walking piece of shit you really are.

You burned your bridges with me.

I pray for Hooker to be returned to me safely. But pray is all I can do right now until I can walk again. Having a bad hip sucks.

And if any of her family or Iva’s sees this and DON’T like it – do not text me telling me to delete it. This is MY wall, MY rant. If you do not like it UNFOLLOW me. I removed the last one (except from my blog – it IS still there). I will NOT remove this one to appease YOU.

I have put up with untold verbal abuse for the last 2 days to the point that I blocked Sandy’s number. So, if you do not like my rant simply unfollow me then YOU do not have to see it.

And stop bitching about your living situation. You put yourself over there. You have stayed there when other offers were made to you…. You CHOSE to stay there….. You have no one but yourself to blame for it.

Hooker has a good home now and she is terribly missed. Which is more than I can say for how you treated her. Every eye reading this will be on you now…..


Off my rant now…. Unless Sandy is stupid enough to push this issue.

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