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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Alcoholic former friend

This is Lane. H likes to drink, alot..... In this particular picture he had broken some beer bottles on his floor and then walked thru the broken glass...

Thursday, February 16, 2017

I am writing again and the piece I am working on now will be posted HERE for free as a teaser to a new series I am penning!!

Watch for it by Sunday!!! I wll post the link on FaceBook as well.

Comment on the piece. Once there are 25 unique (meaning only 1 post per person will count) I will give away the ENTIRE - AUTOGRAPHED Tayor Saga to 1 lucky winner!!!!!

*** The teaser will be posted later in the week..... it has been nuts here....

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I must warn all of my friends about a fraudulent business! IF you live in the greater Los Angeles area OR have a family law case in California then you need to read this entire post..... yes it will be lengthy!

This business.... United Fathers of California is a scam..... this is the link to the website...


The Director - Doug Davis, that isn't even his name..... I know this because he and I were involved in a relationship for 4 years.... His real name is Doug Elliard....

First...... Doug and I were together from September 2012 until May 2016, we also lived and worked together.

In January 2014, I became a Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor and obtained an EIN from the IRS. That means I have my own tax number for the classes I teach and that my students paid me directly. 

My classroom was in Doug's office, but I did NOT cater to his clients solely. I am listed with 211 and highly recommended by the Los Angeles Court system. I am very selective about the clients I take on and thus, the classes were very small. 

Second...... I ended my relationship with Doug in February 2016. I cleared out my classroom on March 1, 2016, but due to a health issue with Doug I did not toss him out until May 2016.  I caught him touching his cat inappropriately, and YES this was included in a declaration to the court. (will explain this in a moment).

In May 2016, the endless court drama began....

Third ...... Doug tried to file NUMEROUS Domestic Violence Restraining orders against me..... (I will be adding pix of pertinent papers)...... The judge would dismiss them because I was NOT bothering Doug. The first one was dismissed in July 2016 and he filed a 2nd one in August..... I filed a Civil Harassment Restraining order against him but the judge also dismissed that with a stern warning to Doug to leave me alone..... It finally ended in October 2016 when the judge told Doug that I could file against Doug but he could not file anything against me. At the October 2016 court date Doug informed the judge that he expected to file a 3rd restraining order against me when I received my 1099 from him. This is where it gets interesting....

I went on court record stating that any 1099 that Doug would issue would be FRAUDULENT because I have my own EIN from the IRS and my students paid me directly. I received NOTHING from United Fathers of California.

Now, think about this for a moment. What person in their right mind would issue a FRAUDULENT 1099??? Doug risks the IRS taking away his business.... for what??? To get even with me for what??? Ending the relationship??? Taking my classes and going freelance??? 

Fourth...... From October until February 1, 2017 I had a short period of peace...... then the fraudulent 1099 arrived and my life was in chaos again because I had no clue what to do.

I took the 1099 to H&R Block and they referred me directly to the local IRS office. The IRS website said I needed to file an identity theft report with the police but the officer said he could do nothing because it was FEDERAL, not local. 

I will call the IRS shortly and set my appointment. Now, on the other hand I am supposed to be on STRICT bedrest until my surgery.....My bladder has decided to relocate itself..... let's just say it now likes to play peek a boo (again I had this surgery once already)....Now I must put my health at risk to deal with more of Doug's SHIT and it isn't fair to me.....

WHAT is it going to take to make this idiot leave me alone???? The relationship is OVER OVER OVER so why can't he let it go????

Contrary to what you might think, I did NOT make this post as revenge...... I made it to gain insights on my options to make Doug leave me alone.....I would love to hear from YOU to see what I can do to make him leave me alone for good.

I am moving so he will no longer have my address...... BUT Doug hired a private investigator to get my social security number to put on the fraudulent 1099...... if he will go to that length what more will he do??? It would be easy for him to hire the private investigator to get my new address... Isn't that invasion of privacy or stalking or something??? Is there something I can do to stop him from continuing this shit???

Being an ID Channel nut I fear his harassment / stalking/ psychological abuse will escalate....If this were happening to YOU how would you handle it???

I just want it over and once I turn all of this over to the IRS it is over for me...... but part of me fears Doug will not stop at this and my friends here have been amazingly supportive..... even they have asked what will he do next???? 

Ask yourself..... if Doug will do this to me...... what would he do to a client he might have a disagreement with???? He has paid off clients so they would not file a bar complaint against him.....

Too late I filed one months ago and only have one little thing to do on that left. They requested a full declaration and I am almost finished writing it and then that portion is finished....

Let me know what you think...... I have to scan in the papers I will post pix for. 

That will be a bit later today..... it is time to feed babies...... I have 3 bottle baby kittens that are very demanding when they think they are hungry lol..... they are 4 weeks old right now and I will also be taking some video of them later today for Facebook, watch for it.....

til later y'all......

this text began this idiots assault of me...... there will be more pictures later today!