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Monday, January 19, 2015

For my readers who watch this blog and have wondered where I went, this post is for you. I pulled all of my books as per contract with a new publisher. We are slowly working on getting them up via the new publisher. I appreciate your patience in the meantime. Things have been on hold since November though. I have had issues at home to deal with. Most of you know what it's like to lose a pet.... read this.... Before Thanksgiving I opened a brand new bag of Purina Cat Chow Indoor formula and fed it to my pets. I HAD 6 indoor cats and 1 malti poo dog. Within 5 days, Shadow, the 9 month old passed away in my arms as we slept. Her half sister, also named Sister, was critically ill. Sister spent 1 night in the hospital, many tests were run, she required a transfusion. She has been sickly and skinny ever since. I got the FDA involved and food samples were sent off to be tested. Because I had cremated Shadow the FDA said it would have been nice to have a body to autopsy....... Ironically the got it less than 8 weeks later. I thought things had settled down but I had mistook the situation. THIS month Oreo began to get very sick. On the 13th, the day before my birthday, my big boy, Milo, passed away violently in my arms. He went so fast there was not even time to get him to the vet. It was almost midnight when I finally made it to the vet hospital with Milo's body and Oreo. They admitted Oreo and ran tons of tests..... Oreo stayed 3 days and was sent home STILL not knowing what the hell is wrong. My days lately have been taking care of the girls (the 4 cats that are left), in my heart though I cannot help but worry about which one is next..... If we cannot figure out what is going on we will never be able to treat it or stop it..... I have not written a single thing since this began in November and right now I just cannot wrap my brain into writing mode..... I have emotionally not done well with this because Shadow was only 9 months old, and her older brother Milo was less than 2 years old. Milo had been fixed and Shadow had an appointment to be spayed right after Thanksgiving which I tearfully had to cancel..... The dog seems fine but I am going to have her rechecked too..... Long term issues from the poisoning are beginning to surface and the only thing I can do is watch for symptoms and get them to the vet...... No one's pet deserves to die like Milo did. NO ONE'S! I beg you, if you are using a Purina product - STOP before this happens to you! Read the labels on your pet food..... even Friskies is now owned by Purina! If you have lost a pet like this I would love to hear from you. Just reply to this thread and I will get back with you. http://www.bpslawyers.com/Firm-News/Class-Action-Lawsuit-Filed-for-Tainted-Pet-Food.shtml These are the attorney's who WON against Purina recently over the dog treats....... CALL them if you have lost a pet due to Purina foods....

Monday, December 15, 2014




Friday, September 19, 2014

Boomer is my 9 year old grey tabby. He was diagnosed with diabetes and his vet fees are high. We had to pay $161 for his first visit where they also told his diet would need to be changed to high protein which was $40 for new food. Also he needed to take insulin which is $257 and $12 for needles. Currently he had to go in every two weeks at $147.90 for glucose checks as they are trying to check is insulin to find the right level for him. They told us he may need to come in as much as 4 visits every two weeks. Right now his vet fees exceed our income savings and we need a little help. Boomer is my baby and I want to provide for him and I am not one to give up.

Sondra Hicks


Diagonsed with Diabetes on 10/13/14 Boomer is 9 years old, my baby and as of recent began rapidly losing weight at first we werent concerned but then we noticed he ...
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