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Friday, September 19, 2014

Boomer is my 9 year old grey tabby. He was diagnosed with diabetes and his vet fees are high. We had to pay $161 for his first visit where they also told his diet would need to be changed to high protein which was $40 for new food. Also he needed to take insulin which is $257 and $12 for needles. Currently he had to go in every two weeks at $147.90 for glucose checks as they are trying to check is insulin to find the right level for him. They told us he may need to come in as much as 4 visits every two weeks. Right now his vet fees exceed our income savings and we need a little help. Boomer is my baby and I want to provide for him and I am not one to give up.

Sondra Hicks


Diagonsed with Diabetes on 10/13/14 Boomer is 9 years old, my baby and as of recent began rapidly losing weight at first we werent concerned but then we noticed he ...
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sparklette's Water Delivery Service

I have a complaint that EVERYONE who has considered hiring Sparklettes as a water service should read!!

I decided to hire a water service because the city water here is disgusting. It reeks of chlorine and has 1500 times the safe level of arsenic (or so studies have shown). I prefer not to find out.

I gave Sparklettes a call and began service. My bill was to be $58 a month for 2 monthly deliveries of 5 bottles plus the rental of the dispenser. I was receiving the 3 gallon jugs because I cannot handle the 5 gallon.

All went well and the guy came and got me set up. Wonderful delivery guy, professional and helpful. I have -0- complaint with the delivery guy.

Well I was to receive a 2nd delivery in about 10 days. It was a no show. So I called Sparklettes.

At this time I was told my account was locked for non - payment. This confused me because my bill was not supposed to be due until the end of the month and this call was made on July 22th. Exactly 11 days after beginning service. Naturally I made payment in full and the next day the delivery guy was here.

So, at the end of the month I call to make my payment. This was on the 31st, after yet again my account was locked for non payment and I had not received service.

(Keep in mind I began service on July 11, 2014)

The guy on the phone said there was a  PENDING $71.95 charge and that they tried to bill it to my debit card and it was declined. So I asked precisely what day this charge is actually DUE. He answered {{{{{{August 25, 2014}}}}}} and keep in mind I was calling on JULY 31, 2014 LONG before the bill was due!! . So I made a partial payment EARLY on July 31, 2014 in the amount of $50. So now Sparklette's has received over $108 for 2 deliveries......

My next scheduled delivery was due on August 6, 2014. Once again no show. It was very hectic last week so I called Sparklettes yesterday to inquire what the hell was up. By this time I was getting very frustrated with their LACK of service.  I was also upset that my agreed upon price had increased over $20 more than what was agreed upon.

Well, when I called them I was on hold for nearly 20 minutes to get an operator. Finally got a young lady who explained to me that my account was LOCKED yet again for non payment. I asked her how I could be delinquent when I had the invoice in my hand and I had in writing the payment would not be delinquent until August 25, 2014. She said that once again they tried to debit my card and it was declined.

I explained to her that I use a debit card and must load the card so the purchase is covered. I also asked her how OFTEN this billing was supposed to occur. She said on a 28 day cycle. I said ok then why have I paid $108 for less than 28 days of service. She could not help me I asked to speak with a manager and she SAID she was transferring me but I ended up on hold for 30 minutes before I finally hung up.

So, I contacted a different water service and explained to them this situation and they will be delivering my new service anytime today.

But, that isn't all. I called them back today since yesterday I was told that the account would not be serviced until the remaining balance of $21.95 was paid in full. Since that payment was not due until the 25th I refused to pay it.

I asked the young lady today why it seemed like every time I made a payment BAM the account was locked. She had no explanation. I asked her why I have been continuously charged for service I obviously have not been receiving. Again, no answer. I also asked her why I was being billed a $24 bottle deposit on EVERY delivery. Again no explanation. However, yesterday after I had called and hung up it appeared that the bill had been adjusted for the water bottle deposit and I now had a $2.90 something CREDIT on the bill and it was no longer delinquent.

I informed her that I had contracted a new service provider and for Sparklettes to send their delivery guy to pick up the cooler and bottles. I asked if they could do it today she said she can try. She said she GUARANTEES the service guy will be here tomorrow to pick the stuff up. I explained to her that if he doesn't pick it up that on Thursday morning I was dumping it all on the curb out front.

So, I am posting a picture of my invoice that I received FRIDAY so that potential customers can understand the bullshit they will have to endure with this company.

I had erased my account # and address from this invoice for privacy reasons.