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Saturday, July 7, 2018

New Novel is Complete!

I did some reworking on parts of it to help the flow and it turned out far better than I could have anticipated! I will be submitting it THIS WEEK!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Brand New Story Almost Finished!!!!

Here is a teaser for a brand new story I am penning! This story however is NOT erotica it is romantic suspense to be submitted to a HUGE publisher that I will name later on..... I am super exited about this opportunity and have pulled out your favorite characters to revive them and allow their story to continue...

Welcome back David, Taylor and Simon as a totally new adventure takes their story in a new direction! This novel will be pretty much PG rated due to the publisher it is to be submitted to, so the story has to grip you, make you want to turn the pages to see what happens next, yet be wrapped up in 300 pages or less.....so here is a teaser and the first 2 chapters of the rough in....

David is an FBI agent who walked away from Taylor 15 years ago, he had no idea she was pregnant at the time and no one has evert old him he had a son. David has been undercover working a case where over 50 women have gone missing. It is suspected that these women have been used as a sort of "prey" in a dangerous hunting game.

Simon, David's older brother, is the local sheriff and has just received a call that Taylor is missing. When they respond to the call David comes face to face with the son he did not know existed. 

David's undercover assignment was to gain access to this hunting game and take it down. He got in and now he had to hunt the only woman he ever loved. Would he be able to save her or would she fall prey to one of the other hunters in the sick game?

*** apologies for formatting here copy and paste from word does not play nice ***

1 Going Home

David stared at the white board and his work over the last few years. He finally got in! The group was set to have a new hunt in a few weeks and he had to be ready for it. David had worked hard undercover to get accepted as a hunter, which was not an easy task. Their application process had been lengthy and intrusive. His team had done well covering his back story for the application and the letter finally arrived that he had been accepted. The package came with detailed instructions about where he was to go and what his cover story would be, a convention. He would attend a convention and from there be taken to the compound. The time had come to shut this business down before anyone else got hurt.
The business of hunting humans was always an unpleasant one, especially when the missing women never turned up, nor did their bodies. Families left hanging without any closure or answer, loved ones still waiting for any kind of word. He was glad he did not have to work the field, not directly with the families. That was the part of the job that he hated the most and was glad to take the undercover assignments.
He sighed and thought of his past and the woman he left behind for his career. Taylor Cahill, beautiful and headstrong. God how he wished things could have been different. He shook it off and continued studying the board. Everything had to go down perfectly. No hitches, no surprises. But most of all, no distractions.
The group had been kidnapping women and using them as prey for a sick game they called “The Hunt”. They made millions from each hunt and each hunt left more than one woman dead. Although the bodies had never been found. Even with an entire team working the case they had yet to pinpoint the location of these hunts. The people involved in this sick game were good, but not good enough.
56 women simply gone. 56 families without closure or answers. Until now. David silently vowed to bring those families the closure they deserved, and justice to the ones hurting those women. David was positive that these women had been taken for the hunt. All of the witness statements matched those of other women they were also positive had been taken for the same reason.
All of the women had some commonalities. They were single, usually no children, a few had left behind some though. Many had no family and were not even reported missing right away. This made his job all that more difficult trying to chase down leads on women who had disappeared with no one left behind to care about them. Those were the ones he wanted justice for the most. Those lonely souls just seeking a safe life and to have it taken away so cruelly was beyond reprehension.
“Call just came in,” Mike said as he stormed into the room. Mike was a nerdy guy, glasses and scrawny in comparison with David, but then most people were.
“What kind of call?” David asked without taking his eyes from the white board, from the pictures of all the women they had confirmed as being victims of this hunt game. What kind of hell did they endure because of these evil people? Would he ever find them?
“Well, word is they are searching for their prey right now, in your hometown,” Mike announced as he handed the tip sheet to David.
“What?” David almost stammered as he turned to face Mike. Nothing much ever rattled him, except the idea of predators in the same spot he left the only woman he had ever loved. David still had this deep need to protect her even though he had walked away from her so many years ago.
“Yeah, tipster said suspicious men had been seen around town and the descriptions fit what we know of those who have been kidnapping the women,” Mike relayed as he went to the desk and rifled through some paperwork on top of it.
David bristled with anger at the thought of these men on his home turf. Although he had not been there in over fifteen years, it was still his home. His eyes clouded as he silently thought of her. She had been a distraction for him his entire career but he had to let it go. Her face was always just behind his eyelids no matter how hard he tried to push her away. Those emerald green eyes staring back into his own. He made his choice and now he had to live with it. Even now he still shuddered hearing the glass shatter the day he walked away.
David stood head and shoulders taller than Mike. He had trained with special forces and when he left the military he joined the FBI special task forces. His physique and demeanor made him an excellent undercover agent. He looked like a bouncer from hell Mike had said once. But all of his training never taught him how to deal with the regret of leaving her behind. He sighed heavily knowing he had to make a trip home after all of these years.
“When do I leave?” David asked, knowing Mike would have already made the plans. He glanced back at the board and nodded, knowing one way or another he would close this case.
“This afternoon, go home get packed and report tonight at the agreed time, like always,” Mike said with a laugh. The two of them had worked together for so long they had a comfortable working routine and trusted each other.
“Talk to you then,” David laughed as he walked out of the office. He muttered under his breath as he unlocked his car. It was such a small town there would be a good chance he would run into her. On the other hand it would be great to see his brother again, it had been years. Simon was the local sheriff and had recently been investigating a string of disappearances that might actually be related to the case at hand. He would be beside himself to have his little brother in town.
David chose to drive rather than fly so he could get his head together. The idea of running into Taylor consumed him and he had to reconcile this before he arrived. Did she hate him or still have feelings for him?
As the desert sped by his hometown came into sight and he sighed heavily. Whatever he felt he would be forced to deal with soon enough. He sped past the fields of dried vegetation until he saw his parents house sitting on a ranch almost as large as the town itself.
Before he made it to his driveway though he noticed a new house built farther back onto the property. When did that happen, he thought to himself as he pulled into his old home.

Taylor sighed as she watched the sunset from her porch, she had seen the car go past and head to Simon’s but paid it no mind. It was common for Simon to have plenty of visitor’s he was the sheriff after all. Late summer in the desert of south central California was hot to say the least, but she loved it. She had lived here for nearly all of her life and had long ago acclimated to the dry heat. A welcome change after living in the south and it’s heat with humidity. The mountains loomed on the horizon as she watched the sunset to the west. The desert could be warm and inviting, but it was deception. When the sun finally set it was a desolate land with danger everywhere.
Taylor watched the sun slip away as rocked back and forth on her porch swing. She was so proud of this home. A house she had designed and helped build with her own hands. As she sipped her coffee her thoughts wandered to the past, to him. A man she had never forgotten about, never wanted to forget and had always hoped would return some day. David Spencer. She both loved and hated him. He broke her heart when he left without a word. He chose his career over her and that hurt her deeply. Where was he now? Why should she care anymore it wasn’t like he would ever walk back into town again.
“Michael?” Taylor called to her 15 year old son as she went inside. “It’s almost bedtime did you get your homework done?”
“Yes mom,” came a male yell from somewhere upstairs. The usual answer. How could Taylor not think of David when every time she looked at her son she saw David’s face?
“Good, make sure to clean up your room before you go to bed I want that laundry down here by morning or I’ll go in and get it myself,” she chuckled as she called to him. He hated it when she went in his room. Her son liked his secrecy almost as much as his father did. Although her son had no clue who his biological father was.
Taylor had been so heartbroken when David left that she packed away everything that reminded her of him, except the one thing she could not pack, her child. She had considered terminating the pregnancy, but decided to keep her child in some ways thinking it might be the only child she would ever have. She never married and had raised her son on her own after her family turned their back on her. Simon had always been there though. David’s older brother, and Michael’s uncle. Simon gave her this land to build her home on, something of his father that he would have forever, even if he never met his father. But that was how it was and together she and Michael had made a wonderful life in this town.
“Michael, I will pick you up after practice tomorrow ok? I have some errands to run,” Taylor reminded her son. She rinsed her mug out and put it in the drainer then headed to her own room to shower.
“Ok mom,” was the last thing she heard as she shut her door and turned the water on.
Although she had been grateful to Simon, she could never open up to him the way he had wanted her to. After David left Simon had tried more than once to convince her to move on. Taylor couldn’t, she really had no closure and without closure she could not shut the door on the only love she had ever wanted, needed or longed for. David was the only man she craved, the only one she had ever craved. David is the only man who had ever turned her on in ways she had never dreamed of, or imagined. Many men had tried to date her, Simon being the most insistent, but she turned them away. To this day her heart still belonged to David no matter how badly he had broken her heart and hurt her. She wanted him back.
Steam filled the bathroom as she allowed the water to course over her body. Taylor had kept her youthful, athletic build over the years but it had not been easy. Her taut body relaxed under the hot water as she ran her hands over her form still admiring herself. She had not allowed herself to get close to a man after David left. She would not allow herself to be hurt like that again, nor would she have allowed any man near her son. Their son, she mentally reminded herself, their son. Not like he was around to help raise him though. Her efforts to locate him over the years had failed. Even his brother refused to tell her where he was, saying his job was classified.
Taylor had sworn Simon to secrecy about the pregnancy, and then about Michael. She had given her son David’s first name. Even though the entire town knew about Michael and who his father was, apparently no one had told David, thankfully, or at least he had not come rushing home to see his son. She scowled wondering which it was. Did he know? Or was he in the dark?
With a heavy sigh she finished her shower and stepped out onto the rug. The entire bathroom had filled with steam almost as thick as fog. When she reached for the towel someone grabbed her from behind and clamped a cloth over her mouth.
“Help!” Taylor tried to scream, but the sound was muffled through the cloth and a sweet smell wafted into her nostrils making her woozy. She kicked at the intruder to no avail, with each passing second her grip on reality began to fade.
Her last thoughts before she lost consciousness were of her son upstairs and his safety.

The man slipped out of Taylor’s house with her over his shoulder unseen and put her in the back of his van. He secured her wrists with zip ties and did the same to her ankles and then covered her naked form with the robe he had grabbed from the door. No need for a gag he would have her at the location long before she woke up.
As he climbed in the driver’s door he made a call.
“The special package is secured,” he smiled as he looked back at Taylor before driving off. He snapped the phone shut and drove off into the night.
This package was for a very special client he had been told. A surprise for the game, one that would be totally unexpected. Although he had no idea who the client was, those details were never shared with him. His job was acquisitions, pure and simple, and he was damn good at it. He didn’t ask questions and they paid him well. For him that was all he needed to know.

David cringed as he pulled up to the old home place and saw his brother’s cruiser sitting out front. He had hoped he could slip in and not face his brother right away. The house looked the same, even the old peeling paint had not been changed since the last time he had seen it. His parents would have been mortified at the sight of the home his mom had been so proud of. Simon had really let the place go. Just before hisparents had been murdered his dad had bought everything to paint the outside of the house, he and Simon were supposed to help. David wondered if those supplies were still out in the storage barn waiting to be used. Simon had heard the car and was walking out the front door when David exited his vehicle.
“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” Simon laughed and gave his younger brother a manly hug and a firm pat on the back. “What brings you back into town?”
“A case,” David replied, not wanting to go into details, not that he actually could. This case was completely classified and even his brother could not be privy to the smallest details.
“Care to share?” Simon asked with a smile, glad to have his younger brother home. Calling him little brother would just be wrong since David was so much larger than Simon.
“I can’t, sorry, classified,” David frowned. Simon could be a great resource if he could utilize him, but there was nothing he could share at this point.
“Come on in bro, it has been far too long since you came home,” Simon held the door open and the brothers walked into the home where they both grew up, the same home where their parents had been murdered all those years ago.
“It hasn’t changed has it?” David said as he looked around. He set his bag on the easy chair as he walked through to the kitchen. No smells of mom cooking anymore though. The only smells were those of coffee and stale cigarettes that his brother liked to smoke.
“Not really,” Simon laughed. “I wish you had let me know you were coming I have to run back to the office.”
“It’s fine. I will be in town for a few days at least,” David replied as he continued his tour of memory lane. If he closed his eyes he could almost see that night, smell the fear and the blood.
Images of that night flooded his vision, momentarily blinding him. He looked to the stairs and saw his mother stumble down them holding her chest and blood dripping everywhere. He heard the fight upstairs and his father scream for the boys to run and get out of the house. He saw his younger self run down the stairs and trip over his mother’s body, slipping in her blood. The look on his younger self’s face as he realized his mother was dying and there was nothing he could do was burned into his memory. David blinked to make it all go away, make these memories disappear. This was not the case he was here to work and he had to stay focused. But then he remembered something, his younger self had turned back towards the stairs as if he had heard something. His father coughed and there were footsteps crossing the room above. He had heard his father say his brother’s name. With that he was back to reality when Simon spoke.
“You know, David, she still hasn’t married,” Simon teased as he headed to the door. His smile beamed knowing that his brother still loved Taylor and silently hoped the two would finally get together.
“Simon,” David hissed with a chuckle, knowing what his brother meant. “Get to work. I am going to get some work done myself.”
“Have it your way. Are you going to at least look her up while you’re here?” Simon asked before he walked out, not waiting for David’s reply.
David walked upstairs and to the landing, stopping to take in everything. Simon had not changed a thing. It looked now just as it had the night of the murders, only without the blood. His parents room had been the master suite at the end of the hall. His own room stood right before him with the door closed. How he had dreaded coming back here, everything stood frozen in time and the memories of that night threatened to overtake him again. David inhaled sharply and turned the knob to his old bedroom door.
His room was just as he had left it so many years ago, the night his parents had died. He had never stepped foot back in the house until today and really did not want to be here now but had little choice. What he had left behind then had mattered little after his parents died, he wanted nothing that would remind him of the horror of that night and how the killer had never been caught. When this case was finished he would set his team on task to solve his parents murder, it was long past time to close the book on that chapter of his life.
When he opened the door to his old room she stared back at him from a picture sitting on the dresser, and one on the nightstand. He paused and stared at the picture. Taylor had such beautiful green eyes, her hair was like a mane surrounding her face, even then it had been long. Her smiled teased him, taunting him. Taylor had eyes only for him back then and she never let the other guys forget it. They had been so envious in high school and then college. Taylor was the only woman David had ever been with and until he had left he was positive he had been the only one for her as well. They had made a vow to each other, one he had kept even after all of these years.
He stepped quickly to the dresser and slammed over a picture of Taylor that he had placed there so many years ago. He had completely forgotten that it might even still be there and did not want to see it at the moment. It did not seem to matter where he was or what he was doing, she was always there somehow.
“Shit!” David cursed as he slammed the picture down. In his haste and frustration he had slammed it so hard the glass in the frame had shattered. The sooner he got out of this town the better he thought as he went to get the broom to clean up the glass. Even now she provoked such a strong response in him.

2 Memory Lane

Taylor’s head was splitting as she blinked trying to recall what had happened. She tugged at her wrists but they were tightly behind her. When she opened her eyes the light nearly blinded her and did not help with the stabbing pain in her head. Michael! Where was her son? Panic nearly strangled her as she tried to calm herself and figure out where she was and what had happened. What did she remember? The shower, the steam and David. Someone was there, in her bathroom when she reached for her towel. Then nothing.
“Help!” Taylor cried out, not sure if it was really a good idea or not but she had to know where she was and what had happened to her son.
No response. No sounds from outside the door, simply silence.
“Help!” She cried louder and struggled with the zip ties surrounding her wrists when she suddenly realized they circled her ankles as well.
Taylor was lying on a bare concrete floor in a room that could best be described as an out of date jail cell. A metal cot was on the wall, a metal table on the opposite wall. There was no window though. She surveyed the rest of the room with dread. There was an overhead light that shone brightly down on her, an intercom on the wall above the steel toilet. The door was steel, solid from the looks of it and completely secure. Whoever took her meant to keep her here. It also brought some relief, it meant they did not want to kill her, at least not yet. But what did they want with her?
“Hey! Can you hear me?” Taylor called out loudly. She realized she had been here for a while because the last thing she remembered was stepping out of the shower and her hair had been wet. It was completely dry now.
“We can hear and see you Taylor what do you want?” a male voice cracked on the intercom.
“”Why am I here?” She gasped. She had not really expected an answer. “Where is my son?”
“Your son is safe at home Taylor and if you ever wish to see him again you will cooperate,” the disembodied voice informed her.
“But why am I here?” Taylor asked as she tugged at her bonds.
“All in good time Taylor,” the intercom crackled off again.
The door clanged open and two men wearing ski masks entered. The larger one approached her and the other one stood by the door with a very large gun. The larger man silently took a knife from his belt and cut her bonds, stood and walked away. Just as quickly as they entered they had disappeared and the door clanged shut behind them.
What the hell was going on? She wondered as she began to explore the room. It took her a few moments to realize she was wearing her own bathrobe. Taylor grabbed the belt and cinched it tightly, no way these jerks were going to think they had any kind of liberties with her! She had read enough novels to know that these things never ended well for the woman and she was not about to go down without a fight, but at the same time did not want to give them a reason to hurt her. At the moment it seemed they did not wish her harm and she wanted to keep it that way.
A thought rushed to mind, the other missing women! Taylor knew Simon had been working a case where several women had gone missing and never turned up. Had she been taken by the same people? What had happened to those other women? Taylor wasn’t sure but she was sure of one thing. She would find a way to go home, one way or another. She set about exploring her cell and seeing what she could do to calm herself. Panic was threatening her again and she had to stop it.
Above the toilet was a poor excuse for a mirror, in which she saw her wild hair and tried to tame it with her fingers. Her hands trembled so much that her attempts to tame her hair seemed to only make the matter worse. A shelf was next to the shower area and she located a brush. Stroking her hair she tried to calm herself with normal activities, it was not working. She laid the brush back on the shelf and saw another shelf where a window should have been. It held books, lots of them.
It wasn’t that she was silently accepting her fate at all. Taylor was smart and knew she should conserve energy if she wanted to escape. She would need her wits about her and for that she must be rested. She was in an inescapable room so why pound on the door and make them angry?
Taylor was a captive yes, but for the moment safe. She looked over the reading material and chose one that looked interesting. She settled onto the cot and tried to get as comfortable as she could. She had no idea how long she might be here, but she would not make them angry. As long as they were not angry they might not hurt her. The thought gave her some comfort as she began reading. But her thoughts were of her son and what he must fear when he found her gone.
Michael was a smart boy, he would call Simon and they would find her. She had to believe that because nothing else would do. Taylor was all her son had and she could not allow these people to take that away from him. She would do whatever it took to get home to him. He was all she had. She said a silent prayer that Simon would find her quickly and put an end to whatever this was, and get her home safe to her son.

David drove around looking at the town and how it had changed over the years. He knew Taylor had a bookstore in the town square and thankfully it appeared to be closed as he drove by. That was an encounter he was not prepared for, one he wanted to avoid if at all possible. He was here on a case not to rehash old feelings. Although those old feelings seemed to be everywhere he went and filled his every waking moment.
The town had not changed, not in fifteen years. Small towns were like that sometimes, trapped in a time that others forgot. The town square looked just as it had the day he left this god forsaken place. He could almost see her walking hand in hand with him around the town square as they had so many times before. He hated it then and he was not liking it now. How he remembered their discussions about escaping this town and running to the big city, the ocean and what they saw as freedom. He had ran but she had stayed. Why? Too many memories, too much raw emotion and he had to push it aside to deal with the case at hand. He would never get over his parents murder though. That killer still walked free and one day he would find them, and make them pay.
As he pulled into the sheriff’s office he wondered why the bookstore wasn’t open, it was almost noon and it wasn’t in Taylor’s nature to be a late person. He glanced at the town square seeing it as he had all those years ago. The only real change was the bookstore. It used to be a library that had shut down long after he left.
“Hey Simon, what time does the bookstore usually open?” David asked as he sat in the chair across from his brother’s desk. A brief flash of Taylor’s face clouded David’s vision. Her sparkling green eyes staring at him when he told her he was leaving. The anger he saw there was something he would never forget.
“She is usually open by eight, why?” Simon looked up at the clock with some concern showing on his face. Even he knew that Taylor was a reliable person, being late was not her nature. “You in a hurry to see her?”
“No, it’s closed and there is no notice on the door is all,” David tried to play it down but his training told him this was off on so many levels. Something deep within him stirred, an old need to protect her and keep her from harm. But his training sent alarms off in his head that it was too late she was already in danger.
“Hey Kate, can you walk down to the bookstore, David says it isn’t open yet and that isn’t like Taylor. See if she posted anything about being closed today and let me know right away,” Simon called to his deputy.
“Sure thing, be right back,” a dark haired woman jumped up from her desk and darted out the door.
David watched the door as he thought about Taylor and wondered how much she had changed. He shook his head and turned back to his brother. Simon had aged well, like whiskey some had joked. His broad features and stone chiseled face bore the scars of his time in the service. David had been lucky enough to serve with his brother in the special forces, but a roadside bomb sent Simon home before he was ready to call it quits. The deep scars etched his face, a grim reminder of just how close Simon came to death.
“Taylor has not missed a day since she opened that store,” Simon said as he sipped his coffee. “It’s the second most important thing to her in the world.”
Simon smiled a bit as he knew he was about to drop a bombshell into his brother’s lap, but it was about damn time his brother knew. Taylor had sworn him to secrecy a long time ago and to this moment he had kept that vow. David seemed lost in thought as his brother prepared to drop the bombshell in his lap. Simon knew his brother must be overwhelmed with the memories of what had happened, hell David had not stepped foot in the house since that night.
Simon stared at his younger brother, some had called him a Greek god. David stood well over six feet tall, near black hair and eyes that changed with his moods. Taylor had called them calico eyes, like her son’s. David was disciplined and kept his physique in fine shape. His daily workouts made him almost terrifying in appearance. He had not looked like that on his last day here though. David used to look lean and scrawny, like the runt of the litter but so tall. David’s face had healed up nicely after his bout with teenage acne and bore no visible scarring from it. Taylor had not cared about the acne, she loved David anyways. Not like Simon’s face now, scarred and pitted with the reminder of what ended his career.
“What’s the first one?” David asked, almost not wanting to know the answer. His memories of her were too painful, still too fresh after nearly a decade away.
“Her son Michael,” Simon replied flatly.
“What?” David nearly choked on his coffee, sending droplets spraying halfway across the room. “Son? I didn’t know she had been involved with anyone after I left.” He grabbed some paper towels and began cleaning up the spewed coffee.
“Taylor has not been with a soul since you left town Brother,” Simon informed him as he pretended to busy himself with some paperwork on his desk. Simon was well aware of what he had just dropped on his brother and sighed heavily with a satisfaction that it was finally out in the open now, a secret he no longer had to keep.
Just then Kate knocked on the door. “Sir, there is no notice on the door and this is not like Taylor at all.” Kate sounded quite concerned.
“Head over to her house see if she is home, call me when you find something out,” Simon sent her on her task and she pulled the door closed.
Just as David was about to speak the phone rang. “Sheriff,” Simon answered and listened as a male spoke frantically. David could tell they were frightened and it was about a missing woman. “I am on my way.” Simon hung up the phone and grabbed his keys.
“Let’s go, it’s Taylor,” Simon announced. “She’s missing.”

“She is perfect!” The man said as he watched the monitor. “That piece of shit David, what’s his name? Will most certainly be surprised.”
The man paced in the small room as he studied the woman now locked in the cell. She was not tall, but had quite an athletic form. She would be perfect prey for the new hunt. He admired her image as he watched her choose a book and settle onto the cot.
Taylor had long dark blond hair, so long it nearly reached her waist. Her eyes were emerald green, as green as the wizard himself or so he had been told. He made a note to see them before he sent her off to the game. Her breasts were pert and he would enjoy watching them as she ran from the hunters. Oh yes he watched, and he did enjoy. She could have been a model if not for her height. Taylor was short by any standards. But downright beautiful and alluring.
“Check the web feed and make sure this hunt goes off without a glitch. This woman is far too perfect to miss a single second of the hunt!” The man spoke excitedly as he instructed the staff.
“Yes sir,” one young man replied and began typing.
“Yes this hunt will be one to remember,” the man said as he exited the room.
The man walked briskly into the basement and stared at the cell door. Should he face her now, tell her what she was in for or wait? There was still nearly two weeks of prep work to do before the hunt so he decided to wait, let her stew wondering why she was here. How long would she remain calm before she lost it being locked in that room? He had no idea but he knew he would enjoy watching every second of it.
“Send her some coffee and food and make sure she has plenty of coffee available. I hear she seems to enjoy it,” the man instructed the guard as he walked away. He would make sure she was comfortable, he wanted her at her best for this hunt. Nothing less would do even if he had to postpone the hunt to allow her to rest. He spoke quickly into his cell phone.
“Call the hunters, let them know the price has gone up and get a commitment. I want to see the cash in the next 24 hours, also send them images of Taylor. I want them to see what they will be paying to hunt,” he clicked the phone off and walked away with a smile.

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Friday, June 1, 2018


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